Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homeless Funds, Grumpy Geezers and Red Light Cameras

As anticipated, the Costa Mesa City Council, when confronted with facts, came to it's senses and passed unanimously the request for HPRP funds at their meeting tonight. Once the lationphobes on the council
received sufficient assurances that none of those dreaded illegal immigrants would see one single penny in the federal dollars they voted to move forward. I thought for awhile that they were going to require the vendors to sign in blood...


This, of course, is good for all residents of Costa Mesa because it hel
ps those among us who are less fortunate. And, also as anticipated, The Mouth From Mesa North stood before the council and recommended rejecting the federal dollars. His solution was to just tell those among us who are homeless or about to become so to just hit the road and find somewhere else to live - somewhere they can afford. He suggested Santa Ana. I guess we all now know what Scrooge does in the off season.


Another interesting event occurred tonight, as well. The issue of red light cameras was again presented to the council.
Answers were provided to questions some council members had at an earlier meeting and it was announced that the vendor, Nestor Systems, had been purchased by another outfit - the deal closed on Tuesday. The other group apparently has successful contracts for red light systems in 170 cities around the country and, according to their representative, have no problems anywhere. He asked for a chance to present his pitch to the staff before a decision was made regarding Nestor. The council could have chosen to simply cancel the contract tonight.


When it came time to vote Mayor Allan Mansoor demonstrated, once
again, that he's not a guy who will let facts cloud his opinion. He made a motion - read from a prepared script that could only have been made BEFORE the meeting - recommending the cancellation of the contract. Gary Monahan seconded it. Katrina Foley offered a substitute motion recommending the issue be postponed for 30 days, during which the staff could meet with the successor vendor to hear their pitch and make recommendations to the council. Eric Bever and Wendy Leece tied offering the second to Foley's motion. That motion passed, 3-2, so the issue of red light cameras in our city is not yet dead.


And, once again, the perpetually irritating Ernie Feeney stood before the council with her gripe du jour about the Senior Center Management. I think she needs to find a physician to surgically remove that burr fro
m her behind. Once again she attempted to influence the council with half-truths about Senior Center issues. In recent months her unfounded, but adamantly-expressed, complaints and insinuations about the Senior Center and it's management have generated way, way too much staff time trying to sort facts from her fiction. Yes, she has every right to express her opinions, but she needs to realize that before too long they will be falling on deaf ears because they are proving to be consistently baseless. In any event, she and her loud-mouthed husband need to find another hobby... perhaps they can help the aforementioned Scrooge fill his bag with lumps of coal for Christmas Eve.


On a happier note, I forgot to mention the very nice proclamation that was presented to former Planning Commissioner Jim Fisler Monday night at the commission meeting. Chairman Jim Righeimer read the plaque to Fisler, who resigned last month to become a member of the Mesa Consolidated Water District Board, and his former peers all expressed their appreciation for his service to the city during his time on the Planning Commission. Fisler acknowledged those who had influenced him and mentored him on the commission, including Bruce Garlich, Eleanor Egan and Donn Hall. Even though I've teased Fisler over the years, no one can refute his work ethic while on the commission. It should serve him well on the Mesa Consolidated Water District Board. Good luck, Jim...

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Anonymous Brock said...

Do you believe the picture on your website accurately reflects the homeless situation in Costa Mesa? Do you really think it's a bunch of white families sleeping in thier cars down on thier luck?

You live on the Eastside of Costa Mesa right? How many homeless would you say also live on the eastside?

Do you think repeatedly misrepresenting this issue as an issue of race helps anyone? What numbers are you using for the percentage of races in Costa Mesa that are homeless?

Instead of side stepping these questions could you try answering them honestly? Thanks!

9/16/2009 09:29:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Brock, who ever you are, you bring quite an attitude with you. Whatever...

I chose that image because I thought it most accurately reflected the image of a homeless family. In fact, I have seen several people living in their cars in recent months... some old, some young. I have no way of knowing how many homeless people there are on the Eastside of Costa Mesa - why is that important to you?

I have not "repeatedly" misrepresented this issue as an issue of race! I simply pointed out the fact that Mansoor is locked into his anti-latino mode. Anyone watching the proceedings can see it.

I have used no numbers for percentages of homeless people by race - where did that question come from? According to city staffers, and articulated recently by Katrina Foley, approximately 150 Costa Mesa residents will benefit from the HPRP funds. I don't know whether they are white, Latino or whatever - and don't care. All I know is that a few Costa Mesa residents will be given some temporary help until they can stand on their own again. That seems like a worthy project to me.

I suspect more than a few of those people will be Latino - more than a third of our population is Latino. I know that NONE of them will be illegal aliens because the vendors managing these funds have sworn to the City Council that their screening process will exclude those not in this country legally.

Any other questions?

9/16/2009 09:42:00 AM  
Anonymous cmtruth said...

Brock (cough, cough),

What was that you said about "repeatedly misrepresenting facts"?

Take a drive by the soup kitchen at line up time and get back to me.

9/16/2009 05:34:00 PM  

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