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The Price Of Amore'

Well, as most folks already know, Costa Mesa police officer Allen Rieckhof has been in the news over the past two days.  The courts sided with him on his claim that he wasn't given due process in the events that followed his alleged romance with a Costa Mesa woman the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.  You can read the Daily Pilot article HERE and the Orange County Register piece - which includes links to court documents, HERE.  You can also watch the 3 minute video clip from Kcal9 News last night HERE that includes an irate rant from Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer - Rieckhof's nemesis during the 2010 campaign season.

I didn't know about this situation with Rieckhof back when it supposedly happened.  Like all personnel matters, this was kept quiet - appropriately so.  The processes in place to handle this kind of a situation seemed to have been followed, but the court reviewing it disagreed and found for Rieckhof.  Theoretically, that should be the end of the story.

However, it's not where Righeimer is concerned.  No sir, he's not going to let these guys "get away" with anything!  Hence, his appearance on the news last night in front of City Hall late in the evening.  If memory serves me correctly, Rieckhof was the President of the Costa Mesa Police Officers Association during the election in 2010.

An impatient commenter on this blog posted the following entry, typos and all, on my previous post:

I Don't think we're getting the entire story regarding the cop on duty thing...funny that OC Register writer Terry Sforza was the one to come out with that first...wasnt she the one who couldnt print something critical of Riggy? Now Riggy can get his pudgy face in the news to comment even though the city won't? And isnt this cop the former CMPA President who Riggy/Bever have so much disdain for, the one that towed the billboard behind his truck? So now that he beat them because, yet again, the city cannot follow due processes and according to the judge did not prove any dereliction of duty, his plight gets plastered all over the media...I'm REAL sure there was no call to the register when the city lost (tongue in cheek)...somehow, this looks like payback from Jimbo..

Now I get being upset if the city proved this stuff was ongoing during time he should be don't crap where you eat...

However, from what i've read, it appears the officer met with this girl he was dating during his break and lunch times, which he took all at once, instead of spread throughout his shift. One neighbor indicated once they believed he arrived at 11 and left at 3am...i'm guessing he was off duty by 11, since I dont know of any agency that allows motorcycle officers to work until 3 am.

The officer was still productive, did not shirk any calls or responsibilities and in fact is a highly decorated award winning officer who met his "girlfriend"

during his breaks and after work?
So if an officer lives in the city, and decides to go home to see wife and kids for dinner for his hour break, is that any different?

Plain and simple, the city did not prove its case and it sounds like in the process they violated his peace officers rights.

Sounds like payback and mudslinging to me...

I suspect I might hear back from him on this post, too.

What do you think?  Should a police officer be precluded from having a relationship and using his meal time to occasionally consummate it?  Now that the courts have found in his favor, should our local politicians be out posturing for the cameras simply because Rieckhof opposed his candidacy?  Who looks worse in this situation?

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Anonymous Barry said...

Rieckhof looks worse, by far. This guy is a bozo who does not deserve to be on our fine police force. He lacks the temperment and maturity to carry a firearm. I'm glad this story came out. I always wondered what happened. I am also glad the union saw fit to take away the leadership position from him. He is a blackeye on the Department. You wouldn't get away with this in the private sector. You and I would be fired. What makes these employees think they can do what they want?

6/21/2012 01:53:00 PM  
Blogger Colin said...

With all that's going on in Costa Mesa, if the City Council had any sense, they would keep this under wraps as an intracity matter. But since Riggy needed his payback and is a spiteful little man, he drops the dime to the papers about this. If the judge ruled nothing illegal was going on, then why air out this dirty laundry that doesn't increase the reputation of this city, other then political payback ?

6/21/2012 01:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Rieckhof's Folly said...

Everyone loses in this situation. The residents, CMPD, and the City. So many things went wrong here - from the astonishing lack of supervision, the botched disciplinary proceedings, and the decision by the judge.

If you read the documents attached to the Register story, it is obvious that Rieckhof was dishonest and clearly in dereliction of duty. Lt. Huggins prepared a matrix of his police activity and the times he was with his girlfriend (he is married, right?), showing no police activity occurred for up to 2 hours during his shift. He never mentioned "stacking" his breaks during his internal affairs investigation, and he had other CMPD officers running personal errands for him and his girlfriend while on duty.

