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Genis Announces Run For Costa Mesa City Council


Today former Mayor Sandra Genis will trek on over to City Hall and fill out the paperwork that will permit her to begin gathering funds for a run for the Costa Mesa City Council in November.  This news will make some folks in town smile, while others will not be very happy about it.  Such is life.

Genis has served this city with distinction for decades, including her term on the council and as mayor.  Most recently she served as the President of the Orange County Fairground Preservation Society, the organization that can take much credit for thwarting the bogus attempt by some local political appointees to get the State to sell them that jewel of a facility.

Genis' announcement brings the presumed field of candidates for the three seats that are available in November to 9 - so far.

It is presumed that incumbents Gary Monahan and Steve Mensinger will team-up with Colin McCarthy to run as a slate and get the backing of the Orange County Republican Party apparatus.

Marshall Krupp announced his candidacy some time ago and has been in full-court press ever since.

Harold Weitzberg recently announced his run for a seat on the dais, too.

Lawyer John Stephens announced his plan to run last week.

Medical Marijuana activist and former council candidate Sue Lester has also announced her intention to run.

Al Melone also announced his plan to run last week.


Even without more people in the race, this is going to be one for the ages.  The filing period begins next Monday, July 16th and extends until August 10th.  At close of business on that day we'll know who actually will be in the race - then the fun begins.

You can read Joe Serna's piece published just after 2:00 p.m. today online in the Daily Pilot about Genis' decision to run HERE.

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Blogger Joe said...

Good news!

7/10/2012 11:50:00 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Good news! Genis is extremely knowledgeable. And in the words of Hatch, "uniquely qualified."

7/10/2012 11:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Phil said...

We've decided already that we're voting for Krupp. The 3 "conservaties" aren't doing it for us and 3 "liberals" are a bunch of whackos. Maybe that will change, but this is going to be such a negative campaign.

7/10/2012 01:25:00 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Glad to see the field expanding to give the citizens of Costa Mesa some reasonable alternatives to the current status quo. While there are areas that I can agree with the current council majority in the direction they want for the City, they have gone about their business in such a poor manner that the possible change itself which could be positive for the City has been lost. They have forgotten that they are "Public Servants" and have taken on the mantle of "Public Dictators".

7/10/2012 01:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

All along you said you'd note who would be running for 'the opposition,' as the True Believers might call us. Now it's starting to sound like a formidable lineup is forming with the likes of Genis and Stephens. It really is going to be a barn burner in November.

7/10/2012 01:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Good News said...

Come on in Sandy, the water is warm.

Oh, Nd thank you for supporting the candidates I will vote for.

Your entry into the race will open up some bank vaults that may have stayed closed.

Now some will spend bundles of cash to make sure Sandra gets no closer to the handles of power than the podium for public comments.

Sandy went to HB to bad mouth or City.

I get that Haters don't want this Council. But these are the best candidates?

Sandy will take Union money, and that will cost her

7/10/2012 01:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Bingo Bongo- Mensinger is Mongo said...

Great news, she brings a trusted and respected past to this Council race. Easily gonna get more votes than the phone-dropping, poker playing, chest-bumping hypocrite.

7/10/2012 01:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Stand for something! said...

What, exactly, does Sandy stand for? So far she has opposed everything.

What exatcly does Stephens stand for? So far, just opposing everything. His analysis of the prevailing wage decision was disturbing, not to mention his trashing non-union contractors and construction workers.

It seems like the main complaint about the current council is their style and the alleged mistrust of people who are public-employee union/association supporters. That characterization is valid because not once has any of the frequesnt council critics EVER criticized the union for continuing the hugely expensive and divisive lawsuit after the revelations in Nenedal's deposition, or asked for concessions from the unions and associations.

Keep complaining about legal fees, the City is defending itself from lawsuits filed against it - blame the plaintiffs for bringing the action and refusing to drop it, not the defendants. the city has followed all the processes required, yet they keep suing. Wake up - it is about union power, not the interests of Costa Mesa residents.

