Friday, January 09, 2009

Lies and Innuendo

Today, in his CM Press #577, The Mouth From Mesa North tip-toed right up to the line as he presented not-to-veiled innuendo about the possibility of criminal mis-management of funds by the Costa Mesa High School Foundation and the Costa Mesa Senior Center Board.

In his most recent rant he compares those two situations to the Stephen Wagner embezzlement from the Newport-M
esa Unified School District more than a decade ago. Wagner was sent to prison, where he died in custody.


This racist blow hard fancies himself, as Mike Scheafer said recently, as the guardian of all things in Costa Mesa and the reporter of all "facts", just because he played a reporter - badly - in a truly awful mid-1970s movie. In fact, he consistently gets his "facts" wrong. That seems not to bother him, because he simply makes up "facts" to fit his bias.


If The Mouth has proof of misconduct
by by members of the Costa Mesa High School Foundation or the Senior Center he is duty-bound to present that proof to the proper authorities. He should put up or shut up!


This buffoon tells us that, among the many failed careers he has had, was that of a lawyer. If so, he needs to go back and re-read the sections in his law books regarding libel and slander. Although he sometimes doesn't act like it, he is an adult and is responsible for his actions.


The really sad part about this guy's rants is that some of the weak-minded members of the City Council take what he says as the truth and act accordingly. They, with him leading the way, are turning our city into a place where governance comes with an iron fist. That's a shame.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Monahan's Plan Moves Forward

Well, as anticipated, the Costa Mesa City Council at it's meeting Tuesday night, decided to move forward with re-tread councilman Gary Monahan's proposal to form an ad hoc committee to study the Costa Mesa Senior Center. The decision was unanimous - with
Katrina Foley abstaining because of a business conflict.


This issue, one filled with emotion on both sides, nearly brought Councilwoman W
endy Leece to tears as she announced that she would not be part of the committee. She cited the fact that it had been "a tough two years" and that she was just tired. That leaves Monahan, Mayor Allan Mansoor and Eric Bever as potential members of the committee. Curiously, neither Mansoor nor Bever stepped forward to fill the second council seat on the committee as Monahan attempted to quick pitch the process and get those slots filled last night. That effort was stymied by the city's legal counsel, Harold Potter, who said they might be flirting with Brown Act violations by doing so last night.

One thing became clear to me as I watched the proceedings last night... this whole firestorm is about politics, not the seniors nor the Senior Center.


One speaker - our old friend, The Mouth From Mesa North - stood frothing at the speaker's podium and went on a tirade about how poorly Ms. Leece had been treated over t
he past months. He stood there, flailing his arms, decrying the circumstances that caused her to withdraw from consideration on the committee - it's his view that she should be on the committee because she's "the only one who will ask the hard questions". This from a guy who has been on a non-stop attack on Katrina Foley since she was first elected to the council more than four years ago! What a hypocrite!


I also got a kick out of his railing against the Daily Pilot and a person he called a "crackpot blogger" - that would be little old me - who dared to criticize his buddy, "Ms. Leece". I told you, I think he's got the hots for
Wendy.... In his current blog entry he goes to great lengths to present his qualifications as a "reporter", admitting that he played one in that terrible movie in the mid 1970s. Yes sir, his 20 or so seconds on the screen before he and his companions were gunned down was some fine acting!

The real truth came out when he told the council that the Senior Center Corporation Board is the last refuge of liberals in the city, stating that i
t was filled with people from Return to Reason - opponents of the majority on the council. I guess he wants to run everyone without a far-right wing view like his out of town, leaving our city a bastion of white supremacists.


Eric Bever pointed t
o the way this council may be heading on this issue when, during his comments, he said that the committee should study the programs operated by neighboring cities - those that run their senior programs on the city dime, without an "outside vendor" - the term he used for the Senior Corporation. His attitude was clear when he said the original contract with the Senior Corporation was "friendly". I guess that means he'd prefer to have a more adversarial relationship. It sure seems like he wants the city to take over the operations of the Senior Center. Interesting timing... As Byron De Arakal mentioned in an earlier comment here, that's fine, but where will the city get the more than $600,000 the Senior Board rounds up each year via contributions from their fund raising efforts? That's a typical Bever move - think to the end of his nose and no further, like some kind of petulant kid.


If the committee is form
ed and moves forward, I think Wendy Leece should be one of the two council members on that committee. Monahan has already earmarked one of those slots for himself. Although Wendy has been a lightning rod for discontent at The Center, she has current, intimate knowledge of the operations and could provide valuable insight during discussions. She would certainly be a better choice than either Mansoor or Bever, who seem not to relate to anyone other than their own age group - and not very well with them.


