Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Update - Trends Are The Same

Geez, I can't slip away for a nice quiet, but rainy, weekend without the wheels coming off!  Technical glitches prevented me from posting updates on the local election results since late last week.  However, the trends did not change and, as a result, John Stephens has apparently conceded the critical third spot on the dais to Gary Monahan according to the article in the Daily Pilot, HERE.  Stephens has gradually lost ground to Monahan for the past few days and the gap between them is now 149 votes.  That, of course, means that Monahan  will rejoin Jim Righeimer and Steve Mensinger to form a 3-person majority - not a good thing for the city, in my view.

The good folks at the Registrar of Voters office continued to work long and hard to complete their task as quickly and accurately as possible.  The results shown below were posted Sunday and we will continue to see new results until every vote is counted.  There cannot be many left, but we won't really know until we see that "Final Count" at the top of the page.

Sandra Genis continues as the top vote-getter, followed by Mensinger, nearly 1,800 votes behind.  He leads Monahan by just over 250 votes.  Stephens trails him by 149 and is ahead of Colin McCarthy by more than 350 votes.  Check out the nice story on Genis' return to the dais by Bradley Zint in the Daily Pilot, HERE.

As the vote tallying continues I think it's instructive to note that 53% of the votes cast in the Costa Mesa City Council race were NOT for the so-called "3Ms".  Combine that with the fact that Genis was, by far, the highest vote-getter, Stephens came within a whisker of ousting 14-year councilman Monahan and Jim Righeimer's Charter went down in flames by an overwhelming margin and it will be hard for Righeimer and his cronies to claim any kind of "mandate" as a result of this election. 

And, when you fold in the abysmal performance of the OC GOP's chosen ones in the special district races - only Righeimer protege' Ethan Temianka was successful in defeating Trudy Ohlig-Hall - it looks like the Costa Mesa electorate has made it clear that they don't much care for their city being used as some kind of experiment for social change.  After they - Baugh's OC GOP mob - turned their back on Fred Bockmiller in the Mesa Consolidated Water District District 1 race and endorsed lame duck (and lame brain) Mayor Eric Bever, who was then crushed like a cockroach by Bockmiller, the message was clear.  And, when incumbents Jim Ferryman and Art Perry handily brushed aside the challenge by the OC GOP's hand-picked challengers Don Harper and Jeff Mathews in the Costa Mesa Sanitary District races like a couple flakes of dandruff on a dark blue coat, it became LOUD and CLEAR... butt the heck out of Costa Mesa!  More on that when all the ballots have been counted.


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Anonymous Ding dong said...

Congratulations to Directors Perry and Ferryman for being re-elected to the San District! Poor little Jimmy Fitz can’t brag about the measly 11,000 votes he got anymore. Ding, dong, the Attorney General is at the door.....bye, bye loser!

11/19/2012 06:27:00 AM  
Anonymous yep said...

sort of comes down to incumnbents won except for the ocgop victory at water

11/19/2012 07:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Randall said...

You refer to the GOP "mob." With the quotes from the PI in the last week, the term "mob" might be better applied to the CMPD.

11/19/2012 10:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Ding Dong Wrong said...

Ding Dong, we heard your good ole boys spent $50,000 including $10,000 from the trash company. There are a lot more votes inthe general election.

But do not let anger get in the way of facts.

That was a lot of votes for the challengers.

11/19/2012 12:20:00 PM  
Blogger Bruce Krochman said...


Statistics are quite the malleable commodity.

For example, as of the Sunday update, 15,919 of the 38,814 ballots cast in the city council race were for Sandy. If you do the math, almost 59% of those casting a ballot did not vote for her.

Fun with numbers!

11/19/2012 01:40:00 PM  
Anonymous got fork? said...

Randall, just keep beating that poor.... tired..... We are soooo sick of it.

11/19/2012 02:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Ding Dong Right! said...

Hey Ding Dong Wrong,

Do you think you will ever grow a pair and use your own name Jimmy boy? I doubt it.

Anyway dude, no matter how much you whine about it, Perry and Ferryman won fair and square. The FACT is that there were 33,472 people who voted for them and your boys came up short. There’s no room for anger here because I am completely stoked about the outcome!

And seriously, do you actually think whining about how much money they spent to win actually matters now? Of course you do, you’re Jim Fitzpatrick. Whining is what you do. In fact, you’re the bestest whiner in Costa Mesa!! Lol.

I’ll betcha a million bucks, Athens, your favorite trash company, isn’t too thrilled about helping you out with those legal fees anymore are they? Too bad you didn’t get that majority so you could hand over the next trash contract to them huh?

Keep whining Fitzy. The more you talk or write, the more you’re digging your own grave.

11/19/2012 04:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Girl Power said...

Everything worked out just fine this past election. The BS charter got destroyed, the Sanitary District made out, the Water District made out, and Council is better with another woman on it.

This City WON & the OCGOP LOST

11/19/2012 04:54:00 PM  

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