Not once have any of them taken the unions and associations to task for their terribly negative campaign and refusal to continue negotiating in October 2010.

The same people who claim to love public employees so much sat silent as the unions and associations essentially forced a vote to approve contracts that left a $9million deficit and which Allan Roeder stated would result in 70-100 layoffs.

Hypocrisy is not a good campaign strategy. Stand for something more substantial than hurt feelings - the future of Costa Mesa is too important.

7/10/2012 02:24:00 PM  
Anonymous ocgopfan said...

this is great news!!

7/10/2012 02:49:00 PM  
Anonymous CM Whine Press said...

Has Costa Mesa's "other blogger" been trying to get Arsenio Hall to move to CM and run?

7/10/2012 03:12:00 PM  
Anonymous And Now a Public Service Announcement said...

The Committee to Draft Jim Fitpatrick for City Council will be holding its first meeting this Thursday, 7 PM, on the southbound 405 Freeway between lanes 3 and 4, exactly .50 miles before the exit for Harbor Boulevard.

7/10/2012 03:18:00 PM  
Anonymous pollster said...

actually Fitz could win a council seat. look at his vote totals in san dist race, that wins a council seat. and he is even more popular now, just look at the attacks on him in this blog...they are scared. Genis has lost her last wo elections and is more unpopular than ever. fitz beats her by a wide margin. Sandy will at least help the unions to spend their monies. they had no candidate to back besides stephens. spend spend spend, it did Daigle a lot of good.

7/10/2012 03:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Troll Tracker said...

pollster said...
"actually Fitz could win a council seat. look at his vote totals"

Jimmy, go shine your master's shoes..

7/10/2012 05:48:00 PM  
Anonymous OCGOP Strategy said...

Now that he's out on bail, will Carlos Bustamante be running with Mensy, Monasham, and Colon?

7/10/2012 07:39:00 PM  
Anonymous You wish said...

Bring it on Jim Fitzpatrick! You really think you are popular? lol!!! I think you might be getting confused by all the voices inside your head. I seriously doubt you could ever win another election in Costa Mesa.

7/10/2012 07:55:00 PM  
Anonymous bad badges said...

Why giving badges to council members is bad policy:

7/10/2012 09:18:00 PM  
Anonymous eastwick lafemme said...

"boogety boogety" she says.

7/10/2012 09:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Once a Bully.. said...

bad badges wrote:

Why giving badges to council members is bad policy:

Case in point:


7/10/2012 11:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Genis? No Way!! said...

It amazes me that someone like Genis who laid the groundwork years ago for many of the problems we face today thinks she is best qualified to fix our problems. To Ms. Genis I say find a new hobby, your style is repulsive and annoying. Your incessant negativity at every Council meeting on almost every topic does not qualify you. Your style of communication filled with sarcasm delivered with a whiny voice makes my skin crawl.

Genis, I will never forgive or forget your rant at the Huntington Beach City Council where your thoroughly trashed our city. Clearly you are only out for yourself and are a traitor by any definition. Such behavior was reprehensible and accomplished nothing other than show your true nature.

7/10/2012 11:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Heart for Costa Mesa said...

Good news for me, my family and friends. Sandy, you just made our day! It will be refreshing to have someone who knows what they are doing on the dais.

7/10/2012 11:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Okay, I’ve had enough. I ignored the comments about HB when they pop up because they are so ignorant. Do you really think Sandy Genis and I are traitors to the city we love? Let me explain something to you, clueless one. When the Costa Mesa city councilmen ignored their own attorney’s advice and plowed ahead to issue pink slips in a reckless and illegal way, they were sued (duh!). The case went to trial and the Judge issued an injunction against outsourcing to private contractors. Outsourcing or sharing services with other municipalities was allowed. Huntington Beach was considering some shared services with Costa Mesa. If HB then outsourced those services, as they were planning to do, Costa Mesa would be in violation of the court ordered injunction. HB would be up a creek with a partner who couldn’t carry out the expected obligation. We could have even ended up in a lawsuit with HB. That would be a stupid and potentially very expensive place to be for both cities, possibly even in contempt of the court. It would have put Costa Mesa into even more of a legal quagmire. Sandy and I went to the HB Council Meeting to warn and inform them of the possible consequences. I was protecting my own City from a worse legal mess. That’s not trashing my city, that’s looking out for my city’s best interest. Fortunately the HB council majority chose the prudent thing and spared Costa Mesa and themselves a bunch of trouble.

