Saturday, December 01, 2012

Great Way To Begin The Month

I don't know about y'all, but my December 1st turned out to be pretty darn good.  With so many really good college football games to watch I barely had time to squeeze anything else into the day!  Kansas State will play Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl - that should be a fun game to watch. Go Ducks!  Wisconsin pummeled Nebraska for the right to play Stanford in the Rose Bowl.  Sorry you Bruin fans. Go Trees! And, Alabama will meet Notre Dame for the national championship in a game that might end up 3-2 the way both teams play defense. Go Leprechauns!

 (Chief Tom Gazsi with former ABLE Pilot Officer Ryan Walker and his daughter)
This morning, however, my sweet and very patient wife drove over to Fairview Park, to the site of the model trains, to join Chief Tom Gazsi and members of the Costa Mesa Police Department as they began their "family" Christmas celebration.  It turns out that Chief Gazsi is a founding member of the group that has operated the model trains since 1989.
We then drove over to the Emergency Operations Center at the Police Headquarters where the party was continuing, with staff manning the grill, cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers for the assembled throng.  Several dozen parents and children anxiously awaited the arrival of Santa Claus...

Then they heard it.  It sounded a little bit like hoof beats, but it turned out to be the flapping of the rotors on his "sleigh" - a magnificent helicopter.  Yes, Santa was delivered to the party by helicopter, flown by officer (and former ABLE pilot) Rob Dimel.


Santa made a slow pass over City Hall, then returned to land on the now defunct - but still very operational - helipad.  He clamored out of the helicopter, waived to the assembled group, then walked down and greeted many of the children.  He also paused to have his photo taken with members of the Costa Mesa High School Cheer Squad, who were in attendance to help welcome Santa.
He then made his way into the EOC to hand out individual toys to the boys and girls.  It was a very lovely, uplifting event and a great way to start the month.


Speaking of uplifting events, on the way into the EOC I saw many of Snoopy's helpers working on  the components of the Snoopy House display on the lawn in front of City Hall.  I saw uber-volunteer Terry Shaw with a group of men wrestling a large building into submission.  I also saw Manager of Public Affairs Dan Joyce with recently-elected councilman Steve Mensinger working hard to help get the components into place.  According to the published schedule, the Snoopy House will be open to the public from December 14th through December 25th from 5 to 9 p.m. each day.
I'm sorry to have missed the Costa Mesa Firefighter's Burger Cook-off at Bloomingdale's this afternoon.  So many events (and games), so little time.  As I said, it was a good way to start the month and get into the holiday spirit.  And remember, Santa's making a list and checking it twice because he knows who's been naughty and who's been nice...  Uh-Oh!

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Anonymous Sando said...

Goooooooo IRISH!!!

12/02/2012 06:56:00 AM  
Blogger just wondering... said...

Sue Lester has some very nice photos of the Bloomingdale's event on FB. We never heard of the event, or we'd have gone. We were at SCP at that time, but didn't know. It looked like a blast.

12/02/2012 08:00:00 AM  
Anonymous The Happy Elf said...

Another local family holiday tradition is the annual "Light of Love" major fundraising event for the CSP HB Youth Shelter which helps to change young lives & reunite families.

This Sunday, at 4pm (at Orange St. moving down towards Main St.) is the festive Children's Parade. The kiddies will cheer Santa & Mrs. Claus riding on a HBFD decorated fire engine as they light the giant snowflakes on the Huntington Beach Pier tonight at around 6pm.

BTW, there will be hand-held lighted snowflakes wands for the kiddies to waive at Santa for a nominal donation that directly benefits the CSP HB Youth Shelter Foundation.

Shaka Mele Kalikimaka & Have a Cool Yule !!!

12/02/2012 02:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Terry Shaw said...

thanks Geoff. i just do what i can when and where i can as a good many of my friends and other costa mesa'ns do. =^)

12/04/2012 07:11:00 AM  

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