Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cops, Critters, Growth And More

The Costa Mesa City Council met beginning Tuesday night and, as anticipated, stretched into Wednesday morning, even though several items were not discussed.  You can read the full agenda HERE.  Appointments to Committees was dropped earlier and the final two items on the agenda - Feasibility Study for Lighting and Synthetic Turf and Fingerprinting for Appointees - were shoved off to a future meeting.  Gary Monahan was a half-hour late.  So, from the top...

The meeting opened with yet another Mayor's Award.  This time to Dr. Kirk Bauermeister, a long time Costa Mesa resident and bulwark of the Newport Mesa Unified School District.  His contributions to our community go well beyond the school district, though.  He helped facilitate the last Charter Committee, is currently a member of the Bikeways and Walkability Committee and is on the Senior Commission.  His list of accomplishments exceeds the space here to chronicle them.
Public Comments drew sixteen (16) speakers despite Mayor Steve Mensinger's stern warning that that segment of the meeting would stop promptly at 6:40 and the remainder would be trailed to the end of the meeting because we had a full agenda.  As it turned out, the last speaker finished at 6:43.
Former Council Candidate Chris McEvoy led off by chiding the council majority, telling them they could avoid criticism if they would just stop making "stupid decisions", citing specifically the recent decision to not use the $1.6 million worth of rescue ambulances for patient transport.  He accused Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer of being a political opportunist and closed by cautioning the council about Brown Act violations by using cell phones on the dais.
Jay Humphrey mentioned that he expected to hear something from US Fish and Wildlife shortly regarding our stewardship of Fairview Park, then segued into a promo for the petition to protect that park that's being circulated.
Terry Koken used his three minutes to retort Righeimer's caustic comments to and about him at the last meeting, observing that he was probably far better educated than Righeimer since he'd finished 3rd grade.  He emphasized that comment with "at least I'm smart enough to pour piss out of a boot."  He observed that Righeimer's problem is that he doesn't represent the people of Costa Mesa.
Kim Hendricks, commenting on the dust-up about Anna Vrska's "nazi" comment, observed that Dennis Popp, a member of the Fairview Park Citizen's Advisory Committee, had used that term to criticize folks that spoke before the committee - and nobody on the dais got excited about it.  She also criticized Righeimer for discussing the pay level of Captain Rob Gagne after he spoke before the council, observing "You wouldn't last a day doing his job!"  She observed that she didn't "like this kind of leadership that was trying to divide the community.'
Former Council candidate Marshall Krupp appeared and addressed a problem of disappearing trees in the Providence Park neighborhood.  It turns out that it's apparently really a problem between him and his Homeowner's Association Board, who had the trees removed by a private contractor.
Karl Ahlf spoke about the need for a Homeless Shelter.
John Crawford and his wife, Katie, both spoke about their concerns for safety near their home at Brentwood Park.  They cited drug paraphernalia, prowlers late at night, the need for nighttime illumination in the park and the very slow police response times - 2-3 hours.
Doug Vogel (or Vogle, depending on what day it is) started by saying he was "concerned about these meetings every week".  Of course, the meetings are NOT every week but, like his Facebook posts, facts seem irrelevant to him.  He ranted about unfunded pension liabilities and some guy in a "fancy Hawaiian shirt" circulating petitions just trying to get elected.  Obviously, he meant Jay Humphrey.  Vogel/Vogle is just the most recent denizen of the Costa Mesa Public Square to surface to cause disruption and distraction.  In fact, there was a minor infestation of those folks in the auditorium for awhile last night.
Beth Refakes reminded us again about the 1/5 Marines Eggstravaganza - the toy and plastic Easter egg drive that ends Friday, March 18th.  She also reminded us that at 9:00 a.m. today, Wednesday, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Heroes Hall Veterans Museum takes place at the Orange County Fair and Event Center.  And, she spoke about the new monument sign at the end of the 55 Freeway, which is almost complete.
Mary Spadoni addressed the Crawford's comments, reinforcing their concerns.  She then read her letter to CEO Tom Hatch that was delivered to his office that morning regarding the behavior of Planning Commissioners Colin McCarthy and Tim Sesler and demanded a written apology.
Cindy Brenneman addressed Righeimer's rant about the firefighters at length.
Al Melone told a Bark Park story - what a surprise!
Anna Vrska spoke of a letter from the Chamber of Commerce which captioned the "no growth initiative", and demanded that public officials cease from misrepresenting the initiative and henceforth refer to it by the name given to it by the City Attorney.  She also complained when Mensinger referred to her by name - she prefers to speak anonymously.

