Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Only One Surprise At Planning Commission Meeting

In a Planning Commission meeting that lasted just over 2 hours there were very few surprises.

The Public Hearing for a Conditional Use Permit for a church at 1901 Newport Boulevard was continued until the meeting of November 10th.

Both Small Lot Developments on the agenda were approved with minimal modifications to the terms on the staff reports.  Both were praised by the planning commissioners as precisely the kind of projects the Small Lot Ordinance was intended to facilitate - with plenty of parking and open space and virtually no deviations or variances.  Of course, nobody mentioned that the Small Lot Ordinance did away with the items that required variances - those protections in the municipal code to protect the character of our neighborhoods.  Now we'll just be cramming more and more dwellings on small lots and smile about it.  Both items passed on 5-0 votes.

The final item on the agenda was the proposal to install a health club in the corner of the KMart Plaza Shopping Center.  Everyone was giddy over this one, too.  The representative pitching this plan was Bill Fancher, who lives over near Mayor Jim Righeimer and who was on the Charter committee.  The commission passed this one on a 5-0 vote.

Perhaps the most uncomfortable moments of the evening came at the hands of former employee, Steven White.  He used his three minutes to castigate members of the commission and actually demanded to know who was responsible for what he called slanderous comments made about him on the Costa Mesa Taxpayer's page.  Chairman Jim Fitzpatrick is the President of that group.  Colin McCarthy is a founding member and past president.  As expected, he received no answers to his questions/demands.

So, that's it until after the election.  The next Planning Commission meeting will be on November 10th.  The next City Council meeting will be on the 17th.  In the meantime, we can all just immerse ourselves in the nastiest political season in recent memory.

And, if you want to know why I won't be voting for Jim Righeimer for City Council, read what I wrote recently HERE.

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Blogger Joe said...

Didja hear AMC will soon debut a new TV show based on the life of Chairman Fitzy?

"The Walking Overfed."

10/28/2014 09:14:00 AM  
Blogger kwahlf said...

CMTA is without a doubt one sleazy, slimy "group". Their "reporting" is all lies, all the time.
Why they haven't been sued is beyond me.
No wonder so few want anything to do with them, much less "debate" them.

I've heard they aren't based in Costa Mesa.
Is this true?

btw, A certain FB group is almost hitting CMTA's stride with the lies and propaganda.
One "newbie" never ventures out of there where she has free reign.
It's not worth the time to "debate" them either.

10/28/2014 03:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Fitz is the one that is maintaining the CMT now.

10/28/2014 08:11:00 PM  
Anonymous breaking bad said...

Andrew Smith and Tim Sessler are either the most ignorant people on earth or they are 2 very slimy deceitful people.

Smith, in reply to Katrina Foley's written commentary, says the lack of the ability in hiring police is not related to the work environemnt. He further says they are like you and me and not wilting violets and something about magical thinking.

This guy is a nutcase. The job of the Police is so completely different than what you or I do. They require such high training in so many aspects. As to his it's not the environment comment. With their safety always on the line and their lives at risk with being tasked with keeping us safe their work environment is paramount to their job for them and US. Mr Smith needs to educate himself before making his assinine ridiculous comments. The work environment is extremely critical for our Public Safety. Unbelievable what some will just say.

10/29/2014 08:53:00 AM  
Anonymous breaking bad said...

I love the comment about how the police hiring freeze was appropriate to save tax payers money because of the high pensions we had before PEPRA.

What's sad is the truth is this council and managment cared nothing of the high pensions while hiring upper manegement. It looked like they stepped up hiring upper manegement at that time to get them in just under reforms.

Remember CMCEA approved way back in 2010 that new hires would come in at 2% @ 60. They quickly hired 2 communications type directors at around $130k per year at 2.5% @ 55 right before those reforms went into effect. They knew they were coming into effect soon but wanted to get these high paid positions in before that reform took place.

What's even sadder is both positions were being done as contractors for a good period of time. With council and Hatch's desired actions of giving half the employees layoff notices as they wanted to contract out city jobs their actions were at best hypocritical to hire 2 contracted positions at full benefits at the higher pensions So much for really believing the pensions were bankrupting the city. If that was the case they would have at least waited a couple of weeks to make them full time employees at lower pensions. If contracting was the way to go why even hire them as full time high pensioned employees?

Mr. Smith needs to go to school not Washington.

10/29/2014 09:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Righeimer and crew don't care about pensions. Don't believe any of that clap trap. Rig has a vendetta against the unions and is using that excuse to rally the troops. Sadly, he has a few unintelligent and unquestioning lemmings. Anything "da boss" says is Bible to them. I think a couple are starting to figure it out though.

10/29/2014 12:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Casual Viewer said...

Jim seems to hate unions, but it may be that Scott B. decided that was his talking point, just like Mansoor became associated with trying to get rid of illegal aliens. When another political issue becomes "hot", Scott will find another lackey who will take up the battle cry.

10/29/2014 06:15:00 PM  
Anonymous breaking bad said...

The Pro Charter argument using the Constitution of the US as comparison to this charter, ie Andrew Smith and Tim Sessler et al, I believe have no idea what the US Constitution was all about. In FACT everything about the US Constitution says to me that THIS charter is inadequate and should be voted down like it's predecessor.

A little history. The US Constitution came about to STRENGTHEN the Federal Government and establish the branches of our Federal Government as we know it today. More power to the Federal Government because the Articles of Confederation at the time basically were seen as allowing states to be rogue. The belief was we couldn't survive as a nation as a collection of rogue states.

Remember those in support where called FEDERALISTS.

I am not arguing that charter cities or those desiring to be are rogue. I am saying the comparative use of the Constitution actually argues against this charter if you know the history.

But let's say a charter is like a constitution in a sense as it establish governing rules of a body. The Constitution does that with the Articles. However keep in mind the protections to the people and the states that were part of the constitution in Articles 5-7 and then also in the form of the Amendments. They limited the Federal Government. Our charter is nothing like the US Constitution until we see Amendments protecting the citizens from what would become our central government, our council.

It's all so fascinating watching the spin!

10/29/2014 08:48:00 PM  
Anonymous breaking bad said...

Let me get this straight. Mr. Krochman, Council and so many others are very concerned about the high pensions. As they should be. I read about these $100,000 pensioned employees. Mr. Krochman is claiming Ms. Foley has promised to over staff once again with these high pensioned employees. Let's forget the disgusting misleading tactic of Mr. Krochman and look at an interesting thing about this.

CMCEA employees on average have salaries of $65,000 - $70,000 per year. It is estimated that the average pension these folks will receive is around $35,000. Well below the $100,000.

Those employees were the ones given pink slips to unload those outrageous pensions. Yet none of the pensions screamers said a word when the city hired 2 communications positions at around $130,000 each. They were also hired just a few weeks before pensions reforms took place. Nor did anyone speak out when assistant CEO's, Directors and other high ranking executives were hired who really have a chance to be members of the outrageous $100,000 pension club.

This means the $100,000 pension problem is sought to be solved by laying off the lower pensioned workers at about $35,000 and hiring more possible $100,000 pensioners.

This is how you run a business?

10/29/2014 09:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Disgusted Republican said...

Yes, BB, that's how the RIGmeister runs his businesses! Just look at how he and Mensinger tanked SunCal. Something like $20,000,000.00 in liens and judgements against SunCal properties because they didn't pay contractors, subcontractors and other bills. Just sickening!
THIS is how the RIGmeister rolls! Fiscal conservative??? What a lie!!! Remember in NOvember! Vote for Foley and Humphrey for fiscal conservancy for our city! And NO on O!!

10/30/2014 11:20:00 AM  

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