Saturday, March 13, 2010

Springing Forward And Falling Backward

I hope you all are having a very special weekend and that you've remembered to "Spring Forward" on Saturday night. If not, now's the time! Oh, yes... time to change those smoke detector batteries again...

While reading my Google Alerts recently a new blog popped up called "OC Public Square", which is a fairly new effort by Costa Mesa Mayor Pro Tem Wendy Leece. You can read it HERE, and I'll link it over on the right side of this page for future reference. I was especially interested in the profile she provided down at the end of the page. Perhaps you will also find it informative.

I think one can gain some insight into a person by observing what they think is interesting or important. Such is the case with bloggers like yours truly. You can get an idea of how we think by reading the other links on our pages - those we think our readers might enjoy or from which they might glean important information. I was especially interested in the link she entitled, "President Obama Birth Certificate", which takes you to the blog of local "birther" Dr. Orly Taitz - a woman who has appeared in court before Judge David Carter (of Benito Acosta trial fame) and had her claims that our trainee president isn't actually eligible to be in that office because he's not a native-born American tossed out.

Since this is an election year and we assume Wendy will be running again for the Costa Mesa City Council, I suspect her blog may provide valuable insight for the voters as they consider her among the candidates. I know I'll be keeping an eye on it and will comment on entries appearing on it if I think they might help you with your decision in November.

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Blogger Gericault said...

Wendy "politically speaking" is a real mixed bag.
She is really trying to do what is "right". When it comes to city politics she usually reacts in the best interests of the city first . Unfortunately, scratch her surface and underneath you have a seething mass of conservative right wing group think that makes this voter cringe.
Our little gerrymandered city is ground zero for so much political football. It's a shame when city business is constantly compromised for the progress of conservative national agenda items. "In God We trust", but if Wendy's blog is a true insight into her soul, her, we shall have to keep a careful watch on.

3/14/2010 09:46:00 AM  

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