Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Pilot "Comments" Are Back!

Yahoo! The Daily Pilot has re-activated the "comment" feature in the online version. So, now we can get back to hollering back and forth at each other on that venue.

Actually, the delay in activating the "comment" feature probably cost them a lot from a revenue standpoint - most online advertising is based on "hits" - the number of times a reader visits the site. Without the "comments" and the lively discussions that have been carried there in the past I'm sure the old hit counter slowed to a crawl.

On new thing you'll find is the requirement to re-register before participating. Although they don't require a strip search and full body cavity investigation, they do ask questions some may find too intrusive. I guess we'll see as this feature gets up to speed.

And, don't expect there to be a rapid turnaround on comments posted... the staff is still being trained on how to screen them - every comment will be screened BEFORE publication. This is very different than, for example, the OC Register, where every comment - even the most vile and egregious - and are not removed until someone complains. This makes for long, sometimes very unpleasant, comment threads which become difficult to follow when offending comments are deleted.

So, sharpen your wit, think of a new screen name if you won't use your own name when posting, and get ready to rumble! See you there....



Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

I don't know if I will even bother signing back up for the online comment section of the Daily Pilot.

In my opinion, their relevance to the community is waning and I read the paper less and less all the time.

7/01/2010 11:56:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Bruce, sad to hear that... your contributions there - and here - always enhanced the discussion. Yeah, it's more of a hassle now and I still have not figured it out, but it's a place for the discussion of important issues in our community to get vetted. Hope you change your mind.

7/01/2010 12:07:00 PM  

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