Thursday, June 02, 2016

Chief Neth Honored, But...

Former Costa Mesa Police Chief Roger Neth - Badge #1 and Chief #2 for more than two decades and one of the most innovative law enforcement leaders in California history - was inducted along with fourteen others in the Newport Harbor High School Hall of Fame last night.
This honor - for his service to the community, service to his country in World War II and his athletic prowess before and after that war - was much-deserved.  We here at A Bubbling Cauldron wish to add our congratulations to Chief Neth, and thank him one more time for his service to our community.
Reports from the scene tell us that not a single member of the City Staff - including the Costa Mesa Police Department, which he nurtured, molded and built into one of the premiere agencies in the state - were present at this event.  If that's a fact, it's certainly hard to understand... and very disappointing.  If my information is not accurate I hope a credible source will correct me - pronto.

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