Thursday, May 23, 2013

DUI Checkpoint Planned For Friday Night

Just a reminder... Don't start your holiday weekend with a drunk driving arrest!

The Costa Mesa Police Department announced today that they will be conducting another in their series of DUI checkpoints somewhere in the city beginning at 8:00 p.m. Friday, May 24th and continuing through 3:00 a.m. Saturday, May 25th.  You can read the text of their announcement HERE.

As you read in that message, DUI Checkpoints such as this one produce a great "return on investment" in addition to keeping dangerous impaired drivers off the roads.

Have a wonderful holiday, but don't drink and drive.

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Anonymous Rollin w Piggy and Chestbumper said...

I hope the PD contacted Piggy for his input! We dont want another incident with Piggy getting mad about the traffic congestion due to the dui checkpoint!

5/23/2013 01:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Don't drink and drive said...

Why the CMPD is still undertaking checkpoints is a mystery. Reliable studies have shown that saturation patrols are far more effective in taking drunks off the road. I appreciate our police but this program needs a thorough review.

5/23/2013 01:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Special ID said...

I'll bring all my Diet Coke receipts.

5/23/2013 04:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Mesa Mustang said...

Just another opportunity for our copes to get fat and overpaid while sitting around doing nothing for several hours. These things never catch anyone. They just function as a great overtime maker for our PD. Anyone ever drive by one of these? All you see is tons cops standing around drinking coffee. What a waste of our tax money.

5/23/2013 04:26:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Mesa Mustang,

Read the information on the link! These "things" do reap results! And, the money paid to the police comes from grants, not general fund dollars. Just stay home when you're drunk and you won't have a problem!

5/23/2013 04:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Troll Tracker said...

Ironic that the "mustang" is a thrift store looking person who has eaten more than his share of oats, yet he calls our protectors fat.

5/23/2013 05:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Mustang Poop said...

Mesa Mustang is right, these "copes" are taking advantage of the situation. Stop the madness "copes", let drunks drive around and plow into innocent people.

5/23/2013 06:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Ron B. said...

The methodology behind a checkpoint is motorist education, not simply to catch drunks. They do still net qute a few though. Yes research has shown that saturation patrols catch more drunks. However, the grants have an education and an enforcement component. You have to abide by both to get the grant money. Stay classy, and uneducated Mesa Mustang.

5/23/2013 09:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Would u charge ur pal for a diet coke? said...

@dont drink and drive (if you do, keep your diet coke receipt, because we all go to a bar and drink a diet coke)

These checkpoints are grant funded. How do you expect a police department that has had their staffing reduced by 20% to pay for saturation patrols?

Pigheimer has made it clear. The citys priorty is to hire more executives to help his cause. Screw everyone else.

5/23/2013 10:21:00 PM  
Anonymous i hate delays said...

The problem with these checkpoints: you can spot them 1/2 a mile away and easily navigate around them.

5/24/2013 03:22:00 AM  
Anonymous taken for... said...

glad it is paid for by grants. that makes it free, right?

5/24/2013 05:53:00 AM  
Anonymous take this... said...

They're about as "free" as Pigheimer's legal fees.

5/24/2013 09:39:00 AM  
Anonymous West knows nothing said...

Yo taken. These are paid for by the ticket quota requirements. That is a contract requirement for the number of tickets PD must right to you and me.

5/24/2013 09:55:00 AM  
Anonymous c u at the checkpoint yo yo said...

Its hilarious to see that people think cops have quotas. Believe it or not, great pride is taken in writing tickets to teach people a lesson. Without consequences, people would do 120 down adams as opposed to 60 and cry about a $400 ticket.

Look what happens without consequences like the red light camera on harbor and adams. Three sometimes four cars go after the light turns solid red arrow.

Great joy is taken in arresting a DUI driver. Some learn, some dont.

5/24/2013 01:06:00 PM  
Anonymous P. Sherman said...

@West knows...I think the rudimentary word you were looking for is "write." If you can't get the basics correct, it really deflates your point. Maybe you should just sit quietly and let the adults talk.

