Friday, December 09, 2011

Snoopy House Construction Begins Saturday

I took a quick trip to City Hall this afternoon to see what progress was being made with the placement of the Snoopy House displays on the front lawn. If all goes well, the construction will be completed over this weekend and the grand lighting ceremony will take place on Tuesday.NOT ALONE SNOOPING AROUND
I found the various c
omponents - or, at least, most of them, scattered around the parking lot and on the lawn waiting expert guidance on Saturday to help place them properly. If you look closely you'll see an ABC Channel 7 television crew skulking around inside the display. (See Video Clip Below)MEMORIES
It was quite a trip down Memory Lane for me as I wandered among the components. Many of them evoked grand memories from years past when we would trek a few blocks over to the Jordan home each Christmas season to see their handiwork on display.

I found segments jus
t kind of "hanging out", waiting for someone to lovingly place them in exactly the right space.PLANNING THE DISPLAY
I saw Jim Jordan consulting with volunteers, trying to stage the display properly tomorrow.KUDOS TO ALL
Personally, I think this is a
wonderful move on the part of The City. Whether this is a one-time event or this display appears on the City Hall lawn for years to come, those responsible for salvaging this 45 year-old tradition are to be commended.VOLUNTEERS AND FUNDS STILL NEEDED
Volunteers are still needed to help put the display together and to help with the crowds anticipated when it opens Tuesday evening through the end of the following week. Call Sylvia Chalmers in the CEO's office at 714-754-5099.HERE'S A LITTLE CLIP FROM CHANNEL 7, KABC NEWS
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