Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Barlow's Report, Bloggers + Phil and Kirk

By around 8 p.m. tonight we should have received and digested Costa Mesa City Attorney Kimberly Hall Barlow's report from her investigation of the Jim Righeimer/DUI checkpoint incident from September 16th. I sincerely hope she does more than say something like, "I looked into this situation and nobody was at fault." That would not only be a shame, but it certainly wouldn't serve the community well. This has been an incendiary issue since it occurred so the residents - and voters - deserve more detail, regardless the outcome.

I, for example, would like to know how many police officers she interviewed that were at the scene? How many recordings did she review - she released three, two of which were useless? How many civilian witnesses did she speak with who were actually at the scene that evening? Were any of the officers at the scene given discipline for their acti
ons that evening? Did Righeimer eventually meet with City Manager Allan Roeder and Police Chief Chris Shawkey so he could set them straight on just where DUI checkpoints should or should not be placed? I guess we'll see tonight.

Costa Mesa resident Bruce Krochman has nudged his blog, Civil Thinking, awake and is posting on it again. You can read his most recent entry, "How Comfortable Have You Become Wearing Masks?", HERE and you can alw
ays slide over to the link on the right side of this page any time to visit the blog.

And, Chuck Cassity has another very interesting post entitled, "Who Owns Your Money?" on his blog. You can read it HERE.

Another reminder of the quality television available to you on Costa Mesa Television, Channel 24 on Time Warner Cable and Channel 99 on ATT Uverse. Late last night I finally carved out a half hour to watch the outstanding interview Dane Bora conducted with Costa Mesa High School principal Phil D'Agostino and Estancia High School principal Kirk Bauermeister. This piece should be required reading for everyone who really cares for Costa Mesa schools. You can view it on streaming video on the city web site HERE. Or, you can catch it on television on the following schedule:

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Anonymous Mike McNiff said...

I just have a feeling the entire report is going to be a whitewash, if they reveal anything at all. Sure would be nice to know what actually happened that night, after all the ink that was spilled debating it, and all the tangents that followed that were unrelated.

10/12/2010 08:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

If chris mcevoy does in fact use marijuna will he promise not to come to city council meetings stoned? Why would the police support this guy?

10/12/2010 01:11:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Tom, to my knowledge he has never admitted using marijuana...

10/12/2010 01:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Bill V. said...

Since Gary Monahan does in fact own a bar, will he promise not to come to city council meetings drunk?

10/12/2010 01:25:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

While we are at it, will Monsoor promise to not come to meetings full of hot air and will Righeimer not come to planning commission meetings high on smug?

10/12/2010 02:03:00 PM  
Anonymous RIGGYGATE said...

The city attorney should be ashamed of herself.

She passed the buck knowing full well what would happen!!!

Was she threatened to be fired if she did not comply???

I hope the media sees the cover-up going on here in Costa Mesa.

It's no wonder this guy came to Costa Mesa.

As other posts have suggested, it seems Costa Mesa is indeed full of low iq voters.

There are many many reasons this guy has lost every election he participated in.

kNOw Righeimer!!!


10/12/2010 09:02:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Sorry, RIGGYGATE, I'm not going to publish the other SIX comments you submitted for the other post. If people want to read about the CCC they can go elsewhere. I sure don't see the clear link to the Family PAC...

10/13/2010 03:36:00 AM  
Anonymous RIGGYGATE said...

Umm, the current chairmen of FAPAC has served on the board of directors of numerous philanthropic and political organizations including the Family Research Council which is tied to the CCC.

Righeimer gets away with too much.

Now it seems people are afraid to tell the truth.

Looks like Costa MEsa will get what it deserves, another crook!

10/13/2010 08:34:00 AM  
Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

OK, so if I google CCC I get:
Civilian Conservation Corps
Carbon Copy Cloner
Copyright Clearance Center
Cross-Cultural Center
CCC Information Services, Inc.
Cheat Code Central
Clackamas Community College
City Colleges of Chicago
Civilian Conservation Corps

I am thinking I am off base here. A little help please?!

10/13/2010 10:31:00 AM  

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