Friday, April 21, 2017

Dennis Holland Lecture At Oasis Senior Center

 (image courtesy of the Orange County Register)
There will be a lecture/presentation about my friend, Dennis Holland, on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at the Oasis Senior Center, 801 Narcissus in Corona del Mar.  The event begins at 6:00 p.m., but viewing of Dennis' 1909 Buick Racer - we believe the 2nd automobile registered in Orange County - beginning at 5:30.  Here's the announcement:
Dennis was one-of-a kind.  His biggest claim to fame was the construction of the Pilgrim on a lot in Costa Mesa covering more than 13 years.  We were there the day it was hauled from that lot down to Newport Harbor and launched.  That proud vessel can still be sailing Southern California waters.
 (image courtesy of the Los Angeles Times)
I mentioned that Buick Racer.  Well, Dennis and my friend, Wayne Stanfield, drove that magnificent car in several iterations of The Great American Race - a time and distance rally across the USA.  The first race began at Knott's Berry Farm and the motor was not ready yet.  So, with the permission of the other drivers, we pushed that car across the start line and directly onto a trailer.  It was hauled home, the motor installed and hauled to Phoenix for the second leg.  Approximately 35 miles east of Phoenix it died and that was the end of that race for Wayne and Dennis.  However, they were successful over many years and the Great Race Logo featured an image of that car.  I'm sure Dennis, Jr. will have many stories to tell on Tuesday.  You can still see him tooling around the Newport-Mesa in that fantastic car.
Please try to attend this event if you're interested in racing, sailing or just plain-old American spirit, which Dennis had in abundance.

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