Friday, March 16, 2007

Pondering The Mayor's Silence

I invite you to visit to view Byron de Arakal's most recent contributions. His past two entries, here and here, pose a very interesting question - "Why does our young jailer/mayor virtually ignore crimes in our city perpetrated by whites and scream to the high heavens when a Latino appears to be involved in one?"

A cynical guy might assume some kind of prejudice existed, particularly in light of the fact that he's been receiving guidance and counsel from a man in our community who has become internationally notorious for his racist views.

I've written about this several times in the past. Last December, following the sweep by law enforcement officials from several venues that snagged 57 white supremacists - 20 at 17 locations in Costa Mesa - I pondered why the mayor had not a word to say on this issue publicly. Neither did the author of the CM Press, who never misses a chance to whoop and holler when a Latino is arrested for a crime.

Today I renew that speculation. What would cause our mayor, a deputy sheriff and the self-anointed savior whose role in live is to protect us from "dangerous felons", to become mute following arrests of white people who had committed heinous crimes? Doesn't that seem the least bit curious to anyone else? It's such an overt omission that it causes one to scratch one's head in bewilderment.

That question will give you something to think about as we await Tuesday's council meeting, during which the mayor either will flex his muscles and force Councilwoman Linda Dixon to surrender her seat to his running mate and hand-picked rubber stamp, Wendy Leece or he won't. Unfortunately, no matter what he does in that matter, he still looks like a bully and buffoon.

It also gives you something to think about as we await the final installment on the Orange Juice! blog of Claudio Gallegos' interview with a Westside Improver.

So, drink some green beer at Monahan's pub and enjoy the weekend.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Simple Solution to Illegal Immigration


Can you count the number of times you've heard opinions on the illegal immigrant "problem" in this country over the past few years? I can't. I venture to guess that there have been literally millions of public pronouncements by elected officials and the man in the street that have been published or broadcast in the past couple years. And yet, here we are, still with no viable solution in sight.

In my opinion, the solution to illegal immigration starts with secure borders. Without a secure border there is no way to stop illegal immigration, period. Yes, you can use Mayor Mansoor's tactic of picking up jaywalkers, errant bicycle riders and loiterers along with those dangerous felons he allegedly wanted to get off the streets and deport them. When they come back to continue to try to earn a living here they can be arrested as a felon and thrown in jail for a very significant period of time, adding to the crisis of overcrowding in our jails. Following their release they would be once again deported and the dance begins all over again.

And, how do we secure the border, you ask? Well, obviously, it's not by building a seven hundred mile long fence - a fence on which at least one contractor used illegal immigrants as laborers. Fences have not worked in the past and won't work in the future. I have a much better, much more cost effective idea. From Cambodia to Kosovo, this idea has been time-tested in most conflicts between neighboring countries throughout the past century. Much as abstinence is guaranteed to stop unwanted pregnancy - it works every time - my solution is guaranteed to stop unwanted "invaders" from wandering across our border. It's simple to install, requires virtually no maintenance and is guaranteed to stop anyone from walking across our borders uninvited.

That solution is land mines.

That's right, those nasty little buggers that can disintegrate the lower half of your body if you step on one. There are others that are spring-loaded and, once tripped, pop up to shoulder height and explode, shredding anyone within 50 yards with shrapnel. It sounds like the perfect solution to me - if we're serious about securing our borders.

I was right, wasn't I? You're angry at me right now, right? Well, think about it. Just scribe out a strip of property inside our border of, say, 300 yards. Then have the military fly along the center of that section and distribute those nasty little land mines that can blow a body to bits when touched. It's the perfect solution! Oh, sure, you'll probably lose a few dozen people the first couple weeks as they traipse through the mine fields and get blown half-way back to Jalisco, but it wouldn't take long for the word to get around before the migration would stop. And after all, what's a few disemboweled and dismembered Mexicans in the grand scheme of things, right?

Are you angry yet? Are you disgusted with me for even suggesting something like this? Good - you should be.

Of course, I'm not serious about using land mines to stop illegal immigrants from continuing to flow unimpeded across our border. It's a terrible, disgusting, inhumane idea. My point was to get your attention. Now, once you've stopped hyperventilating, I want you to drop me a little note - comment or email - and give me your solution to securing our borders, because our government's half-hearted efforts have not worked. Let's hear your ideas. If you don't want your comments posted on this site just send me an email - the address is on my Profile.

And, for goodness sake, stop yelling at your computer! I warned you at the beginning that this would make you angry.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gilchrist Twists In The Wind

As I read reporter Jennifer Delson's report on the current travails of Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist entitled "A Minuteman meets his hour of crisis" published in the Los Angeles Times today I couldn't stifle the smile that formed on my face. The chronicle of the turmoil within that organization, including Gilchrist being fired by members of the board he had hand picked and he, in turn, trying to fire them, had me thinking that he deserved every bit of discomfort he gets.

You will recall that Gilchrist, failed congressional candidate and the self-annointed savior of our country, had embraced and supported our young jailer/mayor, Allan Mansoor, during his campaign for reelection. He made Mansoor an honorary Minuteman and his Minutechicks held a fundraising picnic for him. Gilchrist and his band of loopy minions demonstrated on the streets of Costa Mesa against illegal immigration and Gilchrist popped up in front of the City Council several times to praise Mansoor's "bravery" and "leadership". Many of his whacky, rabid entourage drove long distances from garden spots like Ontario and Bakersfield
to bring their wisdom before the council and many of them wrote flowery letters of support of the mayor and his positions to local newspapers.

There's no doubt in my mind that Gilchrist and his flock had a positive impact on Mansoor's campaign. That, alone, is a reason to chuckle when he's in trouble. He deserves it.

I look forward to seeing how the issue of control of the Minuteman Project, and the alleged missing $750,000, gets resolved. In the meantime, I'll enjoy imagining Gilchrist twisting slowly in the wind.

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