An unidentified person praised the firefighters for their support of the St. Baldrick's Foundation, then observed that she had arrived at 4:30 to speak on issues on the Closed Session agenda but found nobody in the chambers.  She encouraged the City to fight the lawsuits, not settle.
Another unidentified person complained about the acrimonious atmosphere on the Costa Mesa Public Square and observed that city officials that post there are responsible for that tone.  She then read the lyrics to "God Bless America", then expressed gratitude for certain community groups - CM4RG, Costa Mesa First, Fairview Park Preservation Alliance and.... ME! I smiled.
Righeimer led off the Council Member Comments segment attempting to justify his behavior regarding Captain Gagne and firefighter overtime.  He only made it worse, but that's no surprise.  He shrugged off the suggestion that more cops would help with things like the Brentwood Park situation, then spoke briefly about two items on the Consent Calendar - the Harbor Blvd. Bike Trail and the Smallwood Park issue.  As it turned out, both were pulled from the Consent Calendar anyhow.
Mensinger observed that the meeting would be adjourned in memory of Ed Baume, legendary youth sports icon who passed away a few days ago.
Katrina Foley spoke about the Brentwood Park issue and asked Chief Sharpnack, seated in the front row, to try to provide some kind of enhance patroling if possible.  Regarding the 55 Freeway sign, she observed that she can't make it out.  Director of Public Services Ernesto Munoz advised that it's still incomplete - it will take another couple weeks before it's finished.  (Mensinger interrupted her, as usual).  She bid a fond adieu to Recreation Manager Travis Karlen, seated in the auditorium, as he moves on to the City of Irvine next week.  She used that acknowledgment to speculate about why people leave and asked for a report from the CEO summarizing the results of exit interviews to try to get a handle on the problem.  She spoke about compensation and limited opportunities as possible reasons.  She also observed about the nastiness on social media sites, mentioning Facebook specifically.  She said she seldom participates, but people send her screen grabs with nasty comments about her and observed to Mensinger and Righeimer - who both participate, as well as Gary Monahan - that they should take that to heart.

Sandra Genis also spoke about the comments at the last meeting, and that folks who spoke during Public Comments had every constitutional right to do so anonymously, and that council members should honor that request and NOT use their names.  She also addressed the Fire Station 6 issue and firefighters in general, observing that they don't just sit around twiddling their thumbs waiting for a call.  They do inspections and other things.  She, too, is concerned about staff retention, citing Engineering and Planning as areas where there's a strong need for continuity.  She also observed that the Harbor Blvd Bike Trail is NOT being built with Grant Money, but with dollars straight from the General Fund.
Monahan offered a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.  He asked Hatch to look into lights at Brentwood Park.  He has heard complaints about street sweeping - that parked cars are keeping the sweepers from doing the job.  He wondered - again - about possible Brown Act violations when the council responds to public comments with lengthy comments instead of referring the issue to Hatch for later reply or placement on the agenda.
During his CEO Report, Hatch spoke of the trip he, Mensinger and Kelly Shelton took last week to Washington, D.C. for the National League of Cities Conference.  He told us their three top topics were the Economy; Infrastructure and Public Safety.

Items 2,4,6,7 and 8 were pulled from the Consent Calendar and trailed to later in the meeting.

This brought us to Public Hearing #1, the proposed contract between the City and the Costa Mesa Police Association, who have been working without a contract for going on two full years.  Mensinger and Righeimer left the room because they have a conflict due to their bogus lawsuit against the men and women of the CMPD.  Monahan led the discussion on this item.
Assistant CEO Tammy Letourneau gave a summary of the contract, the details of which are listed on the following slides.
During Public Comments on this item fifteen (15) people spoke to the issue.

