Monday, October 11, 2010

The Week Ahead

Beginning with the Planning Commission meeting Monday evening, the week ahead promises to be filled with drama and tension.


day at least four-fifths of the Planning Commission will take a brief break from campaigning for Chairman Jim Righeimer and actually get back to legitimate city business. That will be nice for a change.

Among the items that will be discu
ssed during the meeting will be:

1) Code Enforcement Update, in which the commissioners will hear about the recent effectiveness of the Code Enforcement organization;

2) Three items dealing with the under-renovation shopping center previously occupied by a Von's Supermarket at the corner of Orange Avenue and 17th Street;

3) An Urgency Ordinance modifying the way the city deals with medical marijuana dispensaries in our city;

4) An amendment to Title 20 of our Municipal Code which significantly changes the way vehicles parked in
driveways or on lawns will be handled in the future. Inoperative vehicles will not be permitted to be parked on driveways or front lawns - they must be either in the garage or behind a permanent opaque fence in the back yard;

5) The implementation of a pilot Residential Neighborhood Enhancement Program - a targeted Code Enforcement plan for a specific part of the city. You can read the staff report HERE.

Then, Tuesday the Planning Commission will meet in a Joint Meeting with the City Council at 4:30 for a Study Session that will cover the regularly-scheduled ethics training. How ironic for this training to occur in one of the mo
st contentious council campaigns in memory!

Also Tuesday, following the above-mentioned Study Session, the City Council will meet in a Special Joint Meeting of the Redevelopment Agency and the City Council at 6:30. I could find no agenda for that meeting.

Immediately after that meeting the City Council will adjourn to a Closed Session to discuss negotiations with the city bargaining units. Do you think Eric Bever will take a little dinner break about that time? Or, will he show up at all?

And, following that Closed Session, they will meet in a Special Regular Council Meeting to discuss three items:

1) The report on the results of the City Attorney Kimberly
Hall Barlow's investigation of the 9/16/10 DUI Checkpoint Incident involving Planning Commission Chairman Jim Righeimer

2) A side letter of agreement with the Costa Mesa Firefighters Association. This one is fas
cinating because the staff report presents a wide array of agreements to be considered that will result in cost reductions of $633,400. The most provocative of the items is #7, in which the City will agree to request an RFP from the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) for contract fire/emergency services. The Costa Mesa Firefighters Association will initially fund the cost of the proposal. You can read the side letter HERE.


3) The council will discuss canceling the November 2, 2010 City Council Meeting - it's election day. Of course, we don't want to put City business ahead of the personal political ambitions of a couple officials, now do we? Nah!

Thursday there will be
the final City Council candidate forum, hosted by my friends of the Eastside Costa Mesa Neighbor's Group. That event will be held at the Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Avenue (Lions Park) and will begin at 6:30 with a meet and greet and the formal program will run from 7:00 to 8:30. Eastsider Marnie Primmer will moderate this event and there will be no television coverage provided.

This one could be interesting. There will be no television coverage of this fin
al event - one that has the potential to be action-packed. For example, I sure wouldn't be surprised if Righeimer is questioned about his role in the approval of the LED light display at Triangle Square - the application has since been withdrawn. Some members of the community wonder if the applicant - represented by former mayor Peter Buffa, may just be marking time until a new, more sympathetic city council is seated. I guess we'll see.

Also, there are rumors a
bout some kind of demonstration at the forum against candidate Chris McEvoy in retaliation for the attention the police association is giving to Righeimer. McEvoy has nothing to do with that, but some of Righeimer's supporters view him as a threat to Righeimer's chances, so they are fabricating issues like the gutless bullies they are.

It will be a very interesting week, indeed.

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Anonymous Wow-e-Zowie said...

If the CM Police Association comes out with their heavy artillery against Righeimer at the last forum, you now offer that anyone this time that are critical of McEvoy might be “gutless bullies”?

