Friday, April 05, 2013

60th Anniversary Plans On Track

Yesterday evening I attended the most recent planning meeting of the 60th Anniversary Celebration Committee at the Emergency Operations Center near the Costa Mesa Police Department.

Committee Chairman Mike Scheafer and Public Affairs Manager Dan Joyce ran the show and provided updates on the current status of the plans for this months-long event which will be officially kicked-off on the weekend of June 28 - 30.

Joyce played the 3-D graphic presentation that was shown at the council meeting Tuesday that provided an overview of what the venue will look like.  You can see it by going to the video of the council meeting, HERE, then scroll down to the 60th anniversary celebration and click there to "jump" to the presentation.  The excellent graphic was done by an Orange Coast College student Chai Phanao
The team has finished much of the broad planning and are now dealing with those darn details that will make this event a success.  That includes a call for volunteers to help with the various venues and activities.  You can find information on the celebration, including the application form for volunteers, at the city web site, HERE.
According to Joyce, there will be two music venues for that celebratory weekend - one in the corner of the Orange County Fair and Event Center parking lot near Fair Drive and Fairview - and groups that span the six decades since Costa Mesa was founded will be represented.
There will be a "Tastefest", with dozens of restaurants participating, which will probably have much greater participation since Newport Beach cancelled their "Taste of Newport" festival this year.

There will be a car show, special senior events, fireworks and - something I'm really looking foward to - a "dunk tank".  That one's going to be fun because Joyce announced he'd already signed-up a couple of council members to be "tanked".  Hearing that, councilwoman Wendy Leece - a part of the planning group - threw up her hand and shouted, "I'm in!"  Joyce also indicated he's recruiting other community members to be tank participants.  Oh, this is going to be fun!

Joyce and his team are actively looking for sponsorship participants, with several levels of participation available.  Those include a chance for anyone to be a "banner sponsor" - businesses, groups, families, individuals - for only $400.
So, check out the web site, think about how you might help with this milestone celebration and fill out the online application.

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Anonymous Charlene Ashendorf said...

Thank you Geoff! From your number one fan!

4/05/2013 03:43:00 PM  
Anonymous sk said...

Sounds like a lot of fun:)

4/05/2013 04:48:00 PM  
Blogger just wondering... said...

I think the real money would be made from a mayor's dunk tank. The line would be out the door.

4/05/2013 09:00:00 PM  
Anonymous P.T. Barnum said...

Is it true they're having a "Scyophant Sideshow," much like the ones at circuses years ago?

4/05/2013 11:06:00 PM  
Anonymous just curious said...

Just think about a Geoff West dunk tank -- It would probably do even better than one for our mayor! I can only imagine the wrinkled Mr. West from all his immersions!

4/05/2013 11:35:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

We're way, way ahead of you, just curious. "All his immersions" presumes folks can actually hit the target. Could be a BIG fundraiser, but only if those angry folks can hit the target. We'll see. Besides, there may not be a tank large enough... ;-)

4/06/2013 12:02:00 AM  
Anonymous History Channel said...

P.T. Barnum said...
"Is it true they're having a "Scyophant Sideshow," much like the ones at circuses years ago?"

Yes! Fitzy will be the "Bearded Bootlicker," Sesler will be "The Man with the Thinnest Skin," * and Mensy will take the place of the OC Fair's giant bull, representing "The Biggest BULLY."
Use your own imagination for Monahan. Picture beer, dumb outfits...

* Based on his behavior complaining to Facebook about comments others make in response to his propaganda raps.

4/06/2013 06:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Fashion Island Before Fair Drve said...

just wondering:
"I think the real money would be made from a mayor's dunk tank. The line would be out the door."

Sure, but it'd have to be scheduled carefully- he loves and spends so much time in Newport..

4/06/2013 06:36:00 AM  
Anonymous complainer ribbet said...

Hey sk: don't you think the city spending well over 100K on their
60th birthday is a waste of taxpayer money considering they just had a 50th say about 10 years ago? How much on free t shirts given out? Wonder if it will top Sanitary District's 40k for their push poll? Seems like there are free t shirts given out everywhere by the city. let's pull some invoices and track the maker down. the city is a monopoly, they don't need to promote themselves. they could lower our taxes instead.

4/06/2013 02:18:00 PM  
Anonymous sk said...

complainer, the two can't be compared and you made incorrect statements. I'm starting to wonder if you have a crush on me since you write to me so often. xoxo

4/07/2013 07:30:00 AM  
Anonymous 5150 said...

omg complainer fitzpatrick, you should talk! In addition to the ridiculous lawsuit YOU made the taxpayers pay for, in your short tenure on the san district YOU wanted to spend $40,000 on a zero waste consultant, $40,000 on a branding consultant and let's not forget your yes vote for the expensive trash study which revealed what we already knew. dude, you are freakin delusional. YOU love to waste taxpayer money, you are a tool, and yes, you are also obsessed with sk.

4/07/2013 09:03:00 PM  
Anonymous History Channel said...

"..YOU love to waste taxpayer money, you are a tool.."

Is it possible for someone to bootlick Riggy, Mensy, AND Athens too? Does this guy have any self-respect at all?

4/08/2013 06:24:00 AM  
Anonymous complainer ribbet said...

'cept i am not fitz, you froggies. i am one of you but a mole and planter of shiny objects. right sk? well said. thanks karin.

4/08/2013 07:36:00 AM  
Blogger kwahlf said...

complainer Chairman,
No one is falling for your "I'm not fitzy" garbage anymore. You are easy to identify.
Claiming to be one of us makes you sound like a fool.
btw, I haven't uttered that phrase in a long time. But since when did you tell the truth?
Yes, you are obsessed with sk, Terri and myself.
You mention us constantly.

4/08/2013 12:28:00 PM  

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