Trashing Costa Mesa is what Jim Righeimer did recently on national TV.

As long as I’ve known Sandy Genis her one focus is to serve and protect Costa Mesa, it’s people, it’s parks and it’s fairgrounds. Oh, and it’s money, she was one of the most frugal councilpeople we’ve ever had and was influential in moving the City finances out of the county investment pool just before the big bubble burst. On council or off council, that’s the kind of thing she’s going to keep doing.

7/11/2012 01:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

As long as I’m at it I can’t resist repeating, if the City council had taken a couple of months to comply with the laws and do their diligence they would have been able to accomplish much more and saved the taxpayers what is now predicted to be around 2 million dollars in legal fees. Keep in mind the billing is a few months behind when it shows up in the warrants, so I’d guess it’s well over a million now with more predicted for fiscal 2012-13. And there is no cap on what the legal fees to Jones Day can be. It’s other people’s money, so some of the city council isn’t as careful with it as they might be with their own.

7/11/2012 01:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Genis? No Way!! said...

Ms. Lefler, it is left-winged extremists like Genis, Foley and Leece that have been instrumental in bringing us to the brink of bankruptcy. Your good intensions belong in church, not City Government. No matter what the reasons Genis and you had to trash our city at the HB CC, your premise is flawed from the start. You have proven this time after time. You come from a position of paranoia about everything the majority council does, your unending attacks, your immense negativity, your pure hate of Righeimer, all that, completely negates your good intensions. This is mainly about power and control. The men's style is different than yours and will get us out of the mess we are in and you just can't stand it. It eats you up at night because you can't control anything. Just like at the forum you held months ago where you could not stand to allow the opposition set up a booth and hand out materials because you were afraid that information would sway people away from your propaganda. You physically stood in people's path and repeatedly complained to the facility management. You were an embarrassment Ms. Lefler. Your first words at the forum was to apologize and say you want people to hear all sides. Ironically at the prior forum held by your opposition, your organization had a booth and nobody said a word to you.

People like you and Genis are not the solution, you are part of the problem. It is my hope and desire that voters will see you and your friends for what you really are and that our current majority, while not perfect, is the only hope we have in keeping Costa Mesa out of BK and continue to honor our commitments.

7/11/2012 07:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Genis? No Way!! said...

One more thing.

I am not challenging the core message Genis had at the HB CC meeting, I will admit I have not spent enough time analyzing the issue. My objection is almost entirely based on her style of presentation. It was filled with antagonism, hate and anger toward our city. That is my objection, not the technical content. If her message was delivered in a calm, non-provocative manner, non-spiteful way, my opinion could have been different.

7/11/2012 08:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Troll Tracker said...

Genis? No Way!! wrote:

"One more thing.
I am not challenging the core message Genis had at the HB CC meeting"

Shrek, don't you have a job app or something to fill out? Why are you attacking solid citizens who have worked hard all their lives while you cruise and lick Riggy's boots?

7/11/2012 08:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Nostradamus said...

All you Haters, this will really make you angry.

Fitzy will help 2 strong candidates get elected at the Costa Mesa Sanitation District, bounce 2 more good ole boys into retirement, defend against the likes of Arlene Shafer and fix that Board.

“No bid trash contracts and using rate payer money to sue an elected official for a grudge” will not fly in Costa Mesa. Those are the defining issues for the campaign. Easy to communicate. New guys will win. Good ole boys will not.

Perry and Ferryman have been there 20_ years. Time to go. But they will not go without a feeble attempt to stay. They should be realizing that they have no important endorsements. They still think they have good names in Costa Mesa. And they are probably thinking that CR&R will funnel money into their campaigns. That won’t help. CR&R, in my opinion, would be better off trying to get the contract extended while they have the votes, and before the voters throw the bums out. We do not like giving away strategy but that is the way to go.

