Friday, December 28, 2012

Foley On Sandy Hook Aftermath Discussion Panel

Last week, on Wednesday, December 19, 2012, Newport Mesa Unified School District Trustee Katrina Foley participated in an online panel which was moderated by Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus and included expert psychologists Cathy Paine and Stephen Brock.
This event took place one day following the meeting of the NMUSD Trustees which I wrote about HERE and which Foley mentions during her part of this short, 15 minute discussion.

Listening to what these folks have to say may provide some perspective for you on managing the post-Sandy Hook era with your children.  You can view the discussion HERE.


Separately, in my previous post about School Resource Officers reader Bruce Krochman suggested that I read a report by the Justice Policy Institute, HERE, titled "Education Under Arrest: The Case Against Police In Schools", which I did.  Much of what is presented in that report seems counter to my perception of our experience locally, so I've asked for some help interpreting the report as it may, or may not, apply to our local schools.  I'll report more on that once I've gathered more data.

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Anonymous Puff Daddy said...

Can one of the Haters please tell Katrina how horrible she looks.

She is hard enough to listen to. We don't need to look at that puffy face.

She saved the Fairgrounds but not Barrett Jackson.

The lefties talk about growing revenue yet she and Union Boss Beradina did nothing to save a giant tax generator filling hotel rooms, fine dining, shopping.

How many jobs lost?

They talk of corruption with others but do nothing and hand their buddy Teller some good dates.

Friends of the Haters get a pass as usual.

12/29/2012 05:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Know the real HATERS said...

Puff Daddy Mensy... Katrina is a School Board Member she has no say over Barrett Jackson. Maybe you as a Council Member should have seen this coming and done your job. Isn't this why we are paying Dan Joyce around $180K a year and hiring a new assistant for him?

Once gain failure by the City and it's Council.

And why are the biggest HATERS always calling others HATERS?

12/29/2012 11:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Bye Bye Barrett said...

Good for Barrett Jackson deciding not to do business with the City or the Fairgrounds. This City is a joke and it starts at the top and it works its way down to all those high paid useless "consultants".

12/30/2012 07:38:00 AM  

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