Saturday, May 01, 2010

Things I've Learned This Week...

Well, first, I learned that Facebook is turning this into a much-too chatty world. For example, I learned last night from her Facebook page that Daily Pilot Newport Beach reporter, Brianna Bailey, has given her two weeks notice yesterday and is apparently returning to Oklahoma and will go to work for the Journal Record, reporting on the energy industry. OK, I understand the need to share this good news, but this old geezer is having a hard time adjusting to this information being broadcast to the world via Facebook. Oh, well... we wish Brianna well - she's done a good job here.

Facebook also affirmed for me that there are actually six Katrina Foley's running around these days. There simply is no other explanation for the number of events she attends. Either that or she is a butterfly, flitting from flower to flower. Perhaps she is the Energizer Bunny incarnate. Whew!

Early in the week I learned that Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor, ever the opportunist, has decided to jump back on the old "immigration horse" that got him re-elected four years ago. Yep, he called a press conference Tuesday to announce his new initiative to crack down on illegal aliens in our midst - again - denying all the while that neither his campaign nor the recent Arizona law had anything at all to do with the timing of his announcement. Those who were around these parts in the middle of the last decade will recall that he pulled this stunt before, trying to get all Costa Mesa cops designated as immigration screeners. For months it seemed that every wacko on both sides of the issue descended on our town, demonstrating and disrupting council meetings, including the incendiary event of Benito Acosta's arrest. That little judgment lapse on the part of Mansoor ended up costing the City over a half-million dollars in legal costs. Now he's at it again, trying to find a campaign platform in his run for the 68th Assembly District seat in Sacramento. What does he care if this, once again, polarizes the city and leaves an irreparable rift in our communities - one way or the other he's not going to have to deal with the problems he's creating.

I learned, or, rather, had reaffirmed, that Eric Bever is intellectually and emotionally unsuited for public office. His infantile publication of an "open letter" to the City Council by way of the Daily Pilot in which he renounced his support of the City's on-going project to acquire the Orange County Fair and Events Center because Governor Schwarzenegger didn't give the City enough time to get the job done properly was akin to some spoiled little brat, flailing around on the floor screaming, No! No! No! because he was being asked to do something he didn't want to do. This, of course, is vintage Bever - a man who clipped his waist-long pony tail before he ran for office to disguise who he was. This is Bever, who missed many of the important meetings on the issue and has for the most part restricted his contributions during the discussions to lame quips and other failed attempts at humor that have become his pathetic trademark.

I learned that my old buddy, Chuck Cassity, is one funny dude. I'm sorry, but he just cracks me up. Last week he published a couple blog entries on his "Chuckmeister Unleashed" blog that address the immigration issue. You can find them HERE.

We've got an interesting city council meeting coming up on Tuesday - could be a long one. I'll write about that on Monday. Have a great weekend and don't get caught in the Orange County Marathon traffic on Sunday.

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Anonymous Kent Morrow said...

this ponytail thing intrigues me, tell us more...

5/01/2010 10:06:00 PM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

Kent, I have no idea exactly why Eric cut his waist-length pony tail, but he did it just before he ran for office. One can only assume that he thought it would be a liability as he ran for office - giving him a kind of "hippy" look in a conservative community.

I do know that Allan Mansoor invited me to lunch very early in 2004 and when I showed up there also sat Eric with his pony tail gone and his current hairdo in place. I remember commenting to him immediately that it looked to me like he was running for office, referring to his hair style. He wasn't amused.. That began our long and antagonistic relationship.

5/01/2010 10:58:00 PM  

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