Ralph Taboada, a member of the Pension Committee, spoke because his committee had not been given a chance to review and advise on this issue - something he felt fell within the purview of his committee.
Tom Pollitt, a member of the Finance Committee, made a similar complaint, then went on to make false statements - not unusual for him - that were later corrected by staff.  He said the CMPD was the highest paid in the county.  He continued to ramble on and on and Monahan had to cut him off.  He was not a happy guy, but that's OK.  The more he talked the more falsehoods he spewed.
An unidentified person praised the police and the contract and encouraged the council members to approve it.

Richard Riva, another committee member, observed that the pension costs were unsustainable.
Cindy Brenneman spoke in favor of the contract, citing the length of time it's taken to get this far.  She observed that we are hiring as fast as we can, but just cannot keep up with attrition.

Phil Morello complained about the benefits the police get, and complained about his personal situation - as if that was somehow relevant to the issue.  He told us the economy sucks, that he's only earning 65% of what he made in the past and his boss told him there would be no Cost of Living increases and no merit raises.
Anna Vrska spoke and criticized Monahan for using her name.  She was in favor of the contract.
John Hill complained that the pensions were unsustainable.
Mary Spadoni told us that the Orange County Sheriff's Department just approved a new contract with a 6% increase.  She observed that we need to approve this contract because we cannot attract lateral officers.
Robin Leffler wondered why we don't use the Pension Committee in an advisory role, since it seems like this is the kind of thing it was created to do.  She complained about not having enough cops.
An unidentified 15 year resident attempted to compare our situation to that in Newport Beach, then said the benefits are outrageous.

Wendy Leece spoke to the pension issue, advising that we need to get a plan, like Newport Beach and Irvine have.  She also observed that our situation is hampering hiring lateral officers.
Jay Humphrey said we should move forward with the MOU, then cited some of the facts of the new agreement.  He indicated it will allow us to get a good mix of older and newer cops.  He also suggested that, since we budget as though we have a full staff, at the end of the year the savings realized by NOT filling openings should be put toward paying down the pension liability.

Tamar Goldmann also spoke in favor of the contract.
Monahan affirmed that nothing would be voted on last night.  COIN requires two public hearings and the second one will occur on April 19th.  He then defended himself against accusations of him stalling the negotiations, citing the fact that he missed "a couple meetings", blaming it on a busy schedule and a business to run.  He said, "Don't blame me", saying that the association also missed some meetings.
Letourneau affirmed some of the requirements of the COIN process, and that this has met all those requirements.
"WHAT IF..?"
Monahan inquired of City Attorney Tom Duarte of "options".  He asked, "What if we flat-out reject it?"  Duarte offered that he would come back with a report after consultation with the Labor Attorney before the next meeting.
Interim Finance Director Steve Dunivent was consulted on some particulars - the numbers part.  He affirmed that the raises included in the contract would go directly into the PERS contribution, which will now be 14% - the maximum permitted by law.

The question was raised about the possible need for an actuary to evaluate the contract.  Dunivent dismissed that idea, citing the use of his staff and an outside auditing firm.

Foley methodically shredded Pollitt's fabrications.  When pressed by Foley on where the CMPD falls in the pay scale in the county, Human Resources Director Lance Nakamoto advised that we are certainly in the top five, and mentioned departments that are probably above us as the OC Sheriff's Department, Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and maybe Santa Ana and Anaheim.

At the end, following nearly 90 minutes of presentation and speakers, the item was moved forward and will return for the second required public hearing on April 19th.  By that time Duarte will have prepared the reports asked for by council members.   We took a break.
At 8:30 Mensinger and Righeimer returned and Public Hearing #2, the appeal of a Planning Commission denial for a religious and cultural center in an industrial park near John Wayne Airport was discussed.  This was a de novo hearing, meaning they started all over.  Ten members of the public spoke on the issue, including neighboring business owners and a representative of another church nearby - like almost next door.  Parking is the issue and, as it turned out, it seemed unresolvable to the satisfaction of the council.  Righeimer moved to uphold the Planning Commission denial and Mensinger seconded it.  However, Genis offered a substitute motion which Foley seconded and, during the discussion Monahan agreed with the women.  When the vote was taken - just before 10:00 p.m. -  it was 3-2 to overturn the denial.
Perhaps the most amusing moment in this discussion came when Anna Vrska stepped up to speak on the issue and Mensinger again addressed her by name.  She firmly protested and asked if she had to file a lawsuit to get him to follow the rules?  At one point she blamed his actions on "your impotent leadership style."  I'm sorry, but I chuckled about that the rest of the night every time I thought about it.
Next came the issue of the Animal Shelter Services, currently being provided by the Orange County Humane Society in Huntington Beach.  This facility has been in the news of late because the City of Newport Beach, which also used the facility, decided to break their contract with it for an accumulation of reasons.  CMPD Lieutenant Greg Scott was the staff presenter on this issue.  Amazingly, this discussion, including comments by five members of the public, took more than an hour, with Genis leading the way, offering her seemingly endless views and personal observations of the place.
OK, BUT...
At the end Righeimer moved to pass the staff recommendations, but that seemed to vague to other council members, so it was tightened up by listing specifics of the recommendation which included $50,000 to help improve the facility, software improvement to make reporting and tracking better, a part-time staffer at the site, an evaluation in the near future.  It passed, 5-0.