Remember, this same association is bitterly complaining about staffing levels while their then leader and members were spending susbstantial amounts of ON DUTY time carrying on and faciitating an extramarital affair.

Now a judge has found that Costa Mesa didn't follow proper procedures. According to the City legal arguments, that was because they were trying to lessen the financial impact on Rieckhof. Amazing - this scumbag still goes after the city even when they tried to him afford the financial hit of his duly earned suspension.

6/21/2012 02:11:00 PM  
Anonymous sherryk1 said...

I agree the City dropped the ball by doing what they wanted instead of listening. I agree Riggy has the same problem as the City. Good job on this post:)

6/21/2012 02:24:00 PM  
Anonymous WTF Just Happened said...

So Der Rigsheister went to Vegas to promote the City and attract new businesses? But now this week he flaunts his tarnished police department on t.v. for those same potential businesses too? What a pompous JACKA$$!!! His devotion to the City is "Costamazing"!!!

6/21/2012 03:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

Let me get this straight. Reickhoff has sexual relations while on duty and Righeimer is the evil one? This blog is getting so absurd. Every resident of this City should be angry at this cop. He aired his dirty laundry on local TV and then sued to get a few bucks back? The audacity of this guy. Shocking to hear he was ever the President of the Police union.

6/21/2012 03:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Rieckhof's Folly said...


It is very relevant - the police union president, who played a MAJOR role in turning Costa Mesa into a union battleground and who was directly responsible for one of the most negative campaigns in Costa Mesa history - is a dishonest and philandering man who changes testimony and recollection of events as it suits him. This is the same guy who writes tickets and testifies in court against citizens. That is chilling.

He was the one leading the charge against Righeimer, launching many character attacks and turning Righeimer's "we need to do suomething about unsustainable compensation" into some sort of holy war. His character counts.


Nothing about the actual serious misconduct by Rieckhof, just turning it into another sad, weak, tired attack on Righeimer - who had NOTHING to do with this before his comments.

6/21/2012 03:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Bad Shades of Blue said...

These incidents occurred before the 2010 Election. This thug was allowed to remain employed and remain as the President of the Police Union.

Wow, what does that say about the rest of the CMPD who knew and allowed this cop to trash out city?

We get it. Anything in the City is Riggys fault. No matter what.

I am concerned about safety in the City. Not from Council actions but by cops actions.

Where is Wyatt now? Not popping off saying how wonderful Public Safety is.

Where is Dimel saying how high the hiring standards are?

A fornicating cop. Another who plants evidence. Another who uses PD snooping equipment to track an ex girlfriend. What else is going on over there?

We need fewer criminals and better cops. Not more cops.

Hater comments predictably way off base on the important and critical issues.

6/21/2012 05:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Badge Bunny said...

Where can I meet one of these studs? I am home at my apartment, maybe I can get one to stop by and take care of business?

My girlfriend met a fire fighter at the grocery store.

But I like cops. When I told my bff of my wishes, she told me I was a Badge Bunny. Cute

6/21/2012 05:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Common Sense said...

Rieckhof should have been charges with armed robbery of Costa Mesa tax101 tuxercpayers.

Get rid of the jerk!!!

6/21/2012 06:03:00 PM  
Anonymous City Screw Up said...

To every hater out there, eat it. In the eyes of the Court, this officer didn't do anything wrong, the City was wrong in the way that they tried to process him. Maybe one day the City will get something right, but for now it's just another screw up for everybody to laugh at.

6/21/2012 06:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Wes for Council said...

That guy Wes is the new Joe the Plumber.

Thank you for standing up to this Thug.

So sad that that Cop is married.

Can't believe some here are not outraged. Sad

6/21/2012 07:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Remember! said...

this cop is a good cop, does a fine job. our city clerk also did great work. Both trashed though, it's all riggy's and the ocgop's fault.Go to for the truth on these and other matters.Remember in November how these two fine employees were treated and vote against any ocgop candidates. they are all corrupt and evil. Come to the light, the way, the truth.

6/21/2012 07:25:00 PM  
Anonymous TROLL PATROL said...

Really? What PROOF do you have? Last I checked this situation did not involve fire arms.
Now if he decides to display those traits WE can only wish it's while meeting you. TROLL

Barry said...

Rieckhof looks worse, by far. This guy is a bozo who does not deserve to be on our fine police force. He lacks the temperment and maturity to carry a firearm.

