Monday, January 23, 2012

More Reaction To Hubbard's Conviction

Late this afternoon Kimberly Claytor, President of the Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers AFT local 1794 issued a press release regarding the conviction of Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard, the now-disgraced Superintendent of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District. The text of that press release follows:


Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers AFT 1794 Responds to Guilty Verdict of Superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard

This afternoon, Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard, N-MUSD Superintendent, was found guilty by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury on two of three felony charges of misappropriation of public funds.

As educators, we are saddened by the impact that this case has had on the reputation of our district and the resources it has drained from our classrooms.

Though the felony charges stemmed from employment outside of Newport Mesa Unified School District, the email messages exchanged between Jeffrey Hubbard and Karen Christiansen, introduced as evidence in the case, revealed behavior unbecoming of a superintendent of a school district. Furthermore, the majority of our School Board members voted to grant Jeffrey Hubbard five months of paid leave to prepare for his defense – this money would have better served the public had it been spent in our classrooms.

We look forward to finding a new superintendent who respects processes put in place to protect the public trust, understands both the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa communities, and is willing to put the needs of our students first. We call on the School Board to have an open and transparent public process, with input from parents, teachers, and other community members in our search for a new superintendent. We want a School Board that is responsive and responsible to the community.

Additionally, in an article in the Daily Pilot this evening, HERE, trustee Karen Yelsey - described as a Hubbard supporter - is quoted as saying the school board, "will be in the search for a new superintendent".

According to that article, the Board of Trustees will meet Tuesday at 3:00 in a closed session to discuss how to manage this issue. I certainly agree with those who feel this whole sordid affair has been a major distraction to the district and it's time to put it behind us.

Some folks have suggested that Paul Reed, who has been standing in for Hubbard during his absence, simply be elevated to the position of Superintendent. If Reed wants the job, that might work. But I've got another suggestion.
(Daily Pilot Photo)

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a nationwide search effort, why not reach down into the innards of the district itself and select a new superintendent from one of the many highly skilled administrators working within the organization. The first name that pops to my mind is Estancia High School principal Kirk Bauermeister. He's been on a fast track for years, is a proven visionary and leader and a man who really knows this community. It's worth some careful consideration.

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Blogger Gericault said...

GRRRRRR......don't be stealing my principal.

1/24/2012 07:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Lumpy said...

Kirk would make a wonderful super. Too bad the school board doesn't have the vision to agree with your assessment.

Good call by the Cauldron.

1/24/2012 09:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy said...

“This money would have better served the public had it been spent in our classrooms.”


This money would have been better spent if it ended up in the pockets of our union members.

1/24/2012 11:55:00 AM  
Blogger Colin said...

Jimmy - Ok, I am going to take personal offense to this. My mom was a 5th grade teacher in El Monte for 38 years. If you think it's all wine and roses, then your wrong. Do you have to deal with people fighting in your day to day job ? Kids who are pulled out of school so they can work the fields with their parents, then the school board has to make up for time lost ? Gang problems in the school that require teachers and principals to meet with gang members to orgainize truces and boundaries. How about people coming up to you and telling you they have been verbally/physically/sexually abused ? How about paying out of pocket for school supplies, because the district has no money. If you arent' a teacher, or in HR, you don't deal with any of these things. And I'm glad I don't in my IT job. If you think being a teacher is just showing up to collect a paycheck and sit on your butt, your wrong. This maligning of teachers in CA needs to stop. Maybe some union members are getting paid more then they should, but I can tell you teachers are NOT in that group. In fact they just did a survey and teachers, cause they are in CalStirs, aren't payed nearly the amount. So get your unions right and stop this attack on teachers. You try dealing with your kid for 34-40 hours a week.

1/24/2012 05:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy said...

I wasn't critical of the teachers at all. But for peer pressure many teachers would express their hate for the union.

My point was the union's job is to get benefits for their members, not educate children.

1/25/2012 02:50:00 PM  
Blogger Colin said...

Jimmy - And yes that's as it should be. Teachers can seperate the union business from their school business and no, most teachers aren't scared of their union. I don't know what kinda teachers you are hanging out with, but the ladies of El Monte didn't take any quarter. My guess is most teachers are like that, from the ones I have ran into (from Texas, NV, etc). The get into for the kids, not the "union money". So seriously, unless you know, don't just post talking points.

1/25/2012 05:28:00 PM  
Blogger Bullyingwarrior said...

I am in total shock that this Superintendent, Jeffrey Hubbard received 60 days in Jail not even Prison. It is so disgraceful and the REAL STORY Under NMUSD with Jeffrey is coming out in the news for Not protecting Children, Families, Good Teachers and Staff.

Watch and support the following:
YouTube: Bullyingwarrior

Twitter: Bullyingwarrior 

Facebook: Bullying TeachersandPrincipals

NewportMesa Unified School District Board Meetings: Public Input Area Under the following dates with Kimberly xx speaking out for the people too afraid of this School District and the Board and Superintendents Office and Staff staying Silent.

June 14, 2011 fast forward to 1 hour 44 min. into when Kimberly is speaking.

October 25, 2012  1 hr. 2 min speaking right after Assistant Superintendent, Susan Astarita on allowing a 5th Grade Teacher to be allowed for months to bring her Baby into class while teaching her class. Horrible because of the IMMEDIATE RETALIATION that followed the Parents child who put in Complaint on 2-4-12.

December 13, 2011  1 hour 8 minutes into meeting, Kimberly, Parent gives verbal notice on the Pattern of Behavior and Includes in claim Jeffrey Hubbard and now past President Walt Davenport for not keeping her child safe and retaliation in complaint/claim Process. This meeting had other devoted Teachers Speaking and another Parent in Public Input that were edited out for around 2 months.

January 24, 2012 Kimberly, Other Concerned Parents Speak out including Karyl Ketchum, who's daughter Hail was not protected in same District at Corona Del Mar High School around 2 years ago. Hail was threatened to be raped and murdered by 3 athlete students at the school. Things only got worse after going to Jeffrey Hubbard and his Board Members and the Police Dept. They all failed her too, like Kimberly and her Family when reporting her 5th grade Teacher bringing HER BABY INTO CLASS WHILE TEACHING CLASS MONTH AFTER MONTH at NEWPORT HEIGHTS SCHOOL in NEWPORT BEACH, CA. Immediate RETALIATION FOLLOWED.

February 14, 2012 Watch Public Input with Parent Kimberly  XX who's Family left NMUSD because of the unsafe School District. Immediate retaliation and unlawful conduct followed after reporting her child's 5th grade Teacher bringing her Baby into the classroom while Teaching last year at Newport Heights Elementary School in Newport Beach, California. 

Why was this Family not protected from these Top School Officials Unlawful actions as they did NOTHING TO PROTECT THE TREATMENT OF THE CHILD AND FAMILY? Watch Kimberly for months lose all Faith in the Board and Superintendents past and Present, Assistant Superintendent, Susan Astarita and others continue to fail this Family and Break her Heart on VALENTINES DAY.............................................................................................!  

Additionally, read more about Hail if you 
These students did a mock up on Facebook and still made threats to Hail and it appeared the perpetrators were not punished for their actions. In fact, 1 of these students was recognized with an athletic award! 

Note of interest: February 14, 2012 Kimberly leaves Complaint claim with Evidence also denial 9 copies left at Podium already given, on 8-4-11,served to District and date stamped, emailed similar emails and much more months earlier!



2/23/2012 10:59:00 PM  

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