The trailed Consent Calendar items were then considered.  Items 2, 4 and 6 passed on 5-0 votes.  #7 passed on a 4-0 vote because Righeimer had a conflict.  #8, the Harbor Blvd Bike Trail, generated a good amount of discussion and four people spoke on it.  Foley moved to send it back to the Bike Committee for discussion and recommendation and Genis seconded it.  Righeimer made a substitute motion to move the staff recommendations, and Mensinger seconded it.  That passed on a 3-2 vote, with Foley and Genis voting no.  And it was now 11:40 p.m.

The council agreed to push the final two items out to a future meeting, as mentioned above, so this left us with New Business #3, the Initiative Petition Qualifying For Ballot; Consideration of Adopting New Ordinance or Ordering Report.
Keep in mind, this initiative - referred to as the "Smart Growth Initiative" if you're a supporter or the "No Growth Initiative" if you're an opponent, WILL be on the November 8, 2016 ballot.  That was not the issue last night.  The council had two duties. First, accept the Certificate of Sufficiency and, Second, do one of three things: Adopt the ordinance OR Order the placement on the November ballot OR order a report pursuant to the Election Code.  There was NO way this council majority was going to adopt the ordinance without a vote of the people.  And, there was NO way they were just going to put it on the ballot without a report.
What should have happened was a simple discussion about what kind of information they wanted in that report, for which a consultant has already been retained, by the way.  That's what should have happened, and we eventually got there, but not without some heavy politicking by Righeimer.  You know, I think he must get some kind of erotic satisfaction by hearing himself talk.
After City Clerk Brenda Green read the issue into the record and did a brief staff report which basically said what I just told you, members of the public spoke on the issue.  Not surprisingly, two members of the Chamber of Commerce spoke against the issue and suggested the report be ordered.  Cynthia McDonald of Costa Mesa First - the sponsoring organization for the initiative -  suggested we avoid the report and just vote to put it on the ballot, but realized that's not going to happen.  So, she recommended the consultants include in their evaluation input from other California cities and other governmental agencies who have adopted similar ordinances - then read a long, long, long list of them into the record.  I lost track counting, but I suspect there may have been forty entities on her list.
Jay Humphrey thanked all the volunteers who walked the streets to get nearly 7,000 signatures.  Cindy Brenneman suggested to just not waste the time and money and simply vote to put it on the ballot.  Robin Leffler suggested a report and offered that it should be comprehensive and compare current General Plan guidelines, the new General Plan and the impact if the initiative passes.

Monahan reminded the council that they needed to vote to accept the certification, which they did, 5-0.  And the clock begins on the report...
Then, just before midnight, Righeimer went off on one of his patented rants.  He misrepresented the facts of the initiative at length, feebly attempting to dissect the document line by line.  However, his alleged brain just cannot seem to do something like that in an orderly fashion so he just makes things up as he goes along.  On and on he went, interrupted only by a vote to continue past midnight.