6/21/2012 07:26:00 PM  
Anonymous John 8:7 said...

Where was Reickhof dishonest? He admitted to an affair and admitted what he was doing during those time periods. Show me one call in that matrix that he failed to respond to... there isn't one.

Righeimer released this information. There is no doubt, it was a personal vendetta.

I would like to know if Righeimer drank any alcohol while in Vegas because quite frankly I find that to be a misuse of his time using city funds. I would like Righeimer to have to pay back a portion of his stipend every time he goes off on a rant that is pure politics and has nothing to do with city business.

I am still waiting for Mensinger to reimburse the city for losing his own cellular phone in an elevator shaft. Further, since people are so quick to decide Reickhof was not doing his job while on his break or off duty despite no evidence of this, I would like to know just what Steve was doing with his cell phone in the elevator. Based on the circumstances and my extensive knowledge from television I have concluded he was attempting to attach the phone to his shoe to use as a spy camera to look at... um well.. hmm...

Righeimer is getting his revenge and it is ugly and dirty. He is a disgusting slug of a man who has proven time and time again he can care less about who he harms in his slimy path.

That is why people have a problem with Righeimer. He lost yet another case and he just can't admit he was wrong as the mayor pro team of the city.

Here is an idea, let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. For the rest of us... shame on you.

6/21/2012 07:38:00 PM  
Blogger feral390 said...

If we are digging up stuff like this how about shedding some light on Mensingers multiple sexual harassment complaints while at Arnel.

6/21/2012 08:20:00 PM  
Anonymous WTF is confused said...


No, Righeimer properly called out a bad cop and the ridiculous system that protected him - not the department.

6/21/2012 08:54:00 PM  
Anonymous City should appeal said...

City Screw Up,

You are pathetic - Rieckhof ADMITTED to doing lots wrong, and only brought up the break stacking trick and played Mr. Innocent at superior court. Long before that, his own police department determined he was wrong, he got off on technicalities.

The city should appeal, I don't want this clown on the street in a CMPD uniform. He is a bad, dishonest cop - anybody that defends him is equally morally compromised and has no business wearing a badge.

6/21/2012 09:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Bingo Bongo 4 City Council said...

The phone-dropping chest bumper was probably playing his online poker game that he has an addiction to, when he dropped his phone in the elevator shaft.He goes by the name Bingo Bingo and is actually a horrible poker player.

6/21/2012 09:07:00 PM  
Anonymous The more He talks, the bigger the check said...

You guys crack me up. Stick to the facts and stop injecting your FEELINGS. After a review of 4 years of his service all they could find was he made a poor personal decision ON HIS OWN TIME. Then they overreacted and violated the laws of due process once again. No surprise there on management/city council's part. Looks like payback for his part in the election lawfully done against Pigheimer and his clowns.

The more Pigheimer talks the bigger the check he will write for civil damages. Oh wait, that's not a problem for Pigheimer and crew because it's not their money.

Sounds to me life is pretty good if all you haters have to complain about is an officer not realizing how some of his lawful actions might be interpreted.

6/21/2012 09:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Here come the cops said...

Here come the boys in blue. None of them think there is anything wrong.

Show us where the thug went code 7 or whatever for his breaks? Show is in all the rules you have that stacking breaks is an accepted policy?

Next time you see a cop in this town, ask them of they can make a rum to the Victoria Secret for you.

Funny how the cop supporters think it is acceptable for a married cop to be cheating on company time. Nice thug mentality boys.

Looks like they might support Krupp. He likes wooden symbols of manhood too.

And the Council Haters find all this acceptable.

Looks like several at PD should be fired. Hope it is not the new Chief, but he promoted the guy who was supposed to investigate this issue. Talk about issues

6/21/2012 09:40:00 PM  
Anonymous What i do on my lunch is my business said...

Too funny.... I wonder if the fact that Mensinger recently got a ticket by one of our fine officers will come out in the news as well. Especially the part where he tried to get out of it! Will Piggy rant about this as well? Check the records. It's there!

6/21/2012 09:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Riggys the man! said...

Since we're on the smear campaign train, lets launch an investigation into the city clerks office where ive heard city employees using city time to run their side business. This is a freebie camp riggy. You just fired 4 hard workers yet I hear and know of employees who truly double dip by getting a paycheck from the city and run their business on city time and has been for years.