Let’s face it folks, Sandra Guinness ran for Mesa Consolidated Water. She lost. She could not even carry her own Mesa Verde neighborhood. Sad but true my Hater compadres.

Funny how the Haters should focus on getting their candidates elected, but focus on Jimmy Fitzy. Honestly, we think he is focused and does not really care what you think.

7/11/2012 09:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Troll Tracker said...

"..Jimmy Fitzy. Honestly, we think he is focused and does not really care what you think."

Yes Jimmy, you're super focused. Are you focused on the new Taco Bell on Harbor? They're hiring.

7/11/2012 10:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

Oh, I've been misinformed. Left-wing extremists caused the economy to crash and bring CM 'to the brink of bankruptcy.'

Who was on watch again for that? Oh, that's right. Shut it, 'Genis. No Way!'

7/11/2012 11:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Wow said...


You do realize that what you are saying is that Costa Mesa's and Huntington Beach's professional staff (municipal employees) are so incompetent and clueless that they would never have spotted any of the alleged potential issues unless you and Sandy rushed down there to educate them.


I bet they are super excited to have Sandy running for council...

7/11/2012 12:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Right Wing Wacko said...

Mike M,

Now there you go again obfuscating the point being made. National politics did not force prior Costa Mesa Councilors to give out union contracts like it was free money at the expense of everything else. Now we are nearly broke.

A city exists to provide services, not great jobs to a select few.

Genis still has her “Cancel the layoffs” sign in the front of her house. She is so out of touch with reality it is scary.

7/11/2012 12:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Marshall Krupp said...

I welcome Sandy to the race for Costa Mesa City Council. Sandy, thanks for offering to be of service to the Community again. Let me offer an observation. There is Mensinger, Monahan and McCarthy who are the current majority conservatives supported by Righeimer, the OC GOP, Scott Baugh and the ideals of ultra-conservative Republicans. On the other side is a current slate of six others who are challenging the current regime, many of who come from liberal perspectives. I am the Republican candidate who has offered to set aside political partisanship and idealism, and look at the issues, come up with the right solutions to address the problems for the higher good of the Community, and who has as a foundation truth, trust and collaboration. Here is what is unfortunate. The more opposing candidates there are to the 3-M’s the greater likelihood that they will NOT be defeated because of the split-the-vote phenomena in elections. I am prepared to consider the possibility of opting out and stepping aside to reduce the number of candidates challenging the 3-M’s. If that decision will accomplish the ultimate goal of changing the current majority on the City Council, I am prepared to look at the best-of-the-best candidates to take on the challenge of the 3-M’s. That is what true servant leadership is all about. Who is willing to be open to these possibilities?

Marshall Krupp, Candidate for Costa Mesa City Council

7/11/2012 12:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

So, Right Wing Wacko, previous councils that included YOUR guys, like Monahan, Bever, Mansewer, etc., aren't culpable in any way? Didn't Monahan vote for those contracts? That always seems to be forgotten when people rip Leece (who I'm not a big fan of, for what it's worth).

I was just responding to someone else's misinformation. I didn't say a thing about national politics, other than the reference to the economy crashing. You are just acknowledging who was in charge at the highest level back then. Last I checked, even before local politics became so partisan, Costa Mesa was run by Republicans, just like much of the other cities in this most conservative county in the state (and country). Chew on that.

7/11/2012 01:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Chew This said...

Mike M, Hater mentality clouds your judgment.

Monahan has admitted his mistake. He is forgiven, not forgotten, but we can move on.

Leece on the other hand has gone completely wacko. Even Mansoor will say that he needed her back then for the 3rd vote, but that she is way out there now. Everyone has distanced themselves from Leece. Anyone who goes from Republican to join the tin foil wearing head gear Star Wars bar scene Haters is OK. But stand up and support the Council, well that is bad.

7/11/2012 01:31:00 PM  
Anonymous My Thoughts said...

