Saturday, November 04, 2006

Extra! Extra! Carona Drops Bombshell! Read All About It!

That glow in the sky you see tonight is the mayor's campaign going down in flames. Byron de Arakal over at is reporting this evening that Sheriff Mike Carona, in a letter to the Daily Pilot scheduled to hit the streets Sunday, will drop a bombshell in the lap of our young jailer/mayor three days before the election.

For the details and an excellent summary I suggest you visit - just slide your cursor over to the right and click on the link. My read of Carona's letter suggests that the mayor's only plank on his election platform - his bogus immigration screening scheme - has just been blown out from under him.

As many of us have been saying for months, the mayor's plan was ill-advised and unworkable, Since Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently reached an agreement with the County and the Sheriff's Department it would be redundant, at the very least. Carona's letter confirms this fact.


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