Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"The Brain" Rants Again

Over at the CM Press this morning The-Brain-That-Ate-Costa-Mesa has published a little study guide for his followers on the City Council to read prior to the meeting tonight, when they will consider putting a moratorium on certain types of development on the Westside.

For months, when the Westside plans were being formulated, this hypocrite stood before the City Council and Planning Commission and spouted off about how "market forces" would take care of the Westside if it were just properly zoned. Now, when it appears that his idea of the renaissance of the Westside isn't moving fast enough to suit him, he's advocating the council to provide a little "push", to jump start the removal of industrial uses to make way for homes.

And, as we all have seen recently, he continues to raise the bogus claim of pollution defiling the entire city, blown across from those nasty industrial uses by the wonderful ocean breezes. This claim has been refuted in the past by investigations by the Air Quality Management District (AQMD), but that's not good enough for this guy. Now he claims the AQMD isn't the proper body to be assessing pollution. What?!

Nothing will satisfy this guy until every single brown face is removed from our city. His putrid, racist philosophy underlies all the things he's doing to expunge them from our city. The sad part is that he's now got a majority on the City Council that either completely agrees with him or are just too intellectually challenged to see what he's doing. The end result is the same.

By the way, the musical chairs issue comes to full boil tonight and has had plenty of press. But, if guidance is what our young jailer/mayor has in mind for his rubber stamp, Wendy Leece, perhaps they should just scoot her present chair over toward Katrina Foley's spot and place a folding chair beside her next to the mayor and let the guy from the CM Press sit there and coach her along though the proceedings. That way Wendy wouldn't have to try to filter what the City Manager had to say - she could get the straight scoop from her mentor. It's just an idea...

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