Sunday, September 11, 2016

91101 Remembered - Again, And Again, And Again

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and wherever Flight 93 was headed before Todd Beamer and the other heroes aboard foiled the hijacking by crashing it in a field near Shanksville, PA at the cost of their lives and all aboard.

I've written about this terrible event many times, most recently a year ago, HERE.  In that short essay I gave you links to many others that I've written.  I know most of us have been inundated with remembrances of that terrible day over the past few days.  In fact, I've recently watched a television  series on the event and the aftermath which only dredged up my anger again.
If you remember no other person, remember Christine Hanson, the youngest person to die in those tragic events that day.  Remember how Christine's life was snuffed out when the airplane she and her parents were flying in crashed into the World Trade Center.  Remember how they, along with nearly 3,000 other victims of those attacks, were pulverized - shredded like meat through a grinder - as the towers imploded.  Remember that those horrific clouds of dust and debris carried chunks of humans as they rolled up Manhattan that day.  Remember those poor people who chose to leap to their deaths from 80 floors in the air rather than be incinerated by the heat of those fires estimated to be 2,000 degrees.  Remember those brave first responders - more than 300 of them - who entered those burning buildings to try to help others escape, only to be trapped as the buildings collapsed.
Remember that day....  Teach those too young to remember just what happened, and why it's important to remember.  I think it's critical that all Americans remember what happened that day, and what it has meant to our country and the world ever since.  To learn more about the victims of 91101, CNN has maintained a site for that purpose.  It will reside on my home page for future reference, but for now you can reach it HERE.  Clearly, we must remain vigilant, as demonstrated by the recent attack close to home in San Bernardino.  We must NEVER let our guard down... and we must NEVER FORGET.

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Anonymous Ken Nyquist said...

It was a wake up call for many, but I will admit, not for me. I have been blabbing away since Arafat started blowing up airliners in 71 or so.
I have been blabbing about North Korea for so long that people tuned me out, but now they see my timeline is right. I believe we are to late, and there will be nuclear conflict around the Korean peninsula. My largest fear is one or more of our carriers going down to the bottom of the sea from a carrier killer.

9/11/2016 08:21:00 PM  

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