Thursday, May 01, 2014

Timmy To The Rescue!

Lawyer and Planning Commissioner Tim Sesler - apparently it was his turn in the rotation to defend the current power elite - published a commentary in the Daily Pilot a couple days ago, HERE, in which he apparently takes exception to a comment I wrote as part of an obscure Facebook thread a few weeks ago in which I described Mayor Jim Righeimer as being reminiscent to another "strutting dictator" in World War II Germany.  Maybe I selected the wrong dictator - you pick one...

During the City Council meeting on April 15th Righeimer freaked out, reading part - but not all - of the comment in question and demanded an apology not only from me for my "heinous" crime, but from the four people who had the audacity and bad taste to "like" the comment, too.  I wrote about it early the next morning, HERE.

The Daily Pilot also wrote about it on April 16th, and included a video clip of Righeimer's rant, HERE.  And, on April 23rd, the Daily Pilot published a commentary I submitted explaining that I have no intention of apologizing for the comment, HERE.

This brings us back to Sesler's commentary, which, by the way, never does mention me by name, although it is very clear who he means.

I was amused as I read Sesler's tirade, which criticizes me for comparing his benefactor, Righeimer, to a dictator while, simultaneously, comparing me to Joe McCarthy.

Sesler postulates that "the average resident" perceives Righeimer as doing "a Herculean job of bringing Costa Mesa back from the precipice of financial disaster."  Of course, in keeping with the Augean Stables metaphor, HERE, that's about as big a load of manure as one might attempt to pile on the pages of the Daily Pilot.

Sesler chants the party line about "burning through millions of precious reserves", completely ignoring the fact that those reserves were there specifically for that purpose - to get us through tough times.  The economic downturn the end of the last decade, which was reflected in Costa Mesa by the precipitous drop in Sales Tax Revenues, was a calamity - but Righeimer didn't "fix it" - the rebounding economy did.

What Righeimer did do, however, was create a huge retirement nest egg for several law firms by incurring significant legal bills for the city in amounts heretofore unseen in City history.  Perhaps that's why lawyer Sesler was so quick to be at the front of the line for fanny-smooching with his commentary.  Certainly, based on the comment thread attached to it - more than 50 as I write this and climbing - he's had to elbow his way past several other sycophants for that privilege.  They're left to further obfuscate in that thread.

Sesler raves about the wonderful job Righeimer, the dictator, has done paving our roads, but conveniently neglects to mention that the paving in question was already in the pipeline before he took office.

He touts that the mayor is responsible for "rebuilding our rainy day reserves", but neglects to mention that those dollars came at the cost of reduced staffing levels throughout the City, mainly from Public Safety positions.  The mayor, the dictator, prefers filling potholes to filling vacancies in the Police and Fire Departments.  Today we have more than 50 open positions - well over 10% of the authorized, essential positions are vacant.  He'd rather see a freshly-painted traffic lane line than have enough officers available on the streets to keep our city safe.  It's apparently more important to him to be able to scamper around town quickly on new asphalt than for police officers to respond quickly to emergencies.

What Righeimer HAS done, though, is create an upside-down organization, with the so-called "Executive Offices" staffed to overflowing with public relations guys and party planners.  I mean, what city our size has a "Chief Executive Officer", two "Assistant CEO's" and a "Deputy CEO"?  The answer is -  NONE!  One might say that those positions are necessary for effective oversight of the organization.  Well, if that's the case, how did the now-notorious 60th Anniversary Celebration become such a financial (and potentially corrupt) disaster?  Just who on the 5th floor was asleep at the switch on that one?  Under Righeimer's regime they've done such a poor job of managing, with so many questions being raised, that they've actually had to add an additional Deputy City Clerk just to handle all the public records requests!  These are NOT signs of a healthy, well-managed organization, and you can lay it all at the feet of Mayor Jim Righeimer and his council majority.

I'm amused that Sesler, the sycophant, refers to me - quite tongue-in-cheek - as a "superhero", and that he and his running buddies have attempted to link me to the good folks at Costa Mesans For Responsible Government (CM4RG) - the non-partisan, grass roots organization that attempts to shine the light on the foibles and missteps being made by the current council majority.  They are folks that actually study issues, participate on community committees, volunteer at community events and DARE to step to the speaker's podium and offer opinions to the City Council and commissioners.  They are among those Righeimer derisively refers to as "the same dozen people" who speak to the council frequently.  Of course, I am not part of that group, but I do admire much of what they are trying to do.  I'm certainly not their "leader" - contrary to what a couple sycophants have implied recently.  The good folks at CM4RG are quite capable of forming their own ideas, creating strategies and carrying them out without any help from me.

I was NOT amused when Sesler criticized councilwoman Wendy Leece - not by name, of course - for defending my right to express my opinion of Righeimer and his actions.  I'm actually amazed that Sesler - a lawyer who swore an oath to follow the law, not only in his day job, but as a Planning Commissioner, too - so willingly and enthusiastically supports  Righeimer's efforts to quash any form of criticism.  I guess taking an oath these days doesn't mean much - at least, not if we use Sesler and his pals as benchmarks.

So, while I will re-emphasize that I have NO intention of apologizing to Mayor Righeimer, I DO want to thank sycophant Sesler for ripping the scab off that wound and for keeping it in the public eye.  Every single day since this event first occurred one or more people - many of them complete strangers - have asked me about it, and wondered if Righeimer is REALLY that bad - is he REALLY like THAT dictator?  Of course, I must honestly answer them, right?  I tell them, NO, I don't think he would exterminate an entire population if given the opportunity, but, YES, his behavior mirrors many of the characteristics demonstrated by that most notorious of WWII dictators.  And I give them examples of what I mean - there are plenty of them.