I used to hate you Riggy but now I admire you. You Sir, showed all of us that you truly can do anything you want and it is possible to run the city like a business. Dont like someone? Put them on immediate admin leave and then eliminate their position with a 30 day notice! NICE!!!

You have to agree with me Geoff. Riggy has done everything hes wanted to and theres not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Even if he does "mess up" hes got a floor full of people spinning it. WOW

Welcome to politics folks! This is how the good ol boys roll!

6/21/2012 10:07:00 PM  
Anonymous nonya said...

Here come the cops:

There is no policy that says an officer must notify anyone they are on a lunch break. There is a policy against break stacking, so Rieckhof probably deserved a written reprimand for that.

As for what is going on in his marriage and specifically his bedroom, quite frankly that is between him and whoever is in his bedroom. It certainly is not your business or mine, and neither of us should be the judge of him there.

But, I understand your mentality of wanting to be the bedroom police. After all, republicans have been attempting to control what people do in their bedroom and with their bodies since the beginning of time. Nothing new there.

And one final thought... last time I watched an Estancia football game I saw a whole lot of "grab ass" going on. Grab ass is everywhere.

6/22/2012 08:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Double standard said...

So let me get this straight. The CMPD posters here think it is perfectly OK for an on-duty CMPD officer to use CMPD equipment to and fellow on-duty officers to facilitate an extramarital affair?

That policy against break-stacking is inconvenient, ain't it? Kind of like the one against talking to the press after the Righeimer DUI checkpoint non-scandal. Policies, schmolicies - you're cops, rules are for suckers (civilians)!

It is just fine for you to violate policies when YOU feel like it. After all, nothing will really happen and no one will ever find out, thanks to that POBOR you guys bought with all your donations to friendly legislators.

Your double standards are pathethic, just like your attempts to justify Rieckhof's actions. How did you get past the psych and background checks? I thought they were pretty rigorous? What good is a cop who thinks breaking the rules is perfectly acceptable?

I can only assume that your comments represent a small minority of CMPD officers. I view the CMPD as the good guys - and the morons posting here, defending the indefensible, are hardly that.

6/22/2012 09:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Bible irony! said...

John 8:7,

I love the irony - citing a Bible verse to defend a man who cheated on his wife, convinced friends (were they also married?) to help him do it, while on-duty at a job where he swore an oath to uphold the law, and at which he broke that oath, lied about it, and is completely unrepentant.


For everyone else here is John 8:7:

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

The message - of not being quick to condemn when one is not blameless and tempering justice with mercy, is supremely ironic in that Rieckhof used the City's efforts to provide mercy in the form of lessening the pain of his duly earned suspension, against it. The only delay in notifying him of his suspension was because they were working with him on a payment schedule.

Total scumbag - keep defending him.

6/22/2012 09:38:00 AM  
Anonymous sad city said...

Eat it everyone, I bet it just eats at you to know that Officer Rieckhof will be working OT this weekend at the car show at the fairgrounds.Christmas in June. Thanks City Council, once again a screw-up and only the City is to blame.

6/22/2012 03:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Sick minds said...

sad city,

Nice moral compass. The underlying acts are 100% Rieckhof. ONLY Rieckhof is to blame for this entire sad episode.

6/22/2012 04:13:00 PM  
Anonymous mi amor said...

HOPE rIECKHOF GETS A BREAK AND LUNCH...STACKABLES? Support him and other city employees, join cm4rg that's and help us purge the ocgop from Costa Mesa. That is council and special districts. Water district is screwed up. Bad service, bad board, bad water. vote Chris Blank, he will fix it once he starts going to water meetings. get that ocgop rat out of his seat there. ask Sandy how.

6/22/2012 08:06:00 PM  
Anonymous what the heck said...

mi amor

Who is chris blank and what does he have to do with the water district?

Or is this just another crazy comment that continue to appear on this blog.

6/22/2012 09:42:00 PM  
Anonymous CM 4 Citizen Review Board said...

This is outrageous behavior. So are the comments supporting the bad behavior. Crazy that some appear to be CMPD.

With that type of culture, how can we trust thugs? You can say it is a rogue element, but, this guy got off. Pun intended.

What if we demand a Citizens Review Committee?

This blog has advocated for Committees all over the place.

