Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Corona Del Mar Students Apparently Hack Computers

The following is a press release from Laura Boss, Director of Communications of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District regarding the apparent incident of hacking performed by students at Corona Del Mar High School for the purpose of changing grades and accessing tests.

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I offer no editorial comment at this time.

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Anonymous Robin Leffler said...

It’s interesting that you posted this and the latest in the DG saga back to back. It makes me sad to say so, but the common thread I see in both is moral relativism. A thought process that looks like: “ What’s in it for me? I want to do this! The benefit to me outweighs other considerations”. These thoughts aren’t tempered by “Is this wrong? Is it against the law?’ so much as “Can I get away with it? Is there a good chance I won’t get caught?”

These CDM kids probably felt like they were playing a scene from a TV show where the hacker is the cool guy, a hero, and the script never mentioned “This is illegal, it’s harmful to others, there could be serious consequences” Of course they knew they were cheating, changing low test scores to ones they didn’t earn.

The people responsible for the DG path know who they are of course, but are perfectly willing to let the City pay for their actions. But they knew better. From staff and public comments at a meeting over a year ago, Ernesto Munoz answered questions from Steve Mensinger about where the vernal pools were, what the buffer zone was, and that San Diego Fairy Shrimp were a federally protected species.

Recently, Steve publicly said something about some “volunteers” being involved. Right here, in this situation, he could set a great example by owning up to what he knows and by his leadership encourages those involved to step up and take personal and financial responsibility for their actions. It would be one of the most positive life lessons he could ever provide “for the kids”.

12/19/2013 02:31:00 PM  
Anonymous seedling said...

haha meet the future tech ctos

While i dont condone what they did, im sure this kids will do just fine

12/20/2013 02:26:00 PM  

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