There seems to be a suggestion here that Righeimer deserves the criticism but McEvoy should be shielded from it! So you think it should be hardball for Righeimer and softball for McEvoy?

McEvoy may be a good guy but not the right guy to sit on our city council and determine Costa Mesa’s future. In earlier elections we rejected good guys like Mike Scheafer and Bruce Garlich because they didn’t meet the standard of what our city needed at the time.

I suspect McEvoy will fall into the same category as these other "also rans".

I think we will see McEvoy come in - out of the money - again this election.

10/11/2010 03:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Been There said...

What Susan Lester and Chris McEvoy don't seem to understand is that marijuana advocates are not welcome in Costa Mesa. They need to take their brain damaging junk elsewhere.

There is nothing "medical" about medical marijuana, except:

Mental health workers and psych meds are then needed to take care of the permanent brain damage caused by the accompanying hallucinations, for some people.

And they want folks driving around town on that stuff? I don't think our residents want that. I know I sure don't.

10/11/2010 07:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Reefer madman said...

Stop the tyranny of the costa mesa cops. No more raids on our marijuana shops. Who cares if we choose to toke. We need ours meds and thats no joke.

Vote mcevoy!

10/11/2010 07:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Phil said...

Geoff, awful silent about McEvoy's drunk driving arrest. Also, pretty silent about his taking money from Sandy Genis' PAC, a PAC that traces back to BP Oil. Yes, the same BP Oil that destroyed the Gulf is backing McEvoy. How you ask? Kyle Johnson is part of the PAC that is secretly funneling money to McEvoy. Kyle is employed by BP Oil. How is McEvoy going to explain that he is not taking money when he clearly is. What a hypocrite! Keep the drunk drivers and druggies out of our elected leadership.

10/11/2010 10:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Vicki said...

How can McEvoy possibly hold down his job as a school teacher when he is pushing marijuana? He's a bad influence on our children, to say the least.

10/11/2010 10:55:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You previous posters are a joke. McEvoy never said he was going to allow the dispensaries to take over the city or anything of the sort. McEvoy stated he supports the idea of medical marijuana, as does the majority of California residents. I admire a man who is willing to follow the laws that were implemented by the people, unlike Righeimer. Medical marijuana laws were poorly written and the law is heavily abused. That is a fact. Some of us understand that, but instead of sending out red herrings and yelling that it will lead to the death of America, we choose to attempt to make the law work and reform it.
Righeimer will choose to not follow that law, or others and it will lead to lawsuits against the city and end up costing us more in the end. That will lead to the bankruptcy that he keeps advocating, not anything else.

10/11/2010 11:38:00 AM  
Anonymous OCLonghair said...

This election is like the TV show "Survior". You have all the attention focused on one or two players and the candidate that flies under the radar wins.

Way to go Wendy!

10/11/2010 12:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Charlie Simmons said...

McEvoy is NOT running on a medical marijuana campaign. Nor is Susan Lester for that matter.

Been There, sources?

McEvoy pushes marijuana?

Vicki, YOU unlike the CMPA are engaging in falsehoods.

Phil, if you are so worried about Geoff being silent on McEvoys wet & reckless, you should try the search feature.

It's OLD news that McEvoy had no qualms explaining 2years ago.

See, unlike Jimmy the Mouth who runs around with jack-offs who pretend to be Sheriff Deputies, like Mansoor, and Mr. pay to play pop warner, McEvoy is an honest guy with a fresh vision.

10/11/2010 07:12:00 PM  
Anonymous MikeK said...

Memo to: the Editing Department

Strike - “gutless bullies”

Insert - “Political Consultants”

From: the Sensitivity Committee

10/11/2010 07:19:00 PM  
Blogger Humberto said...

Geoff, looks like the same guy (you know who, the Mouth, perhaps "H" Millard)is sending a lot of anti-McEvoy letters to you, and he's using fake names. I can really smell this guy's writing.

10/11/2010 10:46:00 PM  

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