Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fairs, Fireworks, Finances and Falsehoods

Another important day for the Costa Mesa City Council. First, in the closed session segment, they will have a conference with City Manager Allan Roeder and Administrative Services Director, Steve Mandoki about possible negotiations with the city bargaining units. Then they will hear from Roeder on two items regarding the Fairground purchase. Thursday is the day Roeder, Katrina Foley and Gary Monahan fly off to Sacramento with the City's proposal.

Later they will adjourn the meeting and open a joint meeting with the Public Finance Authority (the city council wearing another beanie, to form the Joint Powers Authority - the Orange County Fairgrounds Authority. Two separate resolutions will be considered.

As an aside, the city council is kind of like municipal mad hatters - they wear many chapeaux, depending on the event. They are 1) the City Council, 2) Redevelopment Agency, 3) Public Finance Authority and 4) the Orange County Fairgrounds Authority.

Then they will vote on the new Fireworks ordinance... no comment here...

One of the really positive things that will happen is the resolution designating the event route for the 2010 Barrett-Jackson Road Rally this summer.


Then they will consider the biggie. Mayor Allan Mansoor will present his pitch for declaring Costa Mesa a "Rule of Law City", whatever the heck that is! This man is absolutely shameless! First, he uses the City Council Chambers for a "news conference" - it was really a campaign stop - to announce his plan for a crackdown on illegal immigrants. He denied that the timing of his event had anything at all to do with his candidacy for the Assembly or the recently-adopted law in Arizona. He must really think the electorate is stupid!

Now he presents this resolution - an obvious campaign ploy - a few days before the June 8th primary election. In an article in the Orange County Register he is quoted as saying, "I want to bring something forward in the next couple of months to start looking at some new policies. No doubt, we're busy with a lot of things. I'm trying to approach it in a manner that's not going to overburden anyone. I've done a lot of research on my own. And I'm going to bring it forward in a manner that's doable."

Talk about opportunistic timing! He's going to be looking at some new policies at a time when the city will make drastic cuts in the law enforcement organization! What a schmuck!

And, to further tick me off, yesterday I received a campaign flier from him in which he appears, with that big smiley face, in a uniform of an Orange County Deputy Sheriff - which he no longer is! This is obviously an old photo, since he still has his "sheriff" haircut in it. He's just perpetuating the lie that is on the ballot - that he's a Deputy Sheriff. At some point his nose will grow to such a length that he won't fit in any photos!

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Blogger mesa verde madman said...

He is just the biggest tool EVER!

5/19/2010 09:08:00 AM  
Blogger The Pot Stirrer said...

mesa verde madman, how right you are! Tell me - do you feel safer this morning now that Mansoor has proclaimed Costa Mesa a "Rule of Law City"?

5/19/2010 10:42:00 AM  
Blogger mesa verde madman said...

I feel so much safer venturing over to the Westside... NOT! Never had a problem with it to start... but love the fact he's sending out mailers of him in a uniform he no longer wears... doesn't exactly back up his explanation of how he listed his occupation on the ballot (something along the lines of 'they said it was OK')... I hope he gets absolutely CRUSHED and the signs I'm seeing all over Mesa Verde come crashing down!

5/19/2010 12:20:00 PM  
Blogger mesa verde madman said...

and when's that 'Rule of Law' television crime drama coming out?

5/19/2010 12:20:00 PM  

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