Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mansoor Trolling For Dollars, Again...

Costa Mesa jailer/mayor, Allan Mansoor, is having another high-profile fund raiser according to Matt Cunningham over at the Red County/OC blog, HERE.

The premise of Cunningham's piece is that folks around
Orange County have underestimated Mansoor's ability to raise bucks for his run at Van Tran's 68th Assembly seat next year. Cunningham also shrugs aside the only current Republican challenger for Mansoor in this race.


Mansoor has raised over $150,000 dollars for this race so far and it looks like he will just keep on going. At the bottom of the page linked above you will find a link to a pdf file of the invitation to this current event, scheduled for October 1st. At the top is a list of Mansoor's "team" - the hosts of this event - as shown here:

You will see some familiar names in the roster of supporters, among them is one Surat Singh. You will recall Mr. Singh's name from a dust-up raised by council candidate Bill Sneen following last year's elections in which it appeared that Mr. Singh was, at least, confused about dollars he provided to Gary Monahan in his campaign. I hope Mr. Singh is paying closer attention this time around. Either that or I h
ope he keeps his mouth shut this time!

You will also notice the name of several Mansoor appointees to Costa Mesa commissions, including Planning Commission Chairman Jim Righeimer
, Planning Commissioner Steve Mensinger and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Jeff Mathews.


Mathews, some might recall, helped Monahan with his campaign last year. Rumors around town are that Mathews is in line for the Planning Commission seat left vacant by the departure of
Jim Fisler to the Board of the Mesa Consolidated Water District. That would explain why the city is conducting a joint recruitment effort for both the Planning and Parks and Recreation commissions even though there is no current vacancy for the Parks and Recreation Commission. Cozy, huh?


So, folks, open up your wallets and throw some bucks Mansoor's way so he can get the heck out of town and help fix the problems in Sacramento. Ouch! I didn't know a tongue so firmly planted in one's cheek could actually hurt! Unless a strong Democrat surfaces to contest him, there is really no reason to assume another Republican will have a chance against him in this race. He's the Orange County GOP's fair-haired boy - a guy they can manipulate like a blob of nutty putty, so they don't want an
yone messing with that situation.


If Mansoor is successful in his bid for the 68th Assembly seat, I wonder who is going to pay for his tutor? I mean, clearly he doesn't have the smarts to deal with the issues in our state capitol on his own. Do you think Scott Baugh and the OC/GOP will assign him a babysitter? Seems likely...



Anonymous Brett Farve rules!!! said...

Very astute article you wrote there. Interesting that Jeff Mathews is one of the hosts of Mansoors party. Matthews' stock is rising like a bullet in Costa Mesa. He is the leading favorite to be picked for the vacant Planning Commission seat. It doesn't hurt that he ponied up some fat cash for Bever and Monahan in the Fall 2008 election. It makes me wonder will Matthews run for office in 2010? Will Colin McCarthy run? Righeimer? Will Righeimer forge with McCarthy for a de facto ticket and attempt to throw Leece out? I expect some big money being raised for the 2010 election. The power in Costa Mesa is so tightly wound that no outside interests are let in.
Advice to all the kids out there: Donate money and you'll get on the Planning Commission.

9/29/2009 05:58:00 PM  
Blogger Humberto said...

Geoff, maybe I'm going blind. When I looked at Singh's picture, I thought he was standing by himself. Then I looked again, and realized Monaham was besides him.
On Mansoor, well said my friend, he's got no character, no brains (needs to go finish his BA) and lot's of political greed. Easy guy to manipulate.

9/29/2009 08:46:00 PM  

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