Monday, October 24, 2016

The Case Of The Shrinking Agenda


You will recall that I mentioned that the Planning Commission meeting Monday had an even smaller agenda than originally planned.  Well, it got shorter before the meeting actually began when the two remaining Sober Living Home appeals were snatched from the agenda, by the applicant minutes before the meeting began.  Seems he figured out that he needed legal representation at the meeting, even though he had been notified of the schedule on October 6th.  Chairman Rob Dickson announced the request for extension and asked the applicant, Richard Perlin, to explain the reasons.  The commission agreed to continue the hearing to a date certain - November 14th - and Perlin jumped up AFTER the vote was taken to opine that his attorney might not be available on that date.  Commissioner Stephan Andranian expressed what appeared to be the opinion of the other commissioners when he said the applicant had plenty of time to acquire legal representation and he was not willing to consider re-voting to extend this process further.  The November 14th date stood.
And, the meeting took an even weirder turn when several members of the public showed up hoping to address the proposed development at 440 Fair Drive even though that item was NEVER on the published agenda!  Seems the plan was to include it when the deadline for notification of neighbors approached, so notices were sent out, but the issue never made onto the agenda.  This resulted in several members of the public even angrier than they already were about this project.

That left only one item on the agenda - Public Hearing #1, the request from Ganahl Lumber for a retroactive extension on the plan to move their business next door to a site next door.  That one was dealt with quickly as consultant Peter Naghavi explained the process and the delays with several layers of bureaucracy.  He said they will be ready to go before the end of the year.  The commission passed the extension, 5-0.
Earlier, during Public Comments, a half-dozen members of the public stepped up to the podium.

Beth Refakes told the commission that the recent candy drive for the children of the 1/5 Marines was very successful and thanked the public for the support.
Steven Chan addressed the commission on the issue of the noise coming from the recently-opened night club, Holiday, near his home.  He called for the resignation of Chairman Rob Dickson for what he perceived as his unwillingness to follow state law when approving the project.
Then up stepped defrocked Planning Commission Jim Fitzpatrick, to thank the commission for all their hard work.  He told them he took time out of his busy day (twice) to express his gratitude for their efforts.  He also expressed disappointment in the residents who dared to criticize the commissions actions, which he described as having lack of emotional control.  Funny, he should re-read some of his recent Facebook posts if he's looking for lack of emotional control.  Fitzpatrick is one pathetic individual - a chronic underachiever.

Tamar Goldmann told the commission she and her neighbors were very disappointed and angry about the way the 440 Fair Drive project is being handled, particularly in the confusion about the noticing.
Richard Russell, a supporter of the current council majority, praised the commission and told them to stick to their guns in the sober living appeals.
An unidentified person also addressed the sober living issue, observing that there seems to be a concerted effort to make life difficult for the small practitioners - like the ones originally scheduled for this meeting.  She referred to what appeared to be preferential treatment given to a local realtor and campaign contributor in a similar situation not long ago.

During Commissioner Comments Andranian inquired about the noticing procedures with 440 Fair Drive.

Tim Sesler, who apparently removed the marbles from his mouth for this meeting, whined about the criticism leveled at the commission by speakers.  He said it was unethical and immoral.  He said it showed a lack of stability and professionalism.  Yes, sir... little Timmy, making friends whenever he opens his mouth.
Colin McCarthy also addressed the noticing issue.  He said, "We've come a long way."  Maybe, but there's clearly much room for improvement.  He then praised Sesler for his recent commentary in the Daily Pilot on the pension issue.  Of course, Sesler was wrong in so many ways that it's almost not worth the time to comment.
Dickson addressed Chan's concerns and said he's not going to resign.  He also addressed the overwhelming workload in the Planning Department and thanked the staff for their efforts.  He encouraged folks to call the Planning Department front desk at the number shown on this image.
Interim Development Services Director Jay Trevino addressed the noticing issue, indicating that the staff is working hard on improving the situation.
The meeting lasted exactly 54 minutes, finishing before 7:00 p.m.  Easy to do when 75% of your agenda gets tossed out!

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Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

One can only hope that if and when we gain the majority council, things will change on that planning commission.

10/25/2016 08:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Xyn Bohemia said...

it wasn't long ago that the planning commission wanted to stop having to notify residents of all new development. good think enough people got involved to let the city know that is not what we want. and 440 fair-- no notification? grrrrrr. this council appointed commission really don't care Current residents and property tax payers.

10/25/2016 09:59:00 AM  
Blogger Honeyman said...

Something is really wrong with Fitzpatrick. And I don't just mean the naiveness, stupidity, gluttony, idiocy, stubborness, confusion, lack of diligence, violent streak, or horrible choice of football teams. Dude has a screw waaaay more than loose. This guy is close to going postal. When he all the a-holes he idolizes all lose in 2 weeks, I'm honestly concerned what might happen.

10/25/2016 05:01:00 PM  
Blogger zennymoon said...

When I heard Fitzpatrick shocked at the presence of a sergeant at arms in planning commission meeting, he blamed the opposition for being aggressive? Huh? Did I hear that right, Fitzpatrick, who threatened women on the steps of city council; Fitzpatrick, who got into a pushy shovey match with a resident and then mocked his disability (very Trumpesque); Fitzpatrick that has his name on several police reports, has the flippen nerve to act all high and mighty about the opposition being aggressive, is truly certifiable and hopefully his marijuana consultant employment, will offer mental health benefits. If not I know obe hundred people who woukd chip in $10 to have hus head examined. Pompous Boston boy, get ready to have your head. e x p l o d e. Nov. 8.... Costa Mesa has all the boys numbers....

10/26/2016 07:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Tamar said...

To Xyn Bohemia, Clarification: Yes, the city notification process is abysmal.

However, my neighbors were much angrier about the intrusive 440 Fair Drive development itself than about the notification mix-up.

Residents south of Fair only learned about the project thanks to the work of a realtor who has always had the best interests of our neighborhood at heart.

What was amazing to me was that neighbors were so angry about the project that even having learned about it just a couple days earlier, they had already been discussing the problem with each other, and people that usually greet me just with a “Hi,” brought up the problem to me. Several residents showed up for the meeting. This strong and immediate response shows a high level of dissatisfaction with what the current Council majority is trying to push throughout the city.

The proposed development is bad not only for its immediate neighbors, but actually as a precedent for the whole city, inserting higher density and three- and four-story housing into a single-family neighborhood.

10/27/2016 11:34:00 PM  

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