At the end of his rant he casually dropped a bombshell - that he wanted to put a "competing initiative" on the ballot in November, which generated a new discussion about who would write it, what it would contain, etc.  He was more than vague about it and, clearly, this was another one of his "I'll blow it up" moments.
Eventually, Foley grabbed the reins and began to list some of the things she wanted to see in the consultant's report.  She listed 10 issues she felt should be included, which I'm NOT going to attempt to list for you because that list swelled to 14 after Righeimer and Genis contributed.  Monahan suggested simply using the seven items suggested as part of the staff report, so it was agreed that all the suggestions, including Foley's, those in the staff report and the rest, would be massaged into a list for the consultants by staff.  It was also agreed, more or less, that Duarte would bring back to them at their next meeting a process by which a competing initiative could be crafted.  The report was ordered on a 5-0 vote and, at 12:27 a.m. today the meeting was adjourned in memory of Ed Baume.

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Anonymous Casual Viewer said...

I can't bear to watch the whole meeting, but I did catch some of the public comments that occurred later in the meeting. During one that seemed to represent the attitude of the council to certain members of the public, Steve asked the woman speaking if she had submitted a card. She mentioned that every time she got up to speak, Steve would interrupt her to ask if she had a card. He interrupted her again, and she said yes, she had submitted a card. These guys just don't want to be held accountable, and they seem to fear strong women.

3/16/2016 08:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

We knew Rig (the real mayor) would insist on a report on the initiative. He needs time to think of ways to destroy it. It won't happen. The more he rants, the more people want it on the ballot and will vote for it. His behavior belies his intentions, and people saw through that a long time ago. That's why there was such success in gathering signatures.

I was amazed at the lack of true data brought up by residents against the police contract. None of them had the right figures, and Tom Pollitt was either sadly way off base, or downright lying. The rest with the obvious "pensions are unsustainable" was saying nothing. If you want to sustain pensions, the only way to do it is with a healthy tax base. This town needs businesses. We are sadly losing in that regard. We got housing, but not one of these live/works is producing any city income with a business (legally at least). Okay, we get it, Rig knows how to build ugly condos, but what about enticing business to the city? I know of only one company that is coming to Costa Mesa. Where is our industry? Where is the businesses that people want to move here to be near? Where are the jobs that will sustain an income to support buying an ugly condo? Hint: It isn't in fast food.

Someone should tell the Vogel/Vogle with the misinformation, that it is MR. HAWAIIAN SHIRT to you. I look forward to meeting him on the campaign trail. Jay will make an honest, and experienced council member. Thank you, Mr. Hawaiian Shirt, for throwing your hat in the ring.

I was also saddened and embarrassed by Mensinger, as he intentionally goaded Anna Vrska into a fight. He is a childish bully and the thread has apparently been sewn throughout his entire family. I hope Ms. Vrska does sue him. Or at least a cease and desist letter to show him people will not be bullied. Especially, just for his pleasure. He had nothing to gain from that stunt.
Remember in November.

3/16/2016 08:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Arthur Nern said...

Someone must have talked to the little dicktator about his rants- he was clearly making an effort to not sound like a nutcase when he addressed Smart Growth. But we see right through him and his brain dead pal. The "competing initiative" already written by cronies and contributors will never overcome the will of the people on the horrendous traffic and high density.

We are seeing the tail end of Mensheimer's destructive reign in Costa Mesa. Which city will they infest next?

3/16/2016 09:14:00 AM  
Anonymous zennymoon said...

Last night encompassed every human emotion stupid, ego, anger, disgust, rudeness, dismissive, deceitful, bullyish and sadness. Add any negative word that denotes what is bad in politics. The mayor was described as having an "impotent" leadership style, sounds about right as Rigghemer takes over and runs the circus and the others are his monkeys. The city, the residents are the losers. but on the horizon is November and a chance to reclaim our city. They have there little troll's out as evidenced by the nondescript, speaker denigrating Jay Humphrey, I ask what have you done for your city, besides engage in angry rants.

3/16/2016 09:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Terry Koken said...

I walked out during the front part of Rantheimer's Rig. There's only so much a human brain can take, especially when the purveyor of the rant has removed his shoes so that he can count to thirteen. I lack a sense of smell, but I'm sure others in the chambers must have sensed it.

As far as being a psycho-nutcase, we all should read the affidavit/suit that the man filed against the Police Association, wherein he not only admits, but in fact affirms that state. Crap, I wasted a lot of time on that poem* about him -- could have been doing something productive, like turning over compost or cleaning the bathroom. The surprising thing is that a fine, upstanding young man like Steve Mensinger distances himself from the rant only by his silence; seems to me any reasonably sane person would gavel the MPT (middle three letters of "EMPTY") into silence, or declare a break in the meeting, or something.

