Sunday, December 13, 2015

Great Turnout For Snoopy House Launch!

The opening evening of the Costa Mesa Snoopy House event was a huge success, with several hundred people attending to enjoy great family fun - Snoopy, train rides, music, snow and Santa, too!  As always, photos are much better than words, so I'll just fill in the blanks for you.
 City CEO Tom Hatch kicked off the evening by welcoming the throng and giving much-deserved credit to members of his staff who put this event together.
 Mayor Steve Mensinger, Iphone tightly grasped in his hand, then introduced Jim and Linda Jordan, the long-time Costa Mesa residents who, for more than 40 years, had the Snoopy House display at their Eastside home over the Christmas holidays.  When it appeared that they would have to cease operations the City worked with them and, for the past five years, has presented this wonderful holiday experience on the front lawn of City Hall.
 The Jordans took a few minutes to welcome the crowd, and to thank the City and the staff for making this possible.
 Councilwoman Katrina Foley also thanked the crowd and reminded folks that there were booths around the grounds that support local school groups.
Councilwoman Sandra Genis, her two dogs in tow, also welcomed the crowd.
 After all the palaver the assembled folks on the stage gathered around the "wireless switch" and the countdown began to illuminate City Hall.  It was actually very cool.
Along  the walkway leading to the entrance to City Hall, er, Snoopy Hall, were Christmas Trees prepared by various city departments in a friendly little competition.
 This one is by the Public Services Department, complete with doggie waste bags as decorations and the very clever "Holly, Jolly, 'Fleas' Navidad" sign.
 This tree, by the Costa Mesa Fire Department, was full of fun, with Dalmatians climbing a ladder, dragging fire hose to a fire.
This tree, by the Costa Mesa Police Department, was very special.  Hanging on the tree among the other ornaments were two in memory of Dave Ketchum and Mike Libolt, two Costa Mesa police officers who lost their lives, along with a civilian observer, Jeffrey Pollard, back in 1987 when they were involved in a mid-air collision with a Newport Beach helicopter.  I wrote about it a few years ago, HERE.  That event led to the creation of the A.B.L.E. Helicopter program, which has been abandoned by the current Costa Mesa administration.
The happy crowd wandered around the grounds, enjoying the displays that have been created and enhanced by the Jordan family over the years.
They were entertained by a youth band and chorus, too.
Among the most popular venues was the train rides.  Children squealed as they and their parents buzzed around the track.
 However, probably the most popular site was the "snow hill" - a new addition to the fun available at Snoopy House this year.  I suspect those who thought up this idea didn't expect there to be snowballs flying around the air, but that's what was happening and the kids were loving it.  Another load of snow is planned for December 19th, depending on the weather.
 And, adding to the flavor of the evening, every once in awhile snow began to fall over the snow hill.
Costa Mesa Television was on hand to record much of the fun.  You'll be able to view the festivities on the City web site and on CMTV soon.  Here Brad Long captures some of the fun moments as Jim Jordan looks on.
And, as you might expect, more than a few local dignitaries were on hand last night.  Here Orange County Fair Board member Stan Tkaczyk and his wife, journalist Barbara Venezia (along with their dog, Stasha) stopped for a photo.
Snoopy House runs every night through December 23rd, from 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. and good old Santa is expected to make an appearance each evening from 7-9 p.m.  Last year more than 80,000 people attended this fun event.  Try to carve out some time from your busy holiday schedule for a visit before Christmas.   Smiles are guaranteed!

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Anonymous Xyn Bohemia said...

thanks for sharing all of the beautiful photos with us! makes me feel like i was there Brrrrrr *<:-)

12/13/2015 01:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Arthur Nern said...

Was Riggy out on Fair trying to charge people admission?

12/14/2015 05:48:00 AM  

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