I would rather have Marshall than Sandy. There is too much baggage for Sandy. I think Krupp has a better shot. Unions polled and considered candidates like Sandy. They did not go Recall or keep up the Cancel the Lay Offs because they had no one that could beat Council.

A big bunch of funding behind Krupp might have a chance. Sandy will bring on all sorts of other spending to prevent her from ever getting back on Council. Too many people never want to see that.

I say Harold & Marshall. That other lawyer will be to easy to pick off with his Foley relationship. She has polarized a whole block of potential supporters that will not go with her anointed one.

Perry gets knocked out on his Pension.

7/11/2012 01:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

I have completely different reasons for immensely disliking Monahan, and Bever for that matter, and none of them are related to Riggy, Mensy, charters, pensions or any of the other issues that are impacting our city today, so I'll leave it at that - my grudge goes back further than that and is of a more personal nature. It just so happens I think they suck.

That said, you show me where Monahan 'admitted his mistake,' and is forgiven (by who, exactly - you?), on the record. Good luck Googling that on the interwebs or the Daily Pilot archives.

I'm not a hater, because that's the most ridiculous word to come along via talk radio in the last five years. Believe me, my judgement is clear - crystal clear. I've seen how favors are granted behind closed doors, and it sickens me to know end. Monahan's at the front of the line, and will NEVER be forgiven by myself or my family. At least there are plenty of other Irish pubs I can and do go to.

7/11/2012 02:40:00 PM  
Anonymous No Growth Genis said...

Here is our gal Sandra ona local blog.


Further demonstrating why she is called "No growth" Genis.

One good thing. At least she did not trash our City in her comments. Maybe she is learning in her old age? Nah

7/11/2012 04:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Right Wing Wacko said...

Chew This,

I concur with Mike M. on one point: I too never heard an apology from Monahan and I can guarantee you will not find it anywhere because it never happened. Gary has gotten a free ride when it comes to criticism for his past mistakes regarding passing the police and fire contracts while Leece has taken the most. I recommend you tell him to clear the record on this one but actually apologizing for this error.

Outside this one issue, I will still support the 3 M’s in November. All the others pale in comparison.

7/11/2012 04:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Fitzy time! said...

Hey Nostradamus:

I’m sure you already received the email below from your friend Jim Fitzpatrick, but for all the other Cauldron readers, check out the update Fitzy sent out via email today. Good thing he is focused and doesn’t care about what we think because I think he is a giant LOSER!!!

Hello, hope all is well. Quick update.
At the Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) I have tried to place the Trash contract out to competitive bid for the first time since 1943, first time since World War II. No Board support for such an action.
The four CMSD Board Members have voted to take legal action to remove me from my duly elected position, even though I voluntarily resigned my Planning Commission position.
They are using rate-payer money, your money, to sue me … I also have legal fees that CMSD has refused to pay.
This has caused me to incur legal fees, now about $15,000.
I need your help to raise Legal Fees … here’s how:
•Donate directly online
•Attend Event next Wednesday, July 18th @ Skosh Monahan’s
Bring your Family, kids eat free, lots of fun, kids activities, local bands
Please donate Silent Auction and Raffle Items
Already have some drink specials, some awesome must have items … need more
Please RSVP: How many? How Many kids
•Tell all your friends!
Forward this email
Ask them to Donate
As for Silent Auction or Raffle Items
Ask them to come to Skosh Monahan’s
Thank you for your help and support. It is greatly appreciated!

7/11/2012 05:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Go getm Fitzy said...

Thanks Fitzy Time.

I can't go but will send him a check.

It is a shame what those other Board Members are doing with our rate payer money.

November we will vote out the two antique Board Members Perry and Ferryman. They havebeen there for 2 decades. Time to go.

It troubles me that the Board refuses to pay the kids legal bills. That can't be right. Fitzy should counter sue them personally.

Clearly Fitzy has many over at the city trash all upset. They just should not use my money to sue.

Who is running against these bums?

7/11/2012 08:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike M said...

Right Wing Wacko - thanks for that. Seriously...

7/11/2012 09:24:00 PM  

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