Perhaps we can all agree on this one?

6/23/2012 08:30:00 AM  
Anonymous mi amor said...

what the heck said...
mi amor

Who is chris blank and what does he have to do with the water district?

To answer your question Mr. Blank is our endorsed candidate from cm4rg to take out the repuglican who holds the seat now. Mr. Blank is not afraid to tell it like it is. When Costa Mesa was deporting illegal aliens who committed crimes based on a list of 23 felonies he was the first to come out in the papers and say that people who supported deporting illegal aliens who committed felonies "don't like brown people" That takes guts to call people racists and he was out there calling them out. He also testified for Benito Acosta in his ACLU suit against the City. Also talks to Mecha groups at schools. He is out there telling it like it is!

6/23/2012 02:22:00 PM  
Anonymous I'll bring the bleach said...

"CM 4 Citizen Review Board said...

What if we demand a Citizens Review Committee?

This blog has advocated for Committees all over the place.

Perhaps we can all agree on this one?"

Yes, we should all agree on this as long as we start from the top down. Starting with the council and their back room deals. I was at the last council meeting and heard Gary defend the car rental company for breaking our rules by using our streets as storage space and then It dawned on me that Gary likes to break the rules as well. Illegal advertising all over his bar. Why do we all have to follow the rules but not you? What about you Steve? I read on here that you got a ticket and tried to get out of it. Is this true? Lets put all the cards on the table!

If we expect our employees to do the right thing, then start from the top. Lets give the best example we can. Unfortunately the behavior of the ones on top are no better than what the officer did, so maybe it is time to clean house, but not with this council, but with some new fresh faces.

So, CM 4 Citizen Review Board said... can we agree on this?

6/23/2012 10:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

FYI, friends, supporters, observers, as well as weirdos and crazy people falsely claiming to represent CM4RG: No one from our organization posted the weird comment titled “Remember!” Or the disjointed one titled “ mi amor”. It’s true our web address is and anyone who would like to learn more about us is welcome to visit the website. We strive to provide accurate and well-researched information about City affairs.

You’ll be disappointed if the only affair you are salaciously interested in is Officer Rieckhof’s! We don’t have any information on the recent court decision regarding his case! We do have some interesting articles about the Missed Charter Filing Deadline court case though. Attorney John Stephens allowed us to post his and Katrina Foley’s excellent brief that shows unbroken case law from 1816 to the present. This presentation of on-target case law was persuasive to the Court’s decision not to allow a late filing of proposed Costa Mesa charter documents. The court tends to look closely at the law and rule accordingly. If you like this kind of thing, Stephens and Foley wrote an amazing brief. You’ll find this information on our home page in the list of letters and articles on the left side of the page. CM4RG focuses on the big issues facing our City and as a public service provides some perspective and balance to the one-sided information the City council promotes. That’s what our website is all about.

Regarding the statement “mi amor” posted about Chris Blank: Costa Mesans for Responsible Government has not endorsed anyone for anything yet. I don’t know if Mr. Blank is running for anything. I met him recently and he seems to be a thoughtful and intelligent man.

“mi amor” also says some demeaning things about Mesa Water District. For the record that poster is not a CM4RG member. (Most of us can spell and have fairly good grammar.) Speaking for myself only, I am a big fan of Mesa Water and believe the honors and awards they have been given are well deserved. Costa Mesa has been well served for decades by this extremely well run district.

I’m amused by the odd posts and find it interesting that CM4RG is viewed as worthy of all this attention.

Robin Leffler
President, CM4RG

6/24/2012 12:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Concerned said...

Hi Robyn:

I too have been amused by many of the recent posts on this blog. I guess the IDIOTS (IQ of less than 25 or a mental age of less than 3) assigned to monitor Geoff think they are succeeding in taking us off point and planting seeds of doubt. Seriously?

Here’s my message to them: Hey Fitzy, Colin, and Baby Ethan, you’re making it a little too obvious when you bring everything back around to Mesa Water and the San District. Clearly, you’re worried Council will not be hand selecting the winners of these seats. Do you guys really think you are more convincing by misspelling words and sounding like complete morons? I think not.

To those who love Costa Mesa: Please be careful and pay close attention when voting this November. Placing an X next to the wrong box can have disastrous consequences for our future.

6/25/2012 08:53:00 AM  

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