Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BREAKING NEWS!- Irish Eyes Are Smilin'

Rumor has it that former three-term councilman and mayor Gary Monahan is mounting a drive for yet another term on the Costa Mesa City Council. I understand that fund-raising fliers are floating around the city announcing his most recent campaign.

I view this news with mixed emotions. From a positive standpoint, Monahan has tended to be more moderate and pro-business during his time on the council in the past. However, during the last several months of his final term he joined Allan Mansoor and Eric Bever in an alliance that thrust our city squarely into the national illegal immigration debate. In my view, that was not good for our city.

Some folks aro
und town are already speculating about Monahan's reasons for making a run for a council seat again. Some speculate that he wants to belly-up to the municipal trough again and pad his city pension. You will recall that he's the only council member to qualify for a pension. More time on the council will further augment his "golden years".

Others wonder if he's worried about the plans for SR 55 as it passes through our Downtown area. His business would certainly be affected by almost any plan - except doing nothing - that might be considered. For example, a plan to bore/drill under Downtown would likely begin directly in front of his pub. He might be worried about some of his patrons being vibrated right off their stools by the drilling.

Some will recall that it was the potential loss of his job at the Goat Hill Tavern that first got Monahan involved in politics.

Regardless, if Monahan's running that will certainly change the dynamics of this year's campaign. One wonders how this might affect any decision Linda Dixon might have regarding running for re-election. And, will Jim (I'm a realtor here in town) Fisler decide to withdraw from the race if Monahan actually files to run? How will Monahan's presence in the campaign affect Bever's fundraising?

Life is never dull here in the land of Newport-Mesa.... stay tuned



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see this as only positive. The more candidates, the better, in my opinion.

4/30/2008 04:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is official - he is running.


4/30/2008 04:51:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Yeah, I saw that online article by Chris Caesar earlier today. Guess we scooped the world on this one thanks to my friends who gave me the heads-up. If Gary does, indeed, run again he's going to have some interesting questions thrown his way during the campaign. Should be fun.

4/30/2008 07:01:00 PM  

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