Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Applicant Avalanche!

The agenda for next Tuesday's Costa Mesa City Council meeting will contain the consideration of applicants for both the Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission.

It's my understanding that more than two dozen applications have been received for the five (5) seats available on the two commissions, two (2) on the Planning Commission and three (3) on the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Yikes!

 So, stay tuned for more information.  The agenda for the meeting may be out as early as Thursday evening, Friday for sure.  When it's available I'll post about it and provide you with a link to this very interesting issue.  Will this new, "kinder, gentler" council cast aside incumbents and appoint new folks to these very important commissions?  I think we will get a pretty good idea of how this council will attempt to manage our city for the next two years by the appointments they make next week.

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Anonymous 1st runnerup gets next said...

they won't cast aside the incumbents. they are part of their posse. just liked they appointed Mensinger to council instead of the next highest vote getter in the election for council. believe me, we for good governance would step up and appoint THE NEXT HIGHEST VOTE GETTER should any appointments needed to be made.

1/10/2013 01:55:00 PM  

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