Monday, March 19, 2007

Buffoonery Abounds

It's an interesting day in the local blog world.

First, in response to an article in the Daily Pilot, here, about the childish game of musical chairs our young jailer/mayor seems intent on playing, our old pal, Byron de Arakal published yet another pithy post on his blog,, here. Nobody manages to insert the knife and twist it just right better than Byron.

Then, over at the CM Press,
The Brain That Ate Costa Mesa posted not one but two new entries designed to twist the facts for his loyal, misguided readers, here and here. It constantly amazes me that he actually finds folks who believe him, especially in light of his perverted views of our society as reflected in his numerous essays on radical right wing web sites, here.

Then, Claudio Gallegos posted the final installment of his expose', Confessions of a Westside Improver, which you can read here. If you missed the first two, you can read number 1 here and the second one here.

All of this is an interesting preamble to the City Council meeting tomorrow night. The grand "musical chairs" issue is scheduled to be discussed at the end of the meeting. It will be interesting to see if our young jailer/mayor continues with this folly, or will he have seen the light and changed his mind. He should simply ask to have the issue removed from the agenda, apologize to the staff for making them waste valuable time and money researching this issue and move forward - but he won't. Nope, much as Brer Rabbit got stuck in the Tar Baby in the briar patch in Disney's "Song of the South", he's just going to keep slugging away until he's got both feet and hands so deep into this ridiculous issue that he can't extricate himself.

So, the beat goes on here in the land of Costa Mesa, where buffoonery
on the dais has been refined to an art form and intolerance forms the foundation for governance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"tar baby"? you are as bad as your neighbor!
"intolerance"? You cannot stand a differing point of view and attack anyone with one.
"musical chairs"? well, the music stopped and the two chairs were filled by.....Mansoor and Leece!

3/20/2007 08:54:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Anonymous Insect,

One of the interesting parts of being a geezer is that we sometimes assume our readers share a large part of our life experiences - at least those available to the general public, like movies. Your misunderstanding of the "tar baby" reference leads me to believe that you're much younger than I and, hence, may never have had the opportunity to see one of the really great Walt Disney movies, "Song of the South". The following link to a Wikipedia entry will be helpful to you: This is not a live link - you'll have to type it into your browser address box. I resent your characterization of me being "as bad as your neighbor", but then, if you're one of those apologists for him and his putrid racist rants I guess I shouldn't expect more from you.

Your opinion that I "cannot stand a differing point of view and attack anyone with one" is flawed. You can validate my opinion by simply reading the comments I've published on this blog. I actively encourage differing viewpoints and publish them unless they cross the line with bad language. For example, I published yours, didn't I?

The "musical chairs" comment is a little strange. Yes, the Three Stooges presently occupy the three center seats on the dais - at least until tonight, when our young jailer/mayor will probably, once again, exercise poor judgment and force a vote on the seating arrangement.

Don't you find it the least bit curious that Ms. Leece requires what might be considered a seat providing remedial instruction at the knee of Allan Roeder? One hopes we elect council members smart enough to do their homework and, when they have questions, ask questions directly of the city staff from the dais for all to hear. Could it be that Wendy wishes for us all to not know just how ill-prepared she is for this job? Why else would she want to move away from the right hand of God, er, Mansoor? Her response in the Daily Pilot article sounded like maybe this move wasn't her idea at all, but another hair-brained scheme cooked up by Mansoor and his "advisers" to provide another opportunity for some chest-thumping.

As always, thanks for writing.

3/20/2007 09:57:00 AM  

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