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Fighting Racism In Costa Mesa

Those who have been paying attention for the past few years know that the author of the CM Press and I have gone round
and round - even before I started my blog and before he converted his "little newsletter" into one.

Our views differ on most issues - so much so that the editors of the Daily Pilot used to get their jollies
by publishing our contributions on the same page. It was great fun, particularly since I knew he - a self-proclaimed member of Mensa - considered me far from his equal as a writer and way below his level intellectually. How do I know this? Well, he's said it many times over the years.

For a long time I considered our little jousts kind of playful jabs in the arm - kind of like junior
high school. I'm quite sure he never considered our interactions "playful". In fact, I'm not sure that word is in his lexicon.

In recent years, particularly since the evolution of our respective blogs and that of the Daily Pi
lot, where comments may be posted by interested readers, our interaction has gone from playful to serious to down-right scary. The guy at the CM Press, has named himself Mr. U. Know-Who. I've used several names for him - Your Neighbor and The Mouth From Mesa North, for example. He, in turn, has named me Lonely Old Man and, most recently, two-legged maggot. Lately he seems to have gotten frustrated and a whole lot angrier and vicious. Perhaps it's because he can no longer unleash his tirades, fabrications and out-right lies with impunity. We here at the old cauldron watch and speak out when we see him attempt to obfuscate and manipulate.

Since the
Daily Pilot editors decided to require registration for those of us who post comments Mr. U. Know-Who has gone into a sulk. He used to use several fictitious anonymous names to post comments on the same thread, making it look as though his ideas had wide acceptance. Once registration was required he just slithered back into his hole in Mesa North and pouted - poor baby.

Then, of course, there is the arrival of blogger CM Truth, a link to which can be found on this page. This person, who chooses to remain anonymous, has also taken on the CM Press and publishes real facts on the subjects of gangs and graffiti to refute the fabrications published with such gusto on the CM Press. This only adds to his
frustration, which is evident in the things he writes. He's REALLY going to love the fact that CM Truth will soon also be published in Spanish!

Now, most
recently, there is another new blog in our area which is aimed directly at the blow hard at the CM Press. This new blog, CMunimPRESSed (love the play on the name) seems determined to poke the CM Press in the eye with a stick. And, of course, the Mr. U. Know-Who is livid. There's a link to CMunimPRESSed over on the right.

If recent events are any indication, I guess it might not be a good idea to provoke this guy. There is a person who signs his Daily Pilot blog comments as "BKrochman" and recently has aimed some of his comments directly at the author of the CM Press by name. That REALLY ticked him off - so much so that he's begun stalking BKrochman, trying to find out where he works, which organizations he's affiliated with and, apparently, where he lives.

If this kind of intimidation sounds a little familiar to you, it should. Some will recall that almost a year ago I annou
nced that I was backing off any interaction with or about Mr. U. Know-Who because of not very veiled threats he made against me and my family. Calls to the police department were made to document that situation.


Later, I reneged on my plan and began commenting on him again. That laste
d a few months before, once again, there was a good reason to withdraw. It was my intention to never comment about him again. Things change...

The current City Council campaign has provided him with a new "playground" in which he mercilessly attacks and belittles candidates that do not fit his idea of the perfect person to hold a seat on the dais. He supports three candidates who, I guess, he
feels he can exercise influence over as he's done in the past beginning with the chronically inept Chris Steel and proceeding on to Allan Mansoor, Eric Bever and Wendy Leece.


Too much is at stake to let recent late night telephone calls intimidate me into ignoring his malicious lies and half-truths. I cannot simply stand by without commenting while he maligns the Costa Mesa Pol
ice Department for what he apparently perceives their half-hearted efforts regarding illegal aliens.


Over the years I've chronicled what I believed was a systematic campaign to expunge Costa Mesa of every person of brown skin. I've mentioned many times the many events perpetrated by Mr. U. Kn
ow-Who toward that end. Almost everything he proposes has an element included to make the Latinos among us uneasy or flat-out frightened. About the only thing he has not yet successfully pulled off is the closure of the Orange Coast College Swap Meet - a venue for low-end commerce and social interaction by many of our Latino neighbors - but he came close. He and Mansoor tried to use the specter of the invading masses from Santa Ana and the impact on our streets to have it shuttered. What a crock! Fortunately, much wiser heads prevailed - for the time being.

Mr. U. Know-Who has managed to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment to a fever pitch in this town. The foundation of his hatred for anyone not white is obvious is your read his essays published widely on radical right-wing web sites such as the New Nation and others.


So, I guess the message this evening is directed squarely at that racist at the CM Press. Mr. U. Know-Who, if you don't like the notoriety you're getting, that's just too bad. You can't have it both ways. Even though you don't permit comments on your blog, you can't expect to stand before the council and pontificate and wave your three pathetic books around without receiving criticism.

Mr. U. Know-Who, I suggest to my fellow bloggers mentioned above that they retain their anonymity, because it's clear that once you know the identity of your critics you go after them with a vengeance. I'm not necessarily suggesting that you would attempt to physically harm them or their families, but threats come in many forms. Why else would you be tracking down a resident like some hungry predator? I also suggest that they continue to point out your many faults and the falsehoods you attempt to foist off on the populace to give interested readers the truth - an alternative to your bigoted spin. As they say in junior high school, "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God for the BUBBLING CAULDRON. There is no doubt that Mr. U No Who is a festering maggot that is capable of destroying a community. He should be shuned and those whom he favors.Continue to tell the truth, which he hates and the good will prevail. God Bless

9/24/2008 07:31:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Now, before anyone jumps all over me for publishing that comment by "Anonymous", I chose to make an exception to my "no anonymous comments" rule.... my blog, my rules...

9/24/2008 08:31:00 AM  
Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

He is just a REALLY curious guy!

In all possible meanings of that phrase. :)

BTW, he was at CMHS Back to School Night. He walked right past me twice without even saying so much as "Hi."

I am sure he was supporting a student there. Having a high school student at his age must be a challenge both physically and emotionally. I hope he at least joined the PTA!!

9/24/2008 10:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight Mr. West! His threats are well documented and many are aware to his bully attempts.
His recent smear of the CMPD was forwarded to the chief, the POA and printed versions were distributed to many patrol officers. They are well aware of the blight on this city.

And to Mr.YouKnowWho, Just thought we'd say "HI" as you finish reading this.

9/24/2008 05:59:00 PM  
Blogger tigre said...

I'm glad you decided to keep speaking out the truth. Do not worry about "El Sr. que tu sabes". I don't think he'll do anything to you or to anybody. He's more concerned about people finding out his atrocious past, and doing something radical, like suing someone, would lead precisely to that. He knows that. Talking about High School, don't you think it would be something interesting to find a High School classmate of "El Sr. que tu sabes". That would be a treat.

9/25/2008 10:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CMtruth states:

"Keep fighting the good fight Mr. West! His threats are well documented and many are aware to his bully attempts."

Can you be more specific about which threats are well documentated? Who is being threatened and where are these threats documented?

We are looking to you for the truth of your statement.

9/28/2008 08:59:00 AM  

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