Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Facilities Management West Wins OC Fairgrounds Race (UPDATED)

The following is the text of a press release issued at noon today announcing that Facilities Management West is the successful bidder for the Orange County Fair and Event Center.

California Names Buyer for Orange County Fairgrounds

Sacramento, Calif. – Today, the Department of General Services announced that it intends to sell the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa to Facilities Management West (FMW) of Orange County for $100 million. FMW and other entities submitted offers in response to the DGS’ Request for Proposals dated August 24. The property will be sold “as is” and FMW will make an initial $20 million payment this year. The State will carry a promissory note in the amount of $80 million that requires FMW to make annual payments, beginning in two years and lasting for 35 years.

“This sale creates a new revenue stream to help shore up the state budget and prevent further cuts to programs or the need to raise taxes.” said DGS Acting Director Ron Diedrich. “I’m pleased that through our patience and perseverance we’ve truly earned the highest and most certain return for California taxpayers.”

Under the terms of the promissory note, FMW will make annual payments on the following schedule:

Ø $0 in year 1;

Ø $666,667 in years 2-4;

Ø $6,762, 591 in years 5-10; and

Ø $7,281,806 in years 11-35..

DGS expects to close the sale and transfer ownership to FMW by December 2010.

Last year, the Governor and the Legislature authorized the sale of the 150-acre property as part of a sweeping plan to change how the state manages real estate and create opportunities to raise revenue. The initial high bid of $56.5 million was rejected by DGS in March after it was determined that offer would not obtain the highest, most certain return for the state. In June, the State reached a tentative deal to sell the property to the City of Costa Mesa for $96 million; however, legislation was never enacted authorizing the department to move forward with that sale.

The Department of General Services acts as the business manager for the State of California, with more than 4,000 employees and a budget in excess of $1 billion. DGS helps state government better serve the public by providing services to state agencies including innovative procurement and acquisition solutions, creative real estate management, leasing and design services, environmentally friendly transportation, and architectural oversight and innovative funding for the construction of safe schools.



According to DGS officials, it is anticipated that the sale will be completed by December. My source says that multiple bids were submitted and that the State could have gone with any of them, but the FMW offer and terms of the sale was the best deal for the State. The names and bids of the other bidders will be made public once the deal is completed.


While this is theoretically good news for the State in it's quest to balance the budget, it's not good news for the City of Costa Mesa. All the hard work - nearly 18 months of effort - and drama that has been involved in attempting to acquire the property and retain some semblance of local control has gone for naught.


Previously other bidders and interested parties have announced that there will almost certainly be litigation regardless how this bid was finally resolved.


In a related matter, Assemblyman Jose Solorio announced via a press release later today that, on December 6th, he will introduce legislation to stop the sale. He indicated that in the RFP for this sale there is wording as follows: " Subject to Department and legislative approval, the Department intends to execute a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the bidder deemed to have offered a bid that best complies with the State's objective of obtaining the highest and most certain return for the Property." It will be very interesting to see how this plays out if the DGS does, in fact, complete the sale BEFORE Solorio can introduce the legislation.

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Anonymous Bob from Costa Mesa said...

Can someone please explain why Solario is introducing the legistation, I thought Van Tran was our representative?

10/20/2010 01:53:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Except for the hearing held in the Costa Mesa Council chambers 15 months ago Tran has been the invisible man. Your question is a good one... don't have an answer.

10/20/2010 01:57:00 PM  
Blogger Gericault said...

Van Tran can't piss off his masters....

10/20/2010 02:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Bob from Costa Mesa said...

ironic that he won't help out Costa Mesa, guess since he is running for congress in an area that doesn't include Costa Mesa he doesn't care about us anymore.

Newport had the same problem getting funding for the Back Bay project...their own rep wouldn't step up to help their district and they had to rely on others to request the money...

Too bad these guys can't just do what is right for the people they represent.

10/20/2010 03:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

"Gericault said...

Van Tran can't piss off his masters...."

Interesting choice of words..

10/20/2010 04:39:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Why is everyone so against this? What good is the fair besides going there once a year to overpay for awful food and crappy rides.

I hope they build a huge mall there. We could use a buca di beppo in town, a pei wei, how about a big water park?

Screw the fair.


10/20/2010 05:57:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The title to that 150 acres is clearly in the name of the Fair Board. Check it out! For the life of me, I don't know how anyone can sell that property other than the Fair Board itself.

Think about it. Could your next door neighbor sell your house? I don't think so! Same difference.

10/20/2010 06:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Rex said...

This is all Katrina Foley's fault. She politicized this thing and then got everyone to oppose the City's deal with FMW. Her movement couldn't decide whether to support or oppose this thing and the State got sick of it. Thanks for wasting so much time and money on this fruitless exercise. I'm so over her.

10/21/2010 08:17:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Wouldn't you think someone in the city would have checked the title to the property before they wasted all that time and money whipping a dead horse?

10/21/2010 10:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Nathan Daniels said...

Foley's fault? LMFAO!!!

10/21/2010 03:29:00 PM  

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