Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OC Non-Profits May Lose Tax Exempt Status

The Orange County Register's Watchdog, the tenacious Teri Sforza, reported in the very early morning hours on Tuesday, July 27th, that certain Orange County charities might be on the verge of losing their nonprofit status because of a change in the law in 2007 that requires small non-profits to report financial information. You can read Teri's complete report HERE.

I read the article and followed some of the links. I downloaded the Orange County data - which you can do, too - that she and her team had sifted from the more than 325,000 organizations nationally - 35,400 in California. Among the 2410 Orange County organizations I found 118 in Costa Mesa, some of which raised an eyebrow - they might for you, too.

Here are the names of a few of the non-profits from the list that jumped out at me:

Releaf Costa Mesa

Orange County Sportswriters Association

Orange County Polish Club (there's a great joke in there somewhere)

Mesa Verde Community, Inc.

Mesa Pride

Harbor Area Baseball, Inc.

Friends of the Costa Mesa Libraries

Eagle Pride, A California Non-Profit Corporation

Costa Mesa High School Track & Field Boosters

Citizens for Jobs and the Economy

Children's Theater Guild of Newport Harbor

Carden Christian Foundation

BBC Outrigger Canoe Club, Inc.

According to Sforza's piece, the list contains the names and addresses of non-profits which have not made the appropriate financial filings three years consecutively. The link to the IRS site, HERE, tells us that those organizations who fail to make the appropriate filings between May 17, 2010 and October 15, 2010 are in jeopardy of losing their tax exempt status and, as a result, donations to those organizations will not be tax deductible.

If you follow the links in Sforza's article you find that you can download the information as a pdf. file or an Excel file (which permits you to sort the data).

So, check the list, look for your organizations and get cracking with the filings - OR ELSE!

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Blogger Bruce Krochman said...

I hate to see the demise of the OC Polish Club. As someone who is into polishing stuff AND is a descendant of immigrants from Poland (not sure what the club was about, but covering my bases here), I would think that would be a real loss!

7/30/2010 09:54:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Bruce, you scamp....

7/30/2010 10:33:00 AM  

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