Thursday, September 12, 2013

Costa Mesa Employee Group Makes Offer

Today the Costa Mesa City Employees Association (CMCEA), met with officials from the City of Costa Mesa and made its initial proposal to the City.  CMCEA President, Helen Nenadal, is quoted as saying,

The City’s employees have made a proposal that conveys our desire to work collaboratively with the City.  Our proposal focuses on partnering to help make Costa Mesa work better, work more efficiently, and deliver the best service possible to the community. It also includes some common-sense reforms aimed at improving accountability and transparency for the public. We truly hope the City will consider our proposal in the same spirit of collaboration.

The proposal actually consists of eleven (11) separate elements, which I'll summarize here.
1 - A two-year term, commencing 9/1/13.

2 - Establish a Citywide LEAN program to improve methods in City government.

3 - A wage increase each year tied to General Fund Revenue.

4 - Significant modification of Sick Leave program.

5 - Increase employee contributions to CalPERS pension.

6 - Establish employer/employee working group to develop and implement a Costa Mesa Employee Wellness Initiative.

7 - Modification of work schedules where feasible.

8 - Partner on Transparency, Disclosure and Accountability, with new language proposed for the MOU.

9  - Formalize Christmas/New Year's closure.

10 - Continuity of Service - No Layoffs except in the case of "catastrophic fiscal emergency".

11 - Delete Article 1.9 of the MOU which contains acknowledgment that the parties have complied with all term and conditions of prior MOUs.  CMCEA is unwilling to acknowledge such compliance by the City and proposed deleting the Article.

The complete text of the proposal can be found HERE.

While I continue to hope the association and City will find common ground in this very critical negotiation, nothing in the recent past encourages me that this will happen, particularly in light of the initial offer by the City.  The elected leadership of this city has given clear indications over the past two plus years that they do not consider the cmployees - any of them - as partners nor collaborators.  They obviously consider them as adversaries, to be vanquished and punished.  I do not expect this negotiation to go well, but hope I'm very wrong.

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Anonymous now is the time said...

No one has commented on this post and I don't know if that is a good or bad thing but either way, the Pilot article had some "powerful" quotes by Mayor Righeimer. Powerful in that he again made it clear how he felt about his employees...and that he might be a bit in denial of the facts.
If the city is to be run like a business then it should be run like a business in all aspects, not just picking and choosing those that fit an agenda. Lessons could be learned from larger companies who share their successes with their employees be it through profit sharing or mere encouragement for their employees to participate in making the company thrive. The way in which Mayor Righeimer said he didn't want to partner with employees made it sound as if we are back in the days of servitude where hired help was looked down upon.
And denial, well that comes based on Mayor Righeimer saying we have virtually no turn over. Aside from line lever employees (including police officers) seeking work elsewhere, I believe the entire 5th floor of directors/managers have left since the new council took office...some who were hand picked. What would account for that turnover? An employee shows their dedication to a company when they are mutually respected and they are permitted do their job with integrity and pride.
Those days are long gone. So as the old typing sentence read and if you love the city as I do, 'now is the time for all good men (women) to come to the aid of their country (city).
Thank you to those who speak up even when they know they will be ridiculed.

9/15/2013 10:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

Was wondering when someone would comment here. I'm curious when we'll get an update on Joyce and Cordon (sp?). Maybe they assume we have short memories and have already moved on, but the 60th party was now nearly three months ago, and no word yet on a lot of questions being asked. Move along, nothing to see here!

9/16/2013 09:02:00 AM  

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