I have been wondering lately about tar and feathers -- It never has been explained to me whether the tar was life-threatening or simply a cosmetic feature to hold the feathers on. If the former, it should be avoided; if the latter, it might be an acceptable alternative.

*The relevant verse, sung to the tune of "Liliburlero":
“You are aging, Righeimer,” the journalist said,
“and unjustly suing our cops
And you claim that nystagmus has addled your head,
And complain of Lanzillo’s black ops.”
“Indeed,” said Da Mare, “it has driven me nuts;
My nights, they are troubled with dreams;
Just thinking of Diet Coke screws up my guts,
And I wake with the loudest of screams.
Just sitting up here and berating you folks
Is more than a poor man can bear!
Oh give me surcease from Poets and jokes,
It’s no fair! It’s no fair! It’s no fair!

3/16/2016 10:56:00 AM  
Blogger Flo Martin said...

Did I hear correctly? Did MPT Righeimer state, during his comments about the pimps and prostitutes at our local motels, "I don't want to hire more police..." ?????

3/16/2016 11:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Ken Nyquist said...

Thank you for the post Geoff. I watched the meeting from the bomb shelter in my mansion in the Hi Desert, where we have a Town Council that cares about our community and the people who live in it. The Mayor will look out into the crowd and ask something like “May I see a show of hands of those in favor?” “May I see the hands of those opposed?” “Would anyone like to come up and say something? “”The Town Clerk will fill out a card for you if you want, or just come on up here” Simply amazing how it works when the elected Town Council members and the Planning Commission actually have a capacity to be human and even have a conscience.

When a vote goes the way it should for the community, the Town council starts clapping after their vote right along with the audience. Real people ya know..

I think that Vrska was the one who started the whole dust up affecting her. So what if they use her name, that is what a name is for. So what if she wants to be called whatever. Big deal. Where in any of that is there a cause of action? What, the filing would be like; “He called me by my legal name your honor and I wanted to be called #46”. That would be about the dumbest thing I have heard in the last 50 years. I have watched her for some time, and while she is very thorough, arrogant, aggressive, well read and has a voracious appetite for conflict, she stands a snowballs chance in hell of ever proving that there is corruption at City Hall. They consider her to be but a waste of time, money and energy. I did not miss the comment from the Dais…”Go ahead and file a lawsuit.” Anyone besides me know who said that out loud? Silence......I think that every pin that she sticks into the balloon, only proves that her approach is wrong. I have 5 smart ass kids her age and older, and the approach is a waste of time and resources for everyone involved. The Nazi comment at the Planning meeting sealed her fate, and proved to me that she has zero effect on the outcome of anything, as her voice is not heard as a serious person, and never will be again.

I congratulate Monahan for pushing back on the church appeal as he did with the train set back in time, and going against Jim and Steve. Monahan has the photos, no doubt that will protect him down the road, so he is stepping up to the plate again, as he did in his early council member days, when the City was complicating his life, which led him to run for council in the first place.

My opinion remains the same…The reason for the negatives …The appellant is a Shia Muslim and there is no way on this planet that the two fake Christians would ever tolerate that crap. Fake as in phony, false Believers…I do believe that Monahan is a true Catholic and does believe in his faith. Foley made it clear that the law was on the side of the Aga Khan.

The competing initiative will be something..I can read it now.

“Shall the City of Costa Mesa make Jim Righeimer Mayor for life, and sell Fairview/Mensinger Park to him for a buck, with no more than 110 units per acre allowed for the Riggy Rigged Estates planned for the Mensinger Park property?”

If I move back to Costa Mesa I will go ahead and run for council this year. My wife says hell no, and I say hell yes I am. She is the final say, so only time will tell. If I do run for council, there is only one way to win. Throw em under the bus with my insider knowledge of how the corruption works to at least eliminate one candidate that feels immune to the law. Feet to the Fire would be way fun. I can read the article in the Register and LA Times..…

3/16/2016 12:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Muffin Top Bob said...

It doesn't matter what Riggy puts out there, whether it's his failed charters or some new initiative, the people of Costa Mesa see right through his plans and will shut him down.

