Monday, March 24, 2008

Mansoor Frowns and June Brings Smiles

In case y
ou have not viewed the streaming video or the taped replay of the Costa Mesa City Council meeting from last Tuesday you are not aware that former mayor Allan Mansoor - currently mayor pro tem - was playing puppetmaster during the meeting. When he stepped down and his loyal sidekick, Eric Bever, was elevated to the post of mayor the two buddies switched seats. Bever assumed the Big Seat and Mansoor slid over to Bever's old perch, right next to Wendy Leece.

You will recall th
at Leece was moved over to the far end of the dais by the then-Mansoor-led majority because she "needed to be seated beside City Manager Allan Roeder because she was new and had many questions". Yeah, right! That bit of musical chairs put the minority, Linda Dixon and Katrina Foley on the far right side of the dais - out of the way where they could be, and have been, ignored by the majority.

Now, with Mansoor sitting between Bever and Leece, he's in the perfect position to orchestrate activities on the dais - which he did continually throughout the last meeting. If he wasn't directing
Bever he was leaning over and whispering to Leece. So much for open meetings. If you watch closely you can almost see Mansoor lip-syncing the words as Bever and Leece speak.

And, throughout it all, he looked particularly angry. Maybe he's worried about losing his real job as a jailer for the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Interim - and probable permanent - Sheriff Jack Anderson has said he wants to replace the current sworn deputies that perform the duty of jailer with civilian corrections officers, purportedly as a cost saving measure. This, of course, will create a big problem for Mansoor and his brother, both of whom are in cushy jobs in the jail. Anderson's move would require them to do actual field duties - out there where the bad guys lurk.


On a much happier note, you will notice a new addition to the LINKS section over on the right side of this page. I've added a link to the blog of former Daily Pilot reporter - the Grammar Goddess - June Casagrande. The blog is entitled, "Conjugate Visits", which will give you a clue to the fun ahead. A very accomplished reporter, you might recall she broke the story of Newport Beach Councilman Dick Nichols "Mexicans on the grass" comment. She left the Pilot some time ago and has been doing freelance work and writing books. Her first one is a hoot and her second one is due out very shortly. One would think books on grammar would be boring an
d dry, but June is very clever and her style makes the presentation fun. She also writes a regular column for the Times Community Newspapers in the Glendale/Burbank area. If you visit the link you will find further links to her web site, which is certain to give you a chuckle. So, slide over there and hit that link - and have fun.

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