Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hot Time At Halecrest Saturday

OK, this is just a teeny bit tardy, but I hope you'll enjoy the images anyhow.  My sweet and very patient wife and I ventured over to the Halecrest Community Center on Saturday afternoon to check out the Chili Cook-off - and had a great time!

I'm not going to write much about this...  maybe a caption or two on a few of the photos I took that lovely, warm afternoon.  Suffice it to say that the throng gathered to test the chili recipes and enjoy the camaraderie seemed to be having a great time during the 45 minutes we spent wandering around the grounds, soaking up the shade of those lovely trees.

First, the judges... Costa Mesa Police Chief Rob Sharpnack, Costa Mesa High School Principal Jake Haley and Costa Mesa Fire Chief Dan Stefano.
Council Candidate Lee Ramos (again?!  already?!) with his wife, Barbara and campaign manager, Andy Smith.  My wife liked their chili the best.
 John Stephens and Robin Leffler in the Costa Mesans For Responsible Government booth, along with chief chili stirrer, Terri Fuqua.
Carrie Renfro and Laurene Keane, chili servers in the We Love Costa Mesa booth, with Mary Spadoni (with ice on her shoulder from ringing that cow bell) and Anna Vrska.
Police Chief Rob Sharpnack about to sample the chili in the Costa Mesa Historical Society booth
Teresa Drain serving up chili in the Fairview Park Preservation Alliance booth, plus onlookers Cindy Black and Billy Folsom
Husband and wife team Cynthia McDonald and Rick Huffman in the Costa Mesa First booth
Costa Mesa Fire Fighters Chili booth
 Big Dog Rib & Bacon Chili booth
Strong Man chili booth
Chilidippers Booth
 Costa Mesa Public Square Chili Booth
Solid Landings Rehab Chili Booth
 The crowd
The Mayor and family
The Mayor Pro Tem and Girls
Councilwoman Katrina Foley
 Councilwoman Sandy Genis and friends
Queen of the Scarecrow Festival, Charlene Ashendorf, and husband Dennis
 Many thanks to the good folks of the Halecrest neighborhood for their hospitality.  Kudos to all.

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Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Now that looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Too hot for chili though, but it sure looks like everyone had fun. Love the photos, Geoff. Thank you.

10/12/2015 08:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

Sorry I missed you, but I was lurking around in the background while my wife sold raffle tickets for the California School Education Foundation. Thanks to all who purchased... we raised a nice chunk of change, and I finally had the chance to sign the Costa Mesa First initiative.

10/12/2015 09:47:00 AM  

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