And, I'd like to thank Sesler's fellow sycophants and boot-lickers - including a couple of his fellow-planning commissioners - who joined in on the comment thread of his commentary.  They practically shoved each other out of the way like so many hogs trying to get to the trough, as they tossed out the other party buzz words - like "hater" for example.  Some of them use that term for anyone who expresses an opposing viewpoint.  It only demonstrates the vacuousness of their arguments, so it makes me smile when they do it.

To Righeimer, Sesler and all their little friends, I say, please, please DO continue to kick this can down the road.  Every time you rip the scab off it creates multiple opportunities to explain the issues to folks that we might otherwise not have had a chance to encounter.  When they hear the truth - not the fabrications and obfuscations bloviated by you and your minions - they understand just how much damage you have done, and are doing, to our city.  They understand your desire to put personal political agendas ahead of what is right for the city.  They begin to understand how you act like rules are for someone else, but not you.  Most of the folks who engage us in discussions, for example, simply cannot understand why the mayor of a city would have such a hard heart for the men and women who try to keep us safe - so we explain it to them.  They cannot understand why you all have such ill will toward the loyal city employees - those who keep the wheels turning and have done so for decades - so we tell them.  They don't comprehend the depths of our legal difficulties brought on by your actions, and the millions of dollars you've caused to be spent on lawyers - so we tell them.  So, thank you for those opportunities - with the elections looming on the horizon, your timing is actually perfect.

And, to Sesler and his buddies on the comment thread - please remember to carry sanitary wipes with you.  That brown stuff on your noses actually will probably rub off easily with a little elbow grease.

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Anonymous Arthur Nern said...

Not only is Sesler a true bootlicker, but he's part of the mayor's stacked planning commission, whose job it is to make Costa Mesa an "easy lay" for developers.

You don't need a study session to see the overdevelopment and traffic- just drive down Harbor or 17th.

If the Neanderthal Amburgey gets on the Sanitary District, OCGOP has a plan there too- combine it with Bootlicker Fisler's water district and control even more.

Let's send the little dictator packing in November. With that high-pitched whiny voice he can get cartoon work for Richard Simmons parodies.

5/01/2014 06:18:00 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Funny that Sesler, a person who took an oath to uphold the law, referred to the illegal path at Fairview Park as "nice." Where's the outrage? Where's the call for an investigation? He took time to castigate a blogger but thinks an illegal road is "nice." Nice.

I wonder what's happening with the path investigation. Is any council member culpable? What did the mayor know and when did he know it? If there are charges or fines will the perps try to shift blame to a city employee and make the city pay like they do with so many other things?

5/01/2014 06:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Harold Weitzberg said...

Tim Sesler's commentary in the Daily Pilot regarding Geoff West continued to keep this commentary in the limelight. One of the interesting responses I read was a commentary from our esteemed Planning Commissioner Jim Fitzpatrick, somehow bringing me into the fray by attacking me for how I have listed Group Homes on my Campaign issues list. Thanks for the website promo.
Jim likes to wield the adjective "Liberal Democrat" like a curse word. I find that amusing. I respectfully ask that you don't forget to use the adjectives, multi-degree, experienced business person and educator with years of experience working with groups and individuals to set and reach common goals, who has demonstrated his ability to deal with complex issues with diverse the charter committee.

For those of you who may not get the Pilot, here is my commentary response. Harold Weitzberg ยท President at Weitzberg Consulting, Inc.
Jim Fitzpatrick I appreciate you directing voters to my website, The list is not a priority list it is a dynamic list of issues that affect this city that need to be addressed. Group Homes is listed as one of the number of important issues that need to be handled in this city. It is obvious to me that what you failed to mention is that there are at least 14 issues that need immediate attention. All of which need to be discussed in the open. By the way, since you pointed out the confusion you had over separating DESIGNATION from RANK I have revised the list on my site to have Bullets (which was a suggestion of yours) to avoid future confusion for you and others. Similarly, it is important to differentiate "having the trains run on time" as a sign of successful government while mis-directing attention away from the decimation of our employee and safety staff infrastructure. Sort of like another famous autocrat, Nero, playing his fiddle while Rome is burning around him. Thanks for the input.

5/01/2014 08:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Casual Viewer said...

I still find it curious that when Jim's defenders brag about what a great job he has done they do not have any concrete examples. What actions did he initiate to save the city money - hire more top executives, run up legal bills, or let the anniversary celebration run amok? I do not consider myself a "hater" because I say the emperor has no clothes.

5/01/2014 10:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

It's one thing to write smarmy, snarky comments on blogs and articles as a citizen (guilty as charged), but it's a tad beneath an appointed planning commissioner.

Way to take the high road, Comm. Sesler, and also congratulations for leaving out any sort of relevant, factual information! Your essay must have required a Herculean effort! Kudos!

5/01/2014 12:32:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Thanks for staying with the "shoveling the manure" theme! ;-) Seems somehow very appropriate, huh?

5/01/2014 01:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

Sadly, I've forgotten what is appropriate in this day and age.

5/01/2014 01:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

I do know one thing, if this city doesn't vote all, and I mean ALL, of these councilmen out, this city is in trouble. I drove down Harbor yesterday, as best I could, and the traffic is horrendous. The downtown area is simply impossible. Very close to gridlock.

Our councilmen have told the residents they don't care, and will continue to build high density to help line their pockets. Remember the sweetheart deals of the 80s? They're still here, alive and well. Campaign funds come to candidates, and the agreements go to the developers. These are out of town developers ruining our city. Have they made any attempt to improve infrastructure? Very little. Build more schools? No. Increase our fire and police departments? No. So how are we supposed to handle higher density? They are closing a fire station, in fact. Our traffic and safety are of no concern to our councilmen.


5/04/2014 08:52:00 AM  

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