Friday, September 19, 2008


As reluctant
as I am to leave you with something negative as we launch off into another wonderful weekend where eager candidates will come knocking on your door, cajoling and informing you in an attempt to win your votes, there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The Mouth From Mesa North is on a whiny tirade again, this time taking umbrage with comments posted on the Daily Pilot blog that mentions him by name. He utilized his CM
Press #490 today to chide and intimidate writer BKrochman, who used the Daily Pilot blog this week to address the issue of passive parks.

Apparently The Mouth is eager to engage BKrochman in a discussion
of his views, which should come as a real shock to anyone who has watched him over the years. His performance in the past indicates that he has no interest in the views of others. If he cared about a real discussion he'd permit comments to be posted on his blog. But, no, he can't be bothered with the opinions of the lowly miscreants who disagree with him. He's like a a two-way radio that's stuck on "Send"! What I suspect he really wants is to berate BKrochman, not debate with him.


Of greater concern is the apparent lengths to which he seems to be going to hunt down BKrochman, as though he's stalking a wild animal. This should make BKrochman more than a little uneasy. In the past The Mouth has demonstrated a tendency to threaten and attempt to intimidate opponents, and even those he supported, to either knock them back into line or to shut down the voice of opposition. This is typical behavior by any bully, which this character certainly is.

It's actually amusing when you think about it. Here's a guy who loves the spotlight! He frequently spouts off that he writes to be read and waves his three pathetic books around on the speaker's podium. He boasts of having been an actor - trust me, if you saw his movie you would realize this is wishful thinking, at best - and y
et, when he is mentioned by name and given a spotlight he comes even more unglued than normal.

The Mouth has become the attack dog for the current majority on the council and hit man for troika of men he supports in the upcoming election. He gleefully taunts and chides the newcomers in the campaign, especially those who pose a threat to his chosen three. He, of course, is relentless in his taunting and denigrating o
f Katrina Foley because she takes none of the guff he spews from the speaker's podium and makes the most sense of any of the current council members.


In the case of Foley, he takes great joy in chiding her for being a good parent, in addition to being an excellent council member and darn good lawyer, w
hich makes one wonder what kind of a family life he's involved in. Somehow, when I see him scowling and smirking at the podium, and read his many venom-laced essays, the image of him happily playing with small children just never pops into my mind. If I were to bet, I'd bet that life in his home is more like a boot camp than a place of nurturing, instruction and love - but, that's just my guess - I might be wrong.


So, dear neighbors, for the next month and a half we can look forward to The Mouth doing his best to discourage and discredit council candidates who are challenging the stranglehold of the current majority so
he can have seated more members that are sympathetic to his warped view of the world. I actually hope he continues to puff and rant and attempt to intimidate candidates and other writers. There are those of us out here writing our opinions that will point out his performances as they occur and, perhaps, a few voters will understand just what a pernicious influence he is in this city and reject those candidates he supports.

On that happy note, have a great weekend - it looks like it will a perfect time to take the family out to one of the many wonderful parks in our fair city and just play to
your heart's content... while you still can. Take a Frisbee, a football, soccer ball or baseball and bat, grab a few friends and have a friendly pick-up game of the sport of your choice. Thanks to the actions of a few of your neighbors last Tuesday evening, you can still do that in our parks until the grinches of the council majority find a new way to suppress fun in our city.



Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

Well he shouldn't have to hunt very hard! Good grief. I have lived here in Costa Mesa since the late 70's!

Waiting to hear from me Martin? You will hear from me when you allow comments on your blog. Until then you can forget it because I won't engage in a conversation where you get to decide how you want to spin my words.

Sorry Martin.

Here is an offer; come over here using your blogspot login so I know its you and we can chat.

Otherwise I guess you will just have to be content with my posts or appearances at public meetings.

9/19/2008 05:37:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Bruce, I'll be the happy host to such an exchange if The Mouth takes you up on your offer. Don't hold your breath - that would take some real guts on his part...

9/19/2008 07:19:00 PM  

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