The configuration of the committee is going to be very interesting. It won't surprise me at all if the council stacks the deck with cronies instead of trying to find a broad cross-section of community interests. Mention was made of inc
reasing the size of the committee - something Monahan resisted because a larger committee would have difficulty getting things done. No sir, sure don't want to clutter up the study with divergent viewpoints, do we? I guess we'll find out in a month, when this committee will be formed...


Maybe it's time for those tireless volunteers who work long hours without compensation on behalf of our seniors to say "Enough!". Maybe it's time for the Senior Corporation to just hand the whole Senior Center operation back to the city and let the City Council deal with fund raising and the few perpetual malcontents that keep things in turmoil.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Do you remember the phrase, "Consider the source"? It's good advice when assessing opinions which you may or may not choose to consider when gathering information with which you may make decisions in your life.

That's what m
akes the CM Press entry #574 so interesting. In that entry, which you may read HERE if you have your gag reflex under control, the author - The Mouth From Mesa North - berates the Daily Pilot for identifying a man who robbed a local Rite Aid store as "balding, white, 6 feet tall with a thin build and no facial hair in his 40s or 50s. He was wearing a black leather jacket and brown, khaki pants."

Apparently The Mouth is offended that the Pilot chose to provide a description which might help the police track down this miscreant. He goes on to provide edited "statistics" from a publication called, "The Color of Crime - Race, Crime and Justice in America" to deflect the fact that this particular crime was committed by a white man.

The Mouth has complained many times that the Daily Pilot has failed to provide descriptions of criminals which he, paragon of investigative journalism that he thinks he is, "knew" were Latinos. With almost no exception, when a crime has been committed in our city anywhere close to neighborhoods populated predominantly by Latinos, he launches into his anti-Latino frenzy, yet remains curiously mute when crimes are reported that are committed by whites.

This interesting double standard has carried over to one of his disciples, too. Mayor Allan Mansoor has been seen frequently jumping on his soap box when a "Latino crime" was committed, yet he virtually ignores white crimes. Perhaps the best, and most inexplicable, example of that would be the county-wide sweep of white supremacist gang members a couple years ago. In that sweep, which was aimed at white supremacists who had, among other things, put out contracts on police officers, netted 57 suspects. Of those, 20 of those were snatched up at 17 locations in Costa Mesa. At the time our young jailer/mayor said nothing about this major police event in our city and, to this day, Mansoor has not made any public pronouncement on that event. Curious, isn't' it? I wonder why?


At the invitation of The Mouth I clicked on the link provided for his source of statistics, then began following the trail to it's source - an organization called the "New Century Foundation". It was absolutely no surprise to me when that organization turned out to be an organization with very strong white supremacist links. I followed those to a web site called American Renaissance, another white supremacist site. I then did a Google Search for the New Century Foundation, which led me to some very interesting articles.


One of the most interesting is a segment of a piece on the web site of the Southern Poverty Law Center, renowned for fighting racism in this country. In a list of white supremacist organizations it provided the following comment about Jared Taylor, founder of the New Century Foundation:

"Jared Taylor, the man who heads the New Century Foundation and edits its allied magazine American Renaissance, is a white supremacist who celebrates the "clear conception of the United States as a nation ruled by and for whites." The foundation and magazine, based in Oakton, Va., tirelessly advance pseudo-scientific theories linking IQ to race and advocate eugenics — selective breeding to "improve" human genetic stock."
I found several similar comments about Taylor, including some published by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) chronicling Taylor's white supremacist publications and speeches.


So, what's my point after all this verbiage? My point is that we should consider the source of "information" when we receive it. In the case of CM Press #574, give consideration to the fact that The Mouth uses white supremacist literature as his source. Consider the fact that his books and essays on far right-wing web sites are rife with commentaries bemoaning the dilution of the gene pool through interracial mating. Consider the fact that he has, for most of the past decade, been engaged in a non-stop crusade to oust Latinos from Costa Mesa. Consider the fact that members of the current City Council majority have echoed much of his racist tripe verbatim from the dais.

Consider the source...

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

What's With Gary Monahan And The Senior Center?

At it's next meeting on Tuesday, January 6th, the Costa Mesa City Council will hear a pitch f
rom recently re-elected council member Gary Monahan on his proposal to establish some kind of a committee for the purpose of assessing the Costa Mesa Senior Center in anticipation of the extension of the agreement with the Senior Center Board to continue to operate The Center when the current agreement expires in 2010.