3/16/2016 04:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Casual Viewer said...

We don't need a slow growth initiative. It makes perfect sense to count rooftop patios as open space. It's normal for a person who faced foreclosure a few years ago to be building a million dollar McMansion. And pigs fly.

3/16/2016 04:38:00 PM  
Anonymous zennymoon said...

@Nyquist...Righeimer was the "go ahead and sue us" commenter. Anna Vrska, is a highly educated woman, who has a constitutional right to have protection against identifying herself in this venue. If you don't like it, take it up with the founding fathers. Mensinger is a bully and has a problem with women. Ms Vrska is a breath of fresh air and can habdle herself very well, with facts, data and a whole "lotta smarts.". She has given up much of her time to oversee many issues that have plagued this city. A young, educated, activist..we need a couple of dozen more.

3/16/2016 06:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

So now our glutton for punishment Righeimer, wants to put a competing initiative on the ballot to counter the Smart Growth Initiative that would give residents the right to vote on the huge projects above 40 units that require a change to the General Plan. I think its pretty clear that the residents want that initiative on the ballot. Bring it on Rig. You were made a fool of twice with the first two initiatives, let's try for three. Three strikes you're out!

3/16/2016 08:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Ken Nyquist said...

Zennymoon. Appreciate the clarification on Righeimer. It is called "Sovereign Immunity". I don't like Vrska's style, and I don't need to take it up with anybody, I already did, right here. I am a very educated man myself. We studied Marx, Engels, Hitler, how to live within the means of the trust, how Wells Fargo paid dividends, how to live off of your investments without ever touching your capital, how to pilot a 50' twin screw under the Lido Bridge at low tide.. you know, all of the important things to be a 1%er. The 20% interest I made on my money way back, is now worth 3.2% thanks to the Supreme Court and all of the liberal bullshit and angst over people living to large for the simple people. Now I am poor and can afford to b a real jerk.
For all I know you are Vrska. "Anna Vrska, is a highly educated woman, who has a constitutional right to have protection against identifying herself in this venue." You are kidding right? What does being over educated have to do with having no common sense, and being a female bully? Vrska makes Mensinger look like a toddler when it comes to arrogance!!The Founding Father's owned slaves, were jack asses that had no electricity, no phones, no all kinds of things, were murderers and were the 1% of the day. It is the very constitution you are prattling about that gives Vrska the right to act out in childish rants, that allows Mensinger to badger her by calling her by her legal name the second she told him not to. Big deal. So fundamentally, we are on opposite sides of the need for an archaic document that has no meaning in today's society other than to allow people to run around and act like assholes, with no repercussions. Nothing like a good old switch on the ass to shut up a smart ass kid. CPS puts a parent in jail now for that, and the kid is out shooting the neighbor while dad tries to make bail. . Just as the same rag gives me the right to write this response. Same right Mr. West has to allow "Pen" names here, and the right to reject my comments, as has happened in the past. Do you even know the difference between telling someone how to hit a nail on the head and just doing it. Vrska should run for council, and put all of that pent up hostility towards men with power, and take over City Hall, put her act out there for consumption, so we can all line up and get tattoos on our inner lip. Not my issue that I am not a communist. The difference between you and I is obvious in your need to sit behind the screen name you use here to have an opinion, and my just letting it hang out there. Pfffft. Your choice to hide who you are, which explains the only issue there is left for discussion at a council meeting for some. My baby rattle is in a drawer at my mother's along with my old pacifier, no need to keep it in my pocket to pull out when I don't get my way at a council or planning meeting.
It is my choice to not appreciate an agitator wasting the peoples money, and time which was mine while I lived in Costa Mesa, with useless drivel, barking for more headlines in the Pilot or anywhere with a camera.

3/16/2016 10:13:00 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Only das Rigmarshal writes proper initiatives and laws in Costa Mesa. Who do you 7000 people think you are signing something without the leader's approval? We will have lots more high density building and you will like it. We will sit in traffic all day and you will not complain.

Stop rebelling against the excellent discipline der Great One has imposed and be grateful for the People's New Medians on Harbor Boulevard. Only Uber-men in suits build such amazing things, not guys in Hawaiian shirts.

3/17/2016 06:21:00 AM  

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