Thursday, September 12, 2013

CM4RG Calls For Rally For Public Safety

The Costa Mesa citizens group, Costa Mesans For Responsible Government (CM4RG) has called for a rally to support Costa Mesa public safety personnel next Tuesday, September 17, 2013, at 5 p.m. in front of City Hall, 77 Fair Drive.

The press release issued today by Harold Weitzberg, Communications Director for CM4RG, says as follows:

9/12/13 Costa Mesa – Costa Mesans for Responsible Government is organizing a RALLY TO PROMOTE PUBLIC SAFETY in front of City Hall on Fair Drive on Tuesday, September 17th from 5 to 6 p.m. The purpose of the event is to build public awareness of residents’ concerns for public safety, the status of current staffing levels and the impact of political acrimony on quality recruitment for our police force and rising crime in Costa Mesa.
According to CM4RG President, Robin Leffler, “The current staffing levels of the police force are down, and crime is up. There are indications reported in the press and from other sources that the recruitment efforts are being negatively impacted by acrimony, litigation and the rhetoric being promoted by the men on our City Council.
She went on to state, “If you are a young recruit or a police officer at another city looking for a future, you want to go to a city where there is an opportunity for long term professional growth and security. You want to know that the City Council supports and appreciates you. That does not appear to be the climate that has been created by this City Council majority” 
This multi-year acrimony has to stop for the good of Costa Mesa’s residents. We are asking our City Council members to take the lead in this by dropping the mayor and mayor pro tem’s politically and personally driven lawsuit and to promote Costa Mesa as a home and future for high-quality police personnel not just through words, but through their actions.” 
Residents are being asked to create their own hand made signs and meet at 5 p.m. on Fair Drive on the 17th. More information about the event and the citizens concerns can be read on the organization website at

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Anonymous Where's My Coffee? said...

Righeimer apparently told everyone in the Meet the Mayor meeting that the area over there looked like a third world country, not once but twice.

How to win support and influence people.

9/13/2013 08:35:00 AM  

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