We're not quite sure what Monahan is up to with this proposal. Based on his application for the creation of this new committee, his intentions seems sincere. On the application form, which is part of the exhibits attached to the staff report for this agenda item, under "Task/Objective" he wrote the following:
"Review & Enhancement of Senior Community Center Programs & Services & recommendations for the Next Terms & Conditions of Contract between the City and Corporation. Committee recommendations will be subject to ratification by the City Council and/or the Board of the Senior Corporation, as necessary." That seems benign enough.

Monahan plans for this committee to be comprised of two city council members; two Center Board members; three "at large" members (one Chamber of Commerce representative, one Senior Center volunteer representative and one at-large community representative) as voting members. He plans for non-voting members to include the Senior Center Director the Costa Mesa Recreation Manager and some nebulous mention of "support staff services". Oh, yes... Monahan has indicated that he would want to be one of those city council representatives on the committee.

In the final paragraph of the staff report, authored by City Manager Allan Roeder, the intent of this plan seems conciliatory. His paragraph entitled "CONCLUSION" reads as follows: (the emphasis is mine)

"Should the City Council choose to support implementation of the proposed Co
mmittee, it will only move forward with the support of the Board of the Senior Corporation. The City does not maintain unilateral authority over the Corporation or its Board, so cooperation between the parties is essential. At the conclusion of the Committee's work, there will likely be action items requiring City Council approval; some requiring action by the Board of the Senior Corporation and still others that require approval by both entities. Consequently, there are no binding actions as a consequence of establishing this Committee - simply opportunities."

If Roeder's comments are accurate, regardless what the result of efforts of such a committee might be, the Senior Center Board is not obligated to follow any recommendations generated by this activity.

I must confess that, although I qualify to participate in activities provided by the Senior Center, I'm not personally familiar with the services offered. So, I was pleasantly surprised when
I read the two other attachments to the agenda item. The first was a list of activities and services provided, along with a tally of the number of people receiving such services. Here is a short list of some of the activities shown. The numbers provided are monthly numbers unless otherwise indicated:
Jazzercise - 412
Tai Chi
- 128
Brown Bag Grocery Program - 288
Senior Lunch Box - 56
Home Delivered Meals - 6180 (74,160 annual)
Lunch Program - 35 daily (9100 annual)

Tax Assistance - 455 (Feb-April)
ation Services - 770
Transportation Services (Medical Appointments) 267
Ballroom Dance Class - 100
Ballroom Dancing - 153
Beginning Ukulele - 24

AA Men's Support Group - 176
Computer Lectures - 43
Life History Writing - 49
Bingo - 25
Line Da
ncing - 123
Special Events (Luau, Country Hoe Down, Dinner Theater) - 312
Poker Basics - 44
Travel Trips - 161

It looks to me as though there's a little something for everyone, even just using this brief, partial list of services as a guideline.

The average monthly attendance at the Senior Center ranges from 2400-4100 over the past year.


The second report compares the Costa Mesa Senior Center services to those of several neighboring cities. I was even more
impressed to see that our Senior Center provides a much broader array of services, by far, than neighboring cities.

Based on these reports it seems to me that our Senior Center Corporation Board and it's staff must be doing something right.


I fear tha
t Monahan's request for the establishment of a committee to "study" the Senior Center may just be an extension of Wendy Leece's recent witch hunt, in which she seems to have responded irrationally to the gripes of one or two malcontents at the center - I hope not.


The Daily P
ilot recently produced an article about Monahan's plan, which can be read HERE. In response to the recent negative publicity about The Center, former council member, current Board member and past President Mike Scheafer penned a letter to the editor that appeared on the pages of the Daily Pilot Sunday, and can be read HERE, in which he rejects the assertions recently published and also takes square aim at The Mouth From Mesa North, the yapping hyena who has produced many critical blog entries over recent weeks implying mismanagement of the center at least and fiscal fraud at worst. It's quite clear from those blog entries that The Mouth is determined to oust the current leadership of the Senior Center. It's also clear that he continues to exercise significant influence over members of the City Council.

I'm willing to keep my fingers crossed and give Monahan a chance to present his case Tuesday night. It sure does seem to me, though, that this is pure
politics at it's worst, with Leece and, maybe, Monahan attempting to use the seniors of our city - those wonderful folks who receive the services of the center - as pawns. Several members of the Senior Corporation Board have been political opponents of the current ruling junta and some have been outspoken critics of some of the more boneheaded moves the majority has made over the past few years. This looks like payback time to me, with the seniors caught in the middle. I'll wait to hear what Monahan has to say...

In the meantime, visit the Costa Mesa Senior Center site, HERE, to see for yourselves just what a wonderful array of services are being provided to us seniors here in town.

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