Sunday, December 29, 2019

Cleaning Up The Archives

As some know, I began posting entries in A Bubbling Cauldron in July, 2005 using a "bare bones" blog tool by Earthlink.  Eighteen months later I migrated this activity to the current host - a Google tool called Blogger.  There are more than 3200 entries here on this site.

I kept the "Old" A Bubbling Cauldron site open for reference, but have recently been notified by Earthlink that, in the first quarter of 2020, my site will be shut down and will no longer be available. - poof!  That, of course, was disappointing and it forced me to create a new site, which will act as a repository of all those old entries and, quite honestly, should be much easier to use.  So, that creaking sound you heard was the hinges on the door of that seldom-used storage unit, from which I shuffled all that old stuff to the new "old" site, which I cleverly called Old A Bubbling Cauldron.  That's a hot link, so you can go to the new "Old" site by just clicking on it.  Also, the link over on the right is also a hot link, in case you forget how to get there. 

It is my intent to keep the new site open forever, just in case you want to refer to something I wrote between July, 2005 and the end of October, 2006.  Each entry will have it's own URL, so you can link to it individually if you choose.  Keep in mind that these are OLD entries, so much of what appears is dated and much less relevant today.  Also, comments are disabled on this site.  There's no sense to dredge up old stuff.  If you REALLY need to contact me about stuff on this site you can reach me at this address.

So, with fingers tightly crossed, I hope this is the last time I have to deal with all that old stuff.  Thanks, once again, for reading.  And, considering the date, I wish you all a VERY Happy New Year.