Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lest There Be Any Doubt...

Last night the power elite of the Orange County Republican Party (OCGOP), members of the Central Committee, met to determine which brave souls and/or issues on the ballot in November were worthy of the Central Committee's endorsement.

Like most Republicans in Orange County, I'm not one of those well-connected folks that form the pancreas of the of the local Republican Party - those who help the body-politic process and digest the political information available to it to, eventually, pass on through the system the blessing of candidates who are deemed sufficiently "right-thinkers" and will toe the party line in important local votes.  No, I'm just one of those guys who benefit from, or suffer the consequences of, the actions of those who are an integral part of The Party alimentary canal.

As is the case with many such organizations, unanimity is a rare thing.  Reading about the hijinks at these meetings as posted on blogs and on social networking sites can actually make for some entertaining reading.  That was the case with the meeting last night.

Chris Nguyen, who posts on the OC Political blog - the site that has picked up the slack as the old Red County blog has gone through a slow, painful death - posted a running commentary of the event last night.  You can read his running commentary HERE.  As a true Republican, I find myself wondering how I could get the movie rights for these things - truth being stranger than fiction.

Which brings me to the reason for this long preamble to the important issue that occurred at the meeting.  As you scroll down through the chronology you'll find an entry at 7:31 that says, innocently enough, the following:

"7:31 PM: Baugh speaks of the Costa Mesa Charter Amendment being a priority of the Republican Party."

In case there was ANY doubts about the attempt by the OC GOP to influence our local politics and the way our city is governed, that simple little statement of fact should erase them.  The fact that Baugh feels Jim Righeimer's Charter is a "priority" for them is quite telling.

I've written many times in the past about the relationship with OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh and his pal, Costa Mesa Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer.  To say they were tight would grossly understate the relationship.  And to say the OC GOP was trying to control every element of governance in our city would grossly understate that fact.

If you look down the entire list of endorsements approved by the OC GOP Central Committee, HERE, you'll see many familiar names.  In every race that affects Costa Mesa - City Council, Mesa Consolidated Water District, Costa Mesa Sanitary District and Jim Righeimer's Charter, Measure V - the Central Committee has endorsed their fair-haired children.  And you can be certain that we will soon see slate mailers funded by the OC GOP in our mailboxes touting those candidates and issues.
In my opinion, the interference by the OC GOP in our local races - theoretically non-partisan positions - is unacceptable and an egregious abuse of their power.  That being said, we know it's happening and it's important for all the voters of this city to understand that outside influences are attempting to take over our city.  We can figuratively give Baugh and his pals a big raspberry on November 6th by voting for candidates other than those endorsed by them and by rejecting Jim Righeimer's self-serving Charter


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Blogger Mike H. said...

No endorsement of Bever. Interesting.

9/18/2012 04:43:00 PM  
Anonymous bebe said...

yep, this is how you find out who the REAL Republicans are, the ones who work on behalf of the taxpayers, do the walking for Romney, etc. Suggest you REAL Republicans vote for all the endorsed candidates. There are some who call themselves Republicans for some reason who never work for the Party, only denigrate it. They are NOT Republicans, don't be fooled. Anyone can register as an R. This blog is a left leaning Democratic mouthpiece run by a ????Republican! who writes this column worrying that Republicans are running for, and trying to win, elected office. He acts like it is a scandal for an R to run. go figure, how is he an R? Maybe he just doesn't know. sad.

9/18/2012 06:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Tom Egan said...

A most inspired post, Pot Stirrer. Hilarious. Your likening the well greased OCGOP system to the alimentary system is felicitous.

I can think of organs they’ve already taken over. There’s the gall bladder which stores all the bile that they spray at the voters during Council meetings. They must have a super-sized gall bladder because there’s enough bile left to saturate their employees between meetings. Do they think it will act as a tenderizer?

And of course there’s the liver that generates the bile and gives them the gall to think they can take over the republic from the voters.

There are others, but I’ve got to get movin’ ... so to speak.

9/18/2012 06:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Just Checking said...

Do I have your logic correct? You throw a tantrum on this, but you call yourself a republican, and the CM FRoG's get a pass for being endorsed by AFLOAT CIO?

9/18/2012 08:27:00 PM  
Anonymous think for yourself said...

Thinking for one's self is called being independent.
How anybody can sign on for a so-called "party" and subscribe to what they "stand for" is beyond me.
This country will only start to recover from the damage that our sold out Dems and Repubs have inflicted when independent non-party thinking voters number enough to put them out of business.

'bebe' makes my point.

9/18/2012 09:13:00 PM  
Anonymous unionquiltersforleece said...

yeah, thanks for putting down the ocgop people. they think of themselves as normal. family men, church going. country loving. what freaks they are though. thanks for exposing. good job. join occupy folks, the salt of the earth. or gericault, such a nice guy. or cm4rg, smart and hot chicks too. go to h*ll ocgop! God bless Wendy.

9/19/2012 07:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Barry said...

I will take the 3M's and their OCGOP support any day over the CM FROGS and their OC Federation of Labor endorsements any day. The FROGS are bought and paid for by big labor. Can't wait for people to find that out. The M's will win this race without much of a sweat!

Say no to out of town unions trying to buy our elections!

9/19/2012 08:01:00 AM  
Blogger just wondering... said...

To Think for Yourself:

Exactly. Both parties are not perfect. One has to be able to think outside of the box. We may be Republicans, but there are fringe groups within that party. Bebe has been drinking kool-aid. (Look at the photo above to see what its done to Fitzy?) Same for the Dems.

I really like the idea of having a mix of both on the council. I think it will keep it healthy.


9/19/2012 08:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

The Ms will win this race without much of a sweat. Oh, Barry, then why are they sweating so profusely right now?

When does my mailbox start filling up with what Fitzy/CMTA refers to as rhetoric, with 'paid for by the OCGOP' in the fine print?

9/19/2012 09:20:00 AM  
Blogger just wondering... said...

To Think: Agreed! Bebe's been drinking too much kool-aid. (See photo above to see what it did to Fitzy). For that reason alone, I'm looking forward to having a healthy mix of both parties on the CC come November. Too many of either is not good.

Vote for GENIS, STEPHENS & WEITZBERG, and NO on the poorly written, self-serving "Riggy Charter". NO ON "V"!

9/19/2012 09:43:00 AM  
Anonymous bebe said...

hey think for yourself: google the platform of the Ststae Republican Party. Disagree with any of it? I don't. Thus I am a Republican. hope that is ok these days.

9/19/2012 10:05:00 AM  

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