By the way, there are no quotas. Quotas are illegal. In fact, I bet there are fewer tickets written in the last two years than in previous years.

5/24/2013 01:22:00 PM  
Anonymous C.U. Next Tuesday said...

If you want to complain about the traffic, just leave a extra few minutes. early and shut your fat mouth about a serious subject such as drinking and driving.

5/24/2013 03:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Executives over cops said...

20% less cops, probably 20% less tickets! So that's why I see so many speeders and red light runners.

5/24/2013 04:16:00 PM  
Anonymous just facts mam said...

Sherman. Check the grant. It does have requirements of how many tickets are written.

Where is Wyatt and all the other blue whiners when you need them?

5/24/2013 04:32:00 PM  
Anonymous yo mamma said...

Yo west knows nothing... you should have stayed in school so yo would know how to right.
If yo did yo would have less trouble wit the cops

5/24/2013 06:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Stop huffing red spray paint said...

Yo yo yo @west knows...

U shoulda payed mo attn in schoo

Perhaps then you would be able to spell.

I have a feeling you chose to play chestbump football and stayed up late at night stealing and defacing signs.

5/25/2013 07:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Gene said...

just the have to be either a councildude or a councildude insider to have intimate detail about the grant. No one reads those things. That, or you helped Mensy with the big words in the grant.

5/25/2013 08:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Crazy Drunk Driver said...

Maybe the City should stop accepting these grants and prove once and for all that that these power hungry, low-level local politicians don't care about public safety. Just stop taking these funds and people will focus their anger towards the P.D. in a different way.

5/25/2013 09:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Moe Checkpoints said...

Last year the City of Fullerton and a few of their gutless City Council Members wanted to reject portions of a grant for DUI checkpoints because it would have given overtime to members of the Police Department. What happened? The Council Members buckled when people came out in droves and the families of people killed by drunk drivers spoke out against such a idiotic idea that really only showed these Council Members true feelings for the public safety groups of their City.

Seems like something the Costa Mesa City Council would do, don't you think?

5/25/2013 11:35:00 AM  
Anonymous All they do is wear skirts, bump chests and make diet coke receipts said...

CM scumbag councilmen dont care what anyone says. Theyll even attempt clearly illegal things like thier never ending quest to outsource city jobs. They have no personal consequence for wasting taxpayer money on unnecessary legal fees and unnecessary executive staff.

5/25/2013 04:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Tell me again how unnecessary? said...

Just a heads up, last nights checkpoint worked in conjunction with CHP netted the CMPD 10 DUI arrests...this does not include any of the arrests the CHP made at the checkpoint for DUI, nor does it include any other types of arrests or citations for unlicensed or suspended drivers.

5/25/2013 08:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Sue Lester said...

I'm glad we have grants to provide DUI checkpoints. If I come across one, even though I am not a huge fan of sitting in the line waiting to be contacted, I'm thankful they are out there.

CMPD has always been courteous and professional and appeared to have done their best to get drivers not breaking laws through as quickly as possible.

I have had loved ones seriously injured and killed by drunk drivers so the threat is very real to me. If these checkpoints take even one drunk off the road and make people think twice about getting behind the wheel when they are under the influence, it's well worth it to me!

I hope the people who are so angry and against these checkpoints can try to be more understanding and patient. A checkpoint might save the life of someone you love one day and in my opinion, nothing is more important than that!

5/26/2013 08:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Disgusted Republican said...

Can only hope the "major traffic accident" on Jamboree between PCH and SJH Rd. wasn't due to DUI. That would be a sad - and avoidable - end to the Memorial Day weekend.

5/27/2013 07:36:00 PM  
Blogger just wondering... said...

50 percent of Americans will be involved in an alcohol-involved traffic collision in his or her lifetime.
Nearly 23,000 people are killed every year in alcohol-related traffic collisions.
One American life is lost every 22 minutes in an alcohol-related .

Education should not be limited to just drivers but the bartenders that over serve people they know are going to go out and get into cars.

5/28/2013 08:00:00 PM  
Anonymous They must not have had diet coke receipts said...

Glad to hear the checkpoint took some drunks off the road!

5/29/2013 01:38:00 PM  

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