Thursday, January 05, 2017

Call For Volunteers Re-issued

The City of Costa Mesa re-issued the call for volunteers for three city commissions - Planning, Parks & Recreation and Senior - based on the actions of the City Council Tuesday night when they voted, 3-2, to flush out all the existing commissioners and start afresh.  You can read the city recruitment announcement HERE.
Personally, I think this was a great idea.  I agree with the idea that there should be diversity of ideas, backgrounds and locations on the commissions.  Recently, in the case of the Planning Commission in particular, it has been populated predominantly by lock-step lemmings, ready to follow every word uttered by the council majority.  That's not healthy for the city, as witnessed by things like the Small Lot Ordinance and the proliferation of those ghastly multi-story developments on the Westside.

There has been much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth about the loss of the experience represented by the current commissions.  There is nothing to keep existing commissioners from re-applying and I hope some of them do toss their hats in the ring again.  I've said before that a couple of the current commissioners should be considered for re-assignment, but certainly not all of them.  A few will never shake the stench of their obvious allegiance to the recent past council majority.
So, check out the site and, if you have any interest in serving the community in a very important, visible way, file an application.  The deadline for submission is Wednesday, January 18th at 5:00 p.m.  There will be two special City Council meetings, on January 24th and January 31st at which applicants will be vetted and, probably on the 31st, selected for the commission assignments.  The council is looking for a large pool of interested parties, so get those applications filed - you can do it online, fax, mail or hand-deliver to the City Clerk, Brenda Green.
Good luck to you all.

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Blogger Beyond 25,550 Days said...

It was one small act, one bold stroke. It took courage. What will result in the action of our new council majority to release and recruit commissioners is yet to be seen; but I believe that a bi-product of this decision will be not only the development of a broader, engaged citizenry but an expanded base of community leaders.

To date, the appointment process of commissioners has not been clearly defined or transparent. Openings are announced, applications are received and city council nominates and votes at a meeting. There is no discussion, just a vote. In neighboring cities guidelines, handbooks and qualifications are available at city halls and websites. Candidates are interviewed, selected, appointed and approved.

One of the major disappointments in the previous process has been the lack of respect for commission positions. Submitting one line, handwritten applications or completing an application in crayon and being rewarded with an appointment has demonstrated a disregard for those who submit carefully crafted applications and experienced resumes.

Certainly an interview process will add time to staff and councilmembers, but the end result will be well-balanced commissions with qualified commissioners.

Perhaps the release and recruitment of commissioners is a bold move. Perhaps it’s just what this city needs.

1/05/2017 08:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Steven Chan said...

"lock step lemmings' #sheeptoMe Those re-appliers need to demonstrate some brain power evidenced by their ability to not regurgitate a group mantra. #baa Many dais sitters seem to be unable to show independent thinking imho Up there is too many safe places (in a mojority) Please do not patronize the redroom/Holiday bars or Miguels JR

1/05/2017 09:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Ken Nyquist said...

Hand written or crayon...Mercuro comes to mind. All of that CMPS quid pro quo did no ggod in the end for the boys. Every arrogant narcissist on CMPS got fired by the people.. I hope Fitzy chokes on his own ego. What a loser.

1/06/2017 02:37:00 PM  

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