Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Report From The Summit

"Historic" - "Monumental" - "Template for working together on other issues". These were just a few of the phrases
used by members of both the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach city councils as they met for the first time in a generation on this last day of September, 2008 in a "summit" of sorts to discuss two issues dealing with John Wayne Airport. You can read Daily Pilot reporter Alan Blank's report HERE.

In a meeting at the Costa Mesa Golf and Country Club, both councils heard presentations discussing the "Go Local" program and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be signed by both cities outlining their obligations in dealing with airport issues.

The hour-long presentation on the "Go Local" program presented by consultants was both interesting and boring, depending on who was speaking. Some of the minutiae of the statistics almost put Newport Councilman Steve Rosansky to sleep at one point. The upshot of the presentation was that the report will be completed, then submitted to each city council. At this point, both councils voted to receive and file this interim report.

The Memorandum of Understanding was thoroughly discussed and approved by both councils. This is truly terrific news for both cities.

I must agree. This was, indeed, an historic meeting with monumental impact on the relationship bet
ween our cities. As Newport Beach councilman Mike Henn stated, this certainly can be a template for our two municipalities working together on common issues. Those that immediately jump to mind are Banning Ranch and the resolution of the SR-55 traffic problems. As Costa Mesa City Manager Allan Roeder said, "This is an opportunity for us to be working together prospectively" on issues that affect our cities.

As is usually the case in these kinds of meetings, officials and staff outnumbered residents about 3 to 1. My informal count showed around 20 residents in attendance. The proceedings will be broadcast on CMTV later this week. According to the schedule available tonight, this program will be shown as follows:

10/3/08 at 3:00 PM
10/4/08 at 9:30 AM
10/6/08 at 6:30 PM
10/14/08 at 6:00 PM
10/20/08 at 6:30 PM
10/28/08 at 6:00 PM

MOST COSTA MESA COUNCIL CANDIDATES IN ATTENDANCESeven of the nine candidates for Costa Mesa city council this year made it to the meeting. In addition to Katrina Foley and Eric Bever, who were on the dais, candidates Bill Sneen, Lisa Reedy, Chris Bunyan, Chris McEvoy and Jim Righeimer made a showing and paid close attention to the proceedings. Only Gary Monahan and Nick Moss were absent. Curiously, lame duck council member Linda Dixon was also a no-show. All the Newport Beach council members were in attendance.


Briefly, on another subject. The new blog in town, CM OPEN, is proving to be exactly what I thought it was - another repository for falsehoods, innuendo, fabrication of "facts" and flat out lies. Although the authors have provided a "comment" capability, they edit out those which provide critical observations - and then lie about it. This is certainly just an annex of hypocrite central - the CM Press blog. Some have speculated that it's, in fact, the work of The Mouth From Mesa North in an attempt to provide the facade of support for his insidious views. We will assume this is the case until it's proven otherwise. This, of course, does not surprise me, since The Mouth has demonstrated many times his tendency for devious misrepresentations.

Interestingly, The Mouth was also a no-show at the meeting tonight. This is quite surprising for a guy who fancies himself an investigative reporter - just because he played one (badly) in a terrible movie four decades ago. I guess he must have been busy listening to his scanner, trying to hear about all those dangerous illegal alien criminals being scooped up by the CMPD.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The El Toro Info Site report on the Go Local study includes the Power Point presentation, links to previous John Wayne Airport user surveys and information about the concentration of air travelers around Disneyland.
See www.eltoroairport.org

The consultant's report suggests transit service to shift Disneyland visitors and North County residents to other airports in the short run, and creating a rail link to Las Vegas in the long run, all ideas that have received favorably comment on the ET Airport website in the past.

10/01/2008 08:09:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Len! Old Buddy! Thanks for the post with that info. The meeting yesterday was informative, except that the young fellow from the consulting firm almost had us dosing off with his statistics. You're correct about the diversion of Disney traffic. And, yes, there was conversation - an hours worth - about many of the alternatives to building a larger airport here in my backyard. You'll have to come have breakfast with me on my patio here on the Eastside of Costa Mesa to fully understand the nature of our little problem.

The report was preliminary and will be finalized and submitted to both city councils for their final approval soon.

Of course, none of this would have been necessary if we'd done the right thing and built a commercial airport at El Toro. Instead, we get the Emperor Agran and his minions squandering millions of taxpayer dollars and have only a big Orange balloon to show for it.

It's nice to hear from you, Len. Please feel free to provide enlightenment to the readers here any time.

10/01/2008 09:25:00 PM  

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