Sunday, November 02, 2014

A Little Light Reading For You

OK.. we're rounding the turn and heading for home.  Just a couple more days and all this rancor and rhetoric will be over.... HA!  Believe that one?  Nah, neither do I.

But, the election will be in the can a little over 46 hours from now and we anticipate at least some moderation of the dialogue, even though the actual, final results may not be available to us until sometime Friday.  Neal Kelley and his crew of stalwarts do a great job at the Registrar's office, so I'm keeping a positive thought.

So, in case you've been snoozing for the past couple months, I decided to provide you with a little reading material this evening.  Here you will find more than a few links to help you with your decisions in Costa Mesa - decisions that will affect the future for the next four years and beyond.

Before I give you that list, understand that I feel Mayor Jim Righeimer is BAD for our city so my votes went for Katrina Foley and Jay Humphrey for city council and I voted NO on Measure O.  And, not that it makes any difference, I voted YES on Measure P - the inconsequential advisory vote with the confusing ballot language.

And now the list.  I've included discussions on both sides of issues for your consideration.
 My commentary in the Daily Pilot on Righeimer, 10/21/14

My expanded version from this blog, 10/20/14

Jay Humphrey Daily Pilot commentary about trustworthiness, 10/20/14

"Jim Righeimer Is A Big, Fat Liar", 10/23/14

Katrina Foley Daily Pilot commentary about Righeimer and Public Safety, 10/28/14 

My observations of La Femme Wonkita - Numbers With A Vengeance, 10/30/14 

And The Campaign Paper Blizzard Continues... 10/30/14

Criminalizing Political Speech, 10/15/14

Tamar Goldmann Daily Pilot commentary, 10/31/14, Foley, Humphrey stronger than Bunyan 

Of Fecal Receptacles And A Campaign In Flames, 10/8/14  

Eric Bever Daily Pilot commentary on unions paying for political mail, 10/22/14

Kathleen and Christian Eric on Changes, 10/21/14 

Mailbag (w/Susan Shaw) refuting Bever, 10/29/14

Mailbag with various letters, 10/31/14

Devin Lucas' Daily Pilot commentary on Measure O as a vote against unions
Bob Graham Daily Pilot commentary on Charter autonomy, 10/23/14

Bill Gilbert Daily Pilot commentary on Fairview Park, 10/28/14

Charles Mooney Daily Pilot commentary Charter would concentrate power, 10/28/14

Diana Gardiner Daily Pilot commentary city would be harmed by Charter, 10/29/14 

Overkill on Measure "O", 11/1/14

There you go... you're on your own.  Remember, there's nothing at stake except the future of this city.

And, before I forget, I do want to thank those folks at Costa Mesa First who shocked me by placing ads in the Daily Pilot this weekend publicizing this blog.  As I said before, I knew nothing about it until after the fact and was as surprised as anyone when I saw that first one on Friday.  Then, the same ad appeared on Saturday and Sunday!  Thanks, again...

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Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Thank you for the run down, Geoff. Now we just need to make sure everyone gets out and votes on Tuesday. Critical for this city. Do we want a concrete jungle like Santa Monica? Or do we want to retain some of the small town peacefulness that we came here for? Do we want more businesses run out of town? Or do we want to get back to trying to increase business and supply jobs? Do we want some honesty on our dais? The choice is yours. VOTE FOR HUMPHREY & FOLEY and NO ON 'O'.

11/03/2014 06:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Terry Koken said...




NO ON O!!!


11/03/2014 09:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Terry Koken said...

Andrew Smith seems poised to ignore the points I raised about his unintelligible question on Sandy's blog. Kind of typical of the opposition: Righeimer's main fault, like Andrew's, is that he won't engage. They both would be far more lovable if they gave voice to comments on what is brought to them, however specious or irrelevant those comments might be. Pretty obviously, Righeimer thinks he's some kind of Jesuit, and that it's permissible for him to ignore facts that contradict his views; Andrew's shtick is to ask gibberish questions which on first perusal seem to express some erudition, but when subjected to scrutiny fall apart like wet toilet paper.

I'm probably not going to get any reply from Andrew before tomorrow's balloting.

Humphrey, Foley, and NO ON O.
Delenda est Karthago!

11/03/2014 09:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Tom Egan said...

The black hats have been at it so long that I'm somewhat numb to the ruin they've made of the democratic process in Costa Mesa. Then, when I read/hear about other cities doing things the American, democratic way, I get jolted, as if coming from a dark, smoke-filled room out into sunshine and fresh air.

Here's such an article. Reading it is a refreshing experience; council members actually discuss each other's ideas! And, they're leery of overdevelopment. Think of that!

In the LA Times where I found it, it's entitled, "City's growth plan may be revised," by Arin Mikailian, on page AA3 of today's LA Times. There's no link to it at present in the Times. There is a link, however, to the Glendale News version of it ...,0,7973199.story

Council wants to revisit plan for downtown Glendale
Report showing rapid growth prompts discussion of development fees and incentives.

11/03/2014 10:43:00 AM  

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