Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Looking For The Front Half

Although the City Council meeting Tuesday night showed moments of conciliation, one of the strangest events in all the years of my observations of these meetings occurred during the Council Member Comments section, early in the meeting.

Our young jailer/mayor and Minuteman extraordinaire - in a fit of pettiness beyond any in my memory - decided that his sidekick, Rubber Stamp Wendy Leece, needed to be seated beside City Manager Allan Roeder. So, as the pompous dictator-in-training that he's become, he asked Councilwoman Linda Dixon to swap seats with Leece, thereby placing her between Mansoor and Katrina Foley. That would move all dissenting views to one side where they would be much more easily ignored. Dixon balked, alluding to a previous telephone conversation they'd had, and quoted Leece from an earlier conversation when she apparently said she preferred to be seated in the middle, not wanting to look like an outsider.

Mansoor was ticked off, and the debate went back and forth before he finally decided that Dixon wasn't about to budge. So, in a fit of pique for such an unimportant item, said he would agendize the item for a future meeting! Unbelievable! With all the important issues facing them, this petty tyrant feels it's necessary to agendize the seating chart on the dais. This, of course, will require staff time to place it on the agenda - likely laughing and shaking their heads as they do it.

I guess expecting our leaders to act like adults is hopeless. What a bunch of schmucks.

The guy over at the CM Press is crowing about how effective he was before the council Tuesday night, ranting and raving about his little "passive park" - Paularino Park. He's also attempting to resurrect that red herring of air pollution from the Westside industrialists - something that has been disproved over the years despite his constant drum beat. He listed specific instructions for the city in that regard. It's going to be interesting to see if his disciples on the council will bow, once again, to his wishes and spend valuable city resources for another wild goose chase.

I find myself wondering just why this guy subjects himself to such a horrible existence in Costa Mesa. Wouldn't you think that, if he's so darn unhappy with the life he leads here, that he'd look for greener - or, in his case, whiter - pastures elsewhere? Gosh, I sure would. All these terrible safety issues he talks about all the time - marauding soccer players, foul air, gangs, etc. - would sure make me think about living here much longer. Of course, you will recall he complained about some of his neighbors moving out not too long ago. Can't understand why someone wouldn't want to live near him - cheerful guy that he is.

In case you missed it, late Tuesday night Claudio Gallegos posted his second installment of Confessions of a Westside Improver on the Orange Juice! blog. To read it just click here. The final installment is promised for next Tuesday. Should make for some interesting reading.

Separately, co-owner of the Orange Juice! blog, Art Pedroza, posted an interesting entry here which is certain to tick off the guy at the CM Press. It's worth a look.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think every member of the City Council should invite their mother or a reasonable facsimile if she is not with us or available to come to the meeting to slap some manners into each and every one of them!

I am embarrassed that the seating arrangements are even an issue. If Ms. Leece is interested in moving, she should have simply asked Ms. Dixon if it was OK with her. If not, the matter should have been dropped. To have the Mayor involved at all in this discussion is appalling.

As for Millard, it was nice to have a couple of days of quiet over at CM Press. I was hoping for more, but I guess that would be too much to ask.

3/08/2007 09:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Literally Unbelievable. I am almost without words. In all the posts and during all the debate pre and post election, I have always thought that the Mayor was honestly trying to better the City. He made some bad decisions, but his motives were seemingly honest and for the betterment of Costa Mesa.

Last night - in one fell swoop, he disposed of dignity and revealed a serious character flaw for an elected official - petty vanity and immature peevishness.

Thanks, Allan, for making Costa Mesa the new laughing stock. Read the Register this morning?

I have news for the Mayor - Dixon is an elected City Councilmember.

Allan - I don't care if you don't share her political views, but for you to publicly disprespect her and the entire citizenry of this City by stooping to this low is unbelievable!

How DARE you tell her where she can sit - who the hell do you think you are?

Maybe the mayor is a closet misogynist. He thinks its ok to tell Linda Dixon where she can sit, and thinks that Wendy Leece is so inept that she needs to sit next to the City Manager so he can advise her? That implies that she is the only one of the five council members who needs special handling.

I hope that the Mayor didn't seriously hope for a future statewide political career, because this bozo move just sank that.

I don't think this is "booger-throwing" or hysterical. I think this is the sad revelation of a megalomanic Mayor.

3/08/2007 10:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think misogynist is a bit of a stretch, but this sort of ridiculous posturing is totally inappropriate. I do agree that this well cloud Mansoor's political future.

I read thye Register article, how embarassing!! Good quotes, Geoff!

I supported many of Mansoor's moves, and have disagreed with some. This little stunt, however, is an insult to a sitting Council Member and everyone who voted for her - in an at large City, that means Mansoor is insulting Costa Mesans as well.

I hope Mr. Roeder has a talk with the Mayor and sets him straight.

3/08/2007 11:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I note that all the quotes in the paper were from Return to Reason people. Hmmm... (but the seating idea is sort of stupid to me also. As a long time improver, this is not the first time I have disagreed with our elected improver candidtates or even the appointed ones on commissions. However,as a whole, they are doing a fabulous job?) (the "?" is put there for Mr. West to go into a tizzy about whether or not it is a typo?!) LOL

3/09/2007 07:07:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Anonymous Insect,
Of course, I have no control over who the newspapers choose to contact. Perhaps the reporters would contact supporters of the current majority on the council if they posted comments using their true identities. Hmmmm...
I guess I understand the preference for anonymity. It might be difficult to look your spouse, children or neighbors in the eye if folks knew your identity, right? I'm sure anonymity emboldens some people, who say things behind that cloak that they might never say openly. That's sad, don't you think? Some people who post here using a pen name have communicated with me via email (the address is on my Profile page) to identify themselves to me. Knowing who they are adds credibility to their comments. I protect their anonymity because they asked me to do so, just as I would for anyone making such a request.

Your assessment of the performance of your majority differs from mine - no surprise there. We have different viewpoints of the players and their motives. My preference, of course, would be that the majority on the council were not so Latinophobic. I know that's not going to change until the makeup on the council changes.

Thanks for buzzing around this site and anonymously leaving your comments behind. (Note to self: buy RAID)

3/09/2007 08:42:00 AM  

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