Saturday, January 23, 2010

Riggy: Mansoor Among The Unemployed

I was all ready to begin this post by slamming Jim Righeimer for a major gaffe in his Daily Pilot column today, HERE, but, since I've been accused in the recent
past of picking on him, I decided to call him before writing this one.

It seems the first paragraph, in which Riggy says Costa Mesa
mayor Allan Mansoor is running for the 68th Assembly District seat against Van Tran, was modified by the editors. In fact, Mansoor is running for the seat being vacated by Tran, who is termed out and is running for Loretta Sanchez' seat in the House of Representatives. Riggy sent me his original submission that verifies the mistake.

That's not the big news, though. The big news from his column is that his pal, Mansoor, has resigned fr
om the Orange County Sheriff's Department after 16 years of service! And, considering the magnitude of this announcement, it's curious that Riggy chose to bury this little tidbit of information way down in the ninth paragraph of his column!


If Mansoor has, in fact, resigned from the Sheriff's Department as of December 31, 2009 as Riggy claims, this is yet another strange move by the man formerly known here as our "young jailer/mayor". I'm going to have to find a new term of endearment for him, since he's no longer a jailer and is getting older by the minute.

By resigning with only 16 years of service he is not yet eligible for a pension under the very generous pension program enjoyed by members of the Sheriff's Department.


He's got a year before he will be seated in the Assembly if he's successful in his campaign and only earns $952 per month as a Costa Mesa City Councilman - minus the 5% pay cut he took last year to help with the budget.

This move by Mansoor raises lots of interesting questions. For example, how the heck is he going to survive for a year without a full time job? According to Riggy he's got $135,000 in his campaign war chest, but he can't use that for living expenses. Based on a recent report I saw, most of that - $9
9,000 - is from a loan he took out from a West Virginia bank, not from contributions. And, just before he resigned the end of last year he went back that same trough and borrowed another $100,000.


I think it's important for the voters of our city to know that our mayor is unemployed, don't you? Will this change make him more vulnerable to financial enticements by those who may wish to lobby him in the future? Will someone offer him a free apartment, for example, or does he have a roommate helping with the rent? Will every meal he eats som
ehow become a "campaign expense"? Will he be forced to look for more affordable housing - like in Santa Ana, for example? At least he doesn't have to worry about going to work every day now.

I must confess that I'm actually looking forward to Mansoor's campaign. I only hope a challenger e
merges to give him a run for his money. I'd like to see him in a debate with someone who doesn't have to rely on crib sheets before uttering a word. No, I don't mean I want a liberal to beat him - I'd like to see a strong, smart Republican whip his fanny in the primary. Not much chance of that, though, since he is the anointed one by the Orange County GOP and has the support of Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh.

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Blogger Humberto said...

Geoff, my amigo, very interesting information. Mansoor seems to be extremely confident about his chances of getting a Sacramento seat. Let's see if that happens.

1/25/2010 09:04:00 AM  

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