Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mickadeit's A Real Teaser

Well, I see that the Costa Mesa City Council majority is back to using their own personal PR flack, Orange County Register columnist Frank Mickadeit, to tout events in the city.

In his column dated today, HERE, Mickadeit - who obviously had been given a heads-up by "someone" - tells us that Friday the City will post "an extraordinary document", which he describes as a "simple spreadsheet that describes the real cost to taxpayers of every element of the contract the city has with its general employees."

Now, let me be clear... I have NO problem with the disclosure of information required by Mayor Pro Tem Steve Mensinger's Civic Openness in Negotiation (COIN) ordinance.  I agree that it is good for the few residents who actually pay attention to this kind of stuff to know what the numbers represent.

Nor do I have a problem - yet - with how this whole COIN negotiating process is going to work, although I do see many potential pitfalls waiting the General Employees as they approach the end of their contract later this spring.  It seems to me that this process could be cumbersome and very time-consuming, which might push the council into an "impasse" situation that may not have occurred in the past.  Of course, this may be exactly what Mensinger and Mayor Jim Righeimer have in mind.  If they declare an impasse they can force terms on the association.

What I DO have a problem with is the announcement of this new document by a drinkin' buddy of several council members before the City communication conduit informs us all.  According to Bill Lobdell, Costa Mesa's Director of Communication, late this afternoon the document does, in fact, exist and will be part of the agenda packet published either today or tomorrow for next Tuesday's council meeting.  I've seen it, but agreed not to publish it until the agenda packet is released.  I will tell you that, while it provides a lot of information, it raises questions in my mind about just how it will be used during negotiations.  More on that when you can read along.

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Anonymous just curious said...

Very Interesting

You chide some for having inside information and then go on to suggest you have inside information?

Who are your drinking buddies that give you advanced information? Probably your union friends. If not then who are your sources?

I wonder if you see the apparent problem with not holding yourself to the same standards that you seem to expect of others?

Or are you safe because you only allude to your knowledge and withholding the details until they are officially published?
Insiders are insiders, wouldn’t you say?

2/15/2013 12:47:00 AM  

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