Sunday, November 06, 2016

Costa Mesa Council Candidates Spar On Radio Sunday

Former Daily Pilot publisher Tom Johnson hosted six of the seven candidates for Costa Mesa City Council this morning on his StuNews radio program on KOCI-FM, 105.1 on your FM dial.  Only Al Melone - who has really not conducted a campaign, was absent.
I heard only snippets of the broadcast due to family obligations but, to the great benefit of the public, Barry Friedland had his Costa Mesa Brief cameras on the scene to capture the just under 90 minute broadcast.  He did yeoman duty and got the finished product up late Sunday night and I've had a chance to watch the full product.  Wow!  Everybody should view this video if there is ANY question in their minds about how they will cast their three votes this week!
So, I invite each of you to watch and hear this excellent public service presentation.  Listen as the issues are batted around by Allan Mansoor and Sandy Genis.
Listen as Steve Mensinger and John Stephens spar on pension issues.
Listen to Jay Humphrey correct the record on issues.
Listen to Lee Ramos try to stay abreast of the issues and attempt to explain his views with only limited success.
I think each of you will learn a lot about the candidates and their opinions.  You'll learn that Mansoor doesn't have a clue about issues unless someone has provided him with a script.  He, for example, didn't know the number of the City Fairview Park measure and only mumbled the party line.
Thanks to Tom Johnson for this excellent opportunity to hear these candidates on the cusp of the election and special thanks to Barry Friedland for capturing this event for us all to view.

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Anonymous Terry Koken said...

Good one. My opinion: Mansoor is as mealy-mouthed as ever; always avoided the directly-asked question and bent his reply toward fairly indeterminate items that he's well-known for riding. Mensinger's propensity for prevarication came through not quite full-strength, because he repeatedly interrupts himself, doubles down on catch-phrases, and rides his own hobby horses. Ramos used an inordinate number of words to say little or nothing. Stephens was cogent and terse. Four years ago he uttered a phrase that I'd surely like to hear again - he said, "I have your back." Sandy Genis once again demonstrated her incisive intellect and an almost Talmudic regard for facts. I almost wish she were permanent on the council. Jay showed a forbearance that was truly remarkable - he refrained from scoring a lot of points where he could have, just to avoid being snarky (not one of my virtues, let me say).

Tom Johnson, the moderator, did a pretty good job of keeping the discussion on track and civil; like most journalists, even Barb Venezia, he had some difficulty getting his questions answered, but then, journalists are seldom trained and on-point interrogators. Interesting to watch Mansoor's or Mensinger's face while others are speaking. Mensinger interrupted Genis once with a "not true" interjection, but failed to elaborate, which was probably a good thing, because Genis's point was true.

Tomorrow we cross the Rubicon. Alea jacta est.

And thank YOU, Geoff, for putting this up.

11/07/2016 10:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Muffin Top Bob said...

Mansoor looked lost, like he was hoping that he wouldn't be asked a question. It was brought up but I wish there would've been a direct question to Mansoor about his voting to change the pension formula to the 3@50.

11/07/